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sez she.

“Po'ly, Brer Rabbit, po'ly,' sez Miss Cow,

I ain't had no res’ all night,' sez she. “I can't pull loose,' sez she,.but ef you'll come en ketch holt er my tail, Brer Rabbit,' sez she, 'I reckin may be I kin fetch my hawn out,' sez she. Den Brer Rabbit, he come up little closer, but he ain't gittin' too close.

“ I speck I'm nigh nuff, Sis Cow,' sez Brer Rabbit, sezee. • I'm a mighty puny man, en I might get trompled,' sezee. You do de pullin', Sis Cow,' sezee, 'en I'll do de gruntin','

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“Den Miss Cow, she pull out 'er hawn, she did, en tuck atter Brer Rabbit, en down de big road dey had it, Brer Rabbit wid his years laid back, en Miss Cow wid 'er head down en 'er tail curl. Brer Rabbit kep' on gainin,' en bimeby he dart in a brier-patch, en by de time Miss Cow come 'long he had his head stickin' out, en his eyes look big ez Miss Sally's chany sassers.

Heyo, Sis Cow! Whar you gwine ?' sez Brer Rabbit, sezee.

Howdy, Brer Big-Eyes,' sez Miss Cow, sez she. • Is


seed Brer Rabbit go by ?'

«« He des dis minit pass,' sez Brer Rabbit, sezee, ‘en he look mighty sick,' sezee.

“En wid dat, Miss Cow tuck down de road like de dogs wuz atter 'er, en Brer Rabbit, he des lay down dar in de brier-patch en roll en laff twel his sides hurtid 'im. He bleedzd ter laff. Fox atter 'im, Buzzard atter 'im, en Cow atter 'im, en dey ain't kotch 'im yit.”





ISS SALLY’S” little boy again oc

cupying the anxious position of auditor, Uncle Remus took the shovel and

put de noses er de chunks tergedder," as he expressed it, and then began :

“One day, atter Sis Cow done run pas' 'er own shadder tryin' fer ter ketch 'im, Brer Rabbit tuck'n low dat he wuz gwinter drap in en see Miss Meadows en de gals, en he his piece er lookin'-glass en primp up, he did, en sot out. Gwine canterin' 'long de road, who should Brer Rabbit run up wid but ole Brer Tarrypin-de same ole one-en-sixpunce. Brer Rabbit stop, he did, en rap on de roof er Brer Tarrypin house."

On the roof of his house, Uncle Remus ?” interrupted the little boy.

got out

“Co’se, honey, Brer Tarrypin kare his house wid 'im. Rain er shine, hot er cole, strike up wid ole Brer Tarrypin w'en you will en w'ilst you may, en whar you fine 'im, dar you'll fine his shanty. Hit's des like I tell you. So den! Brer Rabbit he rap on de roof er Brer Tarrypin's house, he did, en ax wuz he in, en Brer Tarrypin 'low dat he wuz, en den Brer Rabbit, he ax 'im howdy, en den Brer Tarrypin he likewise 'spon' howdy, en den Brer Rabbit he say whar wuz Brer Tarrypin gwine, en Brer Tarrypin, he say w'ich he wern't gwine nowhar skasely. Den Brer Rabbit 'low he wuz on his way fer ter see Miss Meadows en de gals, en he ax Brer Tarrypin ef he won't jine in en go 'long, en Brer Tarrypin 'spon’ he don't keer ef he do, en den dey sot out. Dey had plenty er time fer confabbin' 'long de way, but bimeby dey got dar, en Miss Meadows en de gals dey come ter de do', dey did, en ax um in, en in dey went.

“W'en dey got in, Brer Tarrypin wuz so flat-footed dat he wuz too low on de flo', en he wern't high nuff in a cheer, but while they wuz all scramblin' 'roun' tryin' fer ter git Brer

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