The New York Supplement

West Publishing Company, 1908
"Cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals, Supreme and lower courts of record of New York State, with key number annotations." (varies)

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Página 387 - A cause of action arising out of the contract or transaction set forth in the complaint as the foundation of the plaintiff's claim, or connected with the subject of the action.
Página 734 - Know all men by these presents, that I, John McLoughlin, of Fort Vancouver, in the Territory of Oregon, for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar, to me in hand paid by...
Página 363 - Where the building, which is leased or occupied, is destroyed or so injured by the elements or any other cause as to be untenantable, and unfit for occupancy, and no express agreement to the contrary has been made in writing...
Página 663 - To this the plaintiff demurred on the ground that the same does not state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of defense to the cause of action alleged.
Página 463 - Upon claims arising out of the same transaction, or transactions connected with the same subject of action, and not included within one of the foregoing subdivisions of this section.
Página 654 - But such fees and expenses shall not be paid until they have been taxed before a justice of the supreme court in the judicial district in which said city is situated upon five days' notice to the corporation counsel, or other chief legal adviser of said city.
Página 552 - ... payment of such taxes, or by reason of the levying of such taxes by a town or ward having no legal right to assess the land on which they are laid...
Página 681 - The absolute ownership of personal property shall not be suspended by any limitation or condition, for a longer period than during the continuance and until the termination of not more than two lives in being at the date of the instrument containing such limitation or condition; or, if such instrument be a will, for not more than two lives in being at the death of the testator ; in other respects limitations of future or contingent interests in personal property, are subject to the rules prescribed...
Página 577 - An act to authorize the formation of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical or chemical purposes...
Página 395 - Eight hours shall constitute a legal day's work for all classes of employees in this state except those engaged in farm and domestic service unless otherwise provided by law.

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