Regulations for the Government of the Navy of the United States, 1893

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1893 - 592 páginas

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Página 289 - All purchases and contracts for supplies or services, in any of the Departments of the Government, except for personal services, shall be made by advertising a sufficient time previously for proposals respecting the same, when the public exigencies do not require the immediate delivery of the articles, or performance of the service.
Página 289 - No advertisement, notice, or proposal for any Executive Department of the Government, or for any bureau thereof, or for any office therewith connected, shall be published in any newspaper whatever, except In pursuance of a written authority for such publication from the head of such Department ; and no bill for any such advertising, or publication, shall be paid, unless there be presented, with such bill, a copy of such written authority.
Página 199 - Section 1621 declares that the Marine Corps shall at all times be subject to the laws and regulations established for the government of the navy, except when detached for service with the army by order of the President, and, when so detached, shall be subject to the rules and articles of war prescribed for the government of the army.
Página 324 - States to a disbursing officer shall be by draft or warrant on the Treasury or an assistant treasurer of the United States. In places, however, where there is no treasurer or assistant treasurer, the Secretary of the Treasury may, when he deems it essential to the public interest, specially authorize in writing the deposit of such public money in any other public...
Página 7 - Navy, to revise, report upon, and have recorded the proceedings of all courtsmartial, courts of inquiry, and boards for the examination of officers for retirement and promotion in the naval service; to prepare...
Página 327 - Whenever any disbursing officer of the United States shall cease to act in that capacity he will at once inform the Secretary of the Treasury whether he has any public funds to his credit in any office or bank, and, if so, what checks, if any, he bas drawn against the same, which are still outstanding and unpaid.
Página 289 - And in all cases of contracts for the performance of any service, or the delivery of articles of any description, for the use of the United States, payment shall not exceed the value of the service rendered, or of the articles delivered previously to such payment.
Página 360 - War shall, from the time he shall be required by the terms of his order to obey the same, be subject to the laws and regulations for the government of the Army of the United States, in so far as they are applicable to officers whose permanent retention in the military service is not contemplated.
Página 323 - Every officer or agent of the United States who, having received public money which he is not authorized to retain as salary, pay, or emolument, fails to render his accounts for the same as provided by law, shall be deemed guilty of embezzlement, and shall be fined in a sum equal to the amount of the money embezzled, and shall be imprisoned not less than six months nor more than ten years.
Página 1 - Department, as he shall judge to be expedient and proper; and all the duties of the said bureaus shall be performed under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy, and their orders shall be considered as emanating from him, and shall have full force and effect as such.

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