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My soul waiteth upon God; from him cometh my salvation; he only is my

defence, I shall not be greatly moved. Therefore, trust in him at all tinies; ye people, pour out your hearts before him. God is a refuge for us. Psa. Ixii. 1, 2, 8.

The more patient, believing, and single-eyed we are, the sooner we + shall see the salvation and victory of the Lord. Double-minded souls have the greatest struggle; and the slothful must tarry the longer. Sometimes, it is true, though we are faithful, yet we must cry out “ O Lord, how long ?” Psal. vi. 3. But nevertheless, he always hears and delivers us, though we do not see and feel it (lirectly, but seem to suffer continually. In Heaven we shall certainly see it, and reap the blessed fruits of all our afflictions and prayers.,

Almighty God of truth and love,

In me thy pow'r exert !
The mountain from my soul remove,

The hardness of my heart,
From thee, that I no more depart,
No more thy goodoess grieve!

The filial awe, the fleshly heart,

The tender conscience give!
Quick as the apple of an eye,

O God, my conscience make!
Awake, my soul, when sin is nigh,

And keep it still awake!

I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous for

saken, nor his seed begging bread. Psa. xxxvii. 25. Sweet declaration ! encouraging experience! The Lord indeed careth

for the righteous; for those who, having seen the want of mercy, rely for it upon the promise of God, that there is forgiveness with him, thro’the meritorious life and death of Jesus Christ. He hath promised that he will never leave nor forsake them; that he will withhold from them no manner of thing that is good. He careth also for their seed; so that they shall' uot beg their bread. He frequently provides for them, when their parents are no more, in such unexpected ways, that many who see it are constrained to acknowledge“ This is the Lord's doing." And sometimes, while they are living, he brings bread to their mouths, and also furnishes them with opportunities to hear of and seek for the bread which came down from Heaven, and which endureth unto everlasting life: thus snatching them from the jaws of ignorance and destruction. O Lord, if mine ears have heard--if mine eyes have seen - and more especially if I partake of such blessings, thankfully may I own that thou art a God keeping covenant and mercy; and make this proof of thy thankfulness a ground of reliance upon thee for all needful promised blessings !-Help me to cast all my cares on thee, and endeavour by prayer, instruction, and example, that thy goodness may be sanctified to my seed; that we may live together here and here. after, to the praise of the glory of thy grace! The Lord, for his own mercy's sake, | The parents he will not forsake, .

Will bless believers and their seed; Nor let the children beg their bread.

Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power. Col. i. 11.

0 My soul, what encouraging words are these! How full of mean

ing! The Lord our righteousness is the Lord our strength. He is near at hand, believer, to strengthen thee according to thy need. Not in one or two respects, but with all might, with a supply suited to every various occasion, and that to the utmost, answerable to what may be expected from the exertion of “his own glorious power.” Happy state of the believer in Jesus; though feeble in himself, surrounded with enemies, and exercised with a continual warfare, he shall not be overpowered; for the promise and the arm of God is on his side. The Lord, who can do what he pleaseth, is in alliance, yea, in covea nant with a believer ; and, therefore, he shall be made more than a conqueror through Christ, who has loved him.

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My beloved is mine, and I am his. Cant. ii. 16. — Divine Answer: I will be

troth thee unto me for ever ; yea, I will betroth thee unto me in righteousness and in judgment, and in loving-kindness. I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness, and thou shalt know the Lord. Hos. ii. 19, 20.

By faith in the blood of Christ we are accepted, and closely united to

him as our bridegroom. By that we daily eat his flesh, drink his blood, and are sprinkled all over : and need there is of a daily sprinkling, that our persons and services may be accepted ; since the best of our works, our prayers and praises, our duties and graces, are all unclean till washed in the blood of Jesus. This appears from Heb. ix. 19-21; where it is said, that “All the vessels of the ministry, and even the book, was sprinkled.”

Hark! the Redeemer from on high, Dear Lord, our thankful heart receives Sweetiy invites his fav’rites nigh;

The hope thy invitation gives; From caves of darkness and of doubt,

| To thee our joyful lips shall raise He gently speaks, and calls us out. The voice of pray’r, the voice of praise. “ My sister and my spouse,” he cries, I am my love's, and he is mine; “ Bound to my heart by various ties;

Our hearts, our hopes, our passions join ; " Thy pow'rful love my heart detains Nor let a motion, nor a word, w In strong delight, and pleasing chains.” | Nor thought arise to grieve my Lord,

When thou saidst Seek ye my face,-my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord,

will I seck. Ps. xxvii. 8. I am thine, save me ; for I have sought thy precepts. Ps. cxix. 94. – Divine Answer: They who seek me early shall find me. Prov 8 17. The humble shall see this and be glad, and your hearts shall live that seek God. Ps. Ixix. 32. Seek, and ye shall find. Matt. vii. 7. And whoever findeth me, findeth life. Prov. viii. 35. For I am the life. Juhn xiv, 6.

Such arguments and entreaties we may use with God, to strengthen us

in faith; he does not want them, but we do; and he is well pleased when we take him at his word. For if we would not draw near to God in prayer till our hearts are quickened, perhaps we might never come to it. Therefore we must not indulge ourselves in such a state of dul. ness, but rather put a force upon ourselves, and pray against our natu. ral inclination. Being faithful and instant in this, we shall certainly have our affections warmed, and great power and blessings given from above, that our hearts may live. O Lord, I plead thy precious promises ; and thou canst not deny thy word. Thou hast laid thyself un. der obligation to help a feeble praying soul. Then let thy holy Spirit abide with me, to quicken my soul when fainting, and to rule my heart in all things, that no sin may have dominion over me. Lord, I address thy heav'nly throne ! There shed thy choicest love abroad. Call me a child of th ne!

And make my comforts strong; Send down the Spirit of thy Son

Then shall I say, My Father God, To form any heart divine.

With an unnav'ring tongue.

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