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I will (do it.) John xiv. 14. And what is that? Whatsoever thou

desirest. For the Lord will fulfil the desire of them that fear him.

Psalm cxlv, 19. Yea, he does “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think ;"

granting, not only according to the notion of our narrow hearts, but according to the riches of his glory, as becomes his Majesty. Christ delights in great petitions; for he is a great Lord, and is rich unto all that call upon him. He has all the riches of his merits and gifts, not for himself (since being the very God, he wanted nothing for himself) but only for us, even the rebellious, who sincerely call upon him. Therefore, what he has as Mediator, all belongs to me, if I do but call upon him faithfully. O, my soul, pray to him; nay, be much in prayer; and as often as thou pourest out thy soul before him in prayer, let nothing resound in thy heart but these words: “I will ; I will do it.” As God can never lie, there is not one single groan lost; but every one will be found to be a jewel in the life to come; by which thy riches are increased, and one treasure put to another. O! how much is there neglected in this already! why shouldst thou not be earnest now to redeem that little remaining part of thy time, by prayer for eternity, to lay up there many treasures, and richly adorn thy crown. O Lord, grant that this may be done !

Now is the time, he lends his ear,

And waits for your request ;

Come, lest lie rouse his wrath, and swear

“ Ye shall not see my rest !”

Joshua drew not his hand back, wherewith he stretched out the spear, until he

had utterly destroyed all the inhabitants of Ai. Josh. viii. 26. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the Devil. 1 John iii. 8.

A WILLING subjection to any one sin is not consistent with the grace of

Gud, and true saving faith (Rom. vi. 14); for though wicked inbabitants will abide in the heart, and sometimes prevail over a believer, they must not reign there, nor should be suffered to stir without resistance; since we may be utterly ruined by the dominion of a single sin, that is, by a willing subjection to it, as by the dominion of a thousand, just as a bird is caught in one single snare ; - and though you are actually converted, and have gained the dominion over your sins, yet you must not draw back your hand, and lay the spear and sword of the Spirit aside. There is no truce in this war, nor any rest found but in fighting; for if you beat not your enemies, they beat you. Therefore the Christian soldier's watch-word is, Fight on, looking to Jesus. Satan left Christ only for a time; much more will he renew his assaults upon us again and again : nay, if a man is not watchful, but presumptuous," he takes to him seven other spirits more wicked than himselt.” But if the conflict lasteth long, remember that is also the case of others; and even the ancient fathers have gone under it till they were grey; at last the victory will be the more sweet and glorious. Only, above all things, take the shield of faith, for faith alone triumphs ; by which we are in covenant with Christ, and he makes one cause with us.

'Tis faith that conquers Earth and Hell

By a celestial pow'r ;


This is the grace trint shall prevail

In the decisive hour.

Come, buy without money and without price. Isa. Iv. 1. Come; for all

things are now ready. Luke xiv. 17. Him (be it who it will) that

cometh to me, I will in nowise cast out. John vi. 37. How could a tender mother's heart cast out her sick child, calling for

help! Come, my poor soul, come only as well as thou canst. Better to come in a cold, fearful, and miserable condition, than not at all; for if we cannot come boldly to Christ with a strong faith, we must even come trembling, just as we are; nor will such coming be offensive to Christ ; for, he says, “Him that cometh,” come how he will, I will in nowise cast out.” A feeling of joy is not needful to bring us to Christ, but a feeling of our wants; for it is not required to bring any money of our own worthiness, but only the whole heap of our misery along with us, and desire

God does not look


the sensible joy of faith (for this is his particular gift, which he could soon give, if need was) but upon the sincerity, application, and earnest

sinner. John Bunyan very fitly compares such a one to a man who would fain ride a full gallop, whose horse is hardly able to go a good trot. In this instance, the intention of the rider is not to be judged by the slow paces of his horse (which resembles our cor. rupt and unwilling nature) but by his whippings, spurrings, and beatings of the beast. See, dearest Lord, our willing souls We bless the great Redeemer's love, Accept thine offer'd grace;


And give the Father praise.

ness of a

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Rom. xii. 21. For

who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good?

1 Pet. jii. 13. The Christian life is a warfare, and the conflict between sin and holi

ness, and between sorrow and comfort, is often very violent. The Child of God has many evils to encounter with. Sin, Satan, Self, and the World, are daily enemies. He is also exposed oft to poverty, affliction, reproaches, and persecution. O, my Saviour, help me to overcome every evil in the strength of thy grace; give me a heart to do good to all who may seek to hurt me. Who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good ? Not the Father, for he loves you ; not Jesus, for he died for you ; not the Spirit, his work is to comfort you ; not good men, they love those who follow that which is good; not wicked men nor devils; for though enemies, they are confined, and cannot stir one step beyond what thy God and Saviour permits them. When you meet with a trial, look not to men but to Jesus. Pray for patience to bear it, and look up for a blessing upon it. Then all things shall work together for good. Rom. viii. 28. Let every temptation make you more careful, and put you on closer watching against the enemy. Cleave to Jesus by faith and prayer, like a child to its parent, when it sees an enemy coming towards it. Behold him, flee to him, rest upon him, and then you will rejoice in him. And baffles Satan's deep designs ;

, | The pobles i counseling the wall.

The noblest counsels of thy will.

Prayer shall be made for him continually, and daily shall he be

praised. Ps. lxxii. 15. O WHAT a condescending King we have, who may always be ap

proached! Who would not pray? You say, O that my coldness and indifference would permit me to do it! But are ou not sensible of your wants and miseries? Is not this coldness and backwardness misery enough? Therefore you ought also to pray, and to pray most when you are so dull and drowsy, else it will never be better with you. Arise, therefore, and pray; the good Spirit of God will assist you in it. “Encouraged by the promises of a prayer-hearing God, and a special assistance of the Holy Spirit in this work, we must, even in the greatest conflicts, not omit to resist the temptations of the Devil. And though we have sinned, not defer it long ; but pray directly, and say The Lord is merciful, and I am unworthy and unable to pray! but alas ! what shall I do? shall I wait till I am worthy and able ? O no; perhaps that time will never come ; for I am always a great, miserable sinner. A Christian stands always in need of prayer; for since the sense of sin does not leave him, he must not leave off prayer.” Lord, grant me more of the Spirit of prayer, and let it never be extinguisheci

heart! Arise, my soul, from deep distress,

God calls thee to his throne of grace, And banish ev'ry fear;

To spread thy sorrows there.

in my

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