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This book is a text-book on the art of specification writing, not a collection of specifications. While intended primarily for the classroom, it should prove of value to the young engineer in practice. The book is the outgrowth of a series of lectures delivered by the author annually for the past six years before the senior class in Civil and Sanitary Engineering in the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University.

The following features are worthy of note here:

(1) The fundamentals of a contract particularly of a construction contract with its attendant plans and specifications are concisely brought out.

(2) A chapter is devoted to the Advertisement and one to the Proposal.

(3) The General Clauses (Chapters VI to XI inclusive) are given thorough exposition, from an Engineer's viewpoint. Many interesting cases illustrating their application to actual construction work are cited and discussed. Numerous and varied model clauses are quoted.

(4) Chapter XII contains practical suggestions touching the Specific (or technical) Clauses. Outlines of such clauses for nine simple construction projects (Chapter XIII) will assist the student as he essays for himself the composition of specifications. The outlines cover work with which the average student is more or less familiar -- a manifest advantage to the beginner.

(5) The classified list of references (largely to recent articles in the more readily accessible technical journals) in the Appendix will furnish student and instructor a fund of commentary and illustration.

To secure the maximum of efficiency in the use of the book as a text it is suggested that the instructor gather - as he easily


may-a large and carefully selected assortment of specifications for collateral use by the class. The student should prepare abstracts of these in connection with his study of Chapters VI to XI; he will also find in them suggestions as to the wording of the specific clauses outlined in Chapter XIII.

Professors S. E. Barney and J. C. Tracy of the Sheffield Scientific School have read the manuscript and furnished helpful criticism. The author wishes here to record his appreciation of their kindness.


May 5, 1913.

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