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FOR the various editions of books which have been used the reader should consult appendix XIV.-The Lehrbuch des Kirchenrechts by Aemilius Ludwig Richter is cited according to the eighth edition, Leipzig, 1886.

Anglo-Saxon laws are given according to Schmid, Gesetze der Angelsachsen, 2nd Ed. English laws down to the death of Anne (1714) are cited from Statutes of the Realm (Record Commission; see append. XIV, 1, 2).


Rer. Brit. Scr. Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores. The number given is the number in the catalogue of the series, as printed in append. XIV, II, 1 c.

Unless the contrary is stated, the Roman figure denotes the volume, the Arabic the page. Such a reference as § 54, near note 57, is to be taken as a reference to the text of § 54, near the place where note 57 is marked.

The year-dates added in brackets to citations of acts down to 1714 are taken from Statutes of the Realm. Where a double date is given, the first is old style, the latter new, the time indicated being the beginning of the parliamentary session in which the act in question was passed. In all other cases year-dates have been corrected so as to make the year begin with January 1st instead of--as was the method of computation which prevailed until the end of 1751-with March 25th.

For the English translation the author, who is indebted to Dr. Felix Liebermann for many valuable suggestions, has made several alterations. Those of more material importance will be found in the following passages: § 1, note 21; § 4, note 5 near note 9; § 5, near note 8a; § 9 III; § 11, near note 30a; § 19, note 1; § 22, notes 5, 7, 13; § 14, note 13; § 27, note 13; § 33, note 25; § 43, note 2; § 44, note 16; § 48, near note 16a; § 54, note 7; § 55, note 25; § 60, note 11, near note 26; append. I, note a; append. XIV, II, 2.

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