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Mr. Miller moved that the Secretary be directed to secure from the Attorney General an opinion as to whether or not the warden of the Marquette prison is a civil officer, within the meaning of the Constitution as it relates to the impeachment of State officers.

The motion prevailed.
Mr. White moved that the executive session close.
The motion prevailed, the time being 5:45 o'clock p. m.


Lansing, May 2, 1911. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct Journal of the proceedings of the Senate of the Legislature of Michigan for the regular session of 1911.

[blocks in formation]




This index is composed of the following parts:

I. Subject index to all bills introduced in the Senate. II. Subject index to all bills received from the House of Representatives. III. History of Senate bills. IV. Senate history of bills received from the House of Representatives.

V. History of resolutions offered in the Senate. VI. Senate history of resolutions received from the House of Representatives. VII. General index to Senate Journal.



(The references are to bill numbers.)


Accidental injuries, to provide compensation for, 102, 172.
Accident insurance policies, what to contain, 165.

to enable minors to contract for, 351.
Accidents in dangerous occupations, compensation for, 69.
Accounts, to create office of public, 3.
Actions, limitations of real, to amend, 251.

to amend revised statutes relative to limitations of, 331. Adjustment and payment of claims against counties, 160. Admission of attorneys to the bar, 147, 169.

to benefits of soldiers' home, conditions of, 348.

to the bar may not be claimed when not true, 354. Adoption of minors, to amend law for, 167. Adulteration of candies, to prevent, 313.

of foods and drink, to amend act to prevent, 312.

of illuminating oils, 231, 232. Advertising to secure employees, to prohibit false inducements, 126.

of counties, levy of special tax to pay for, 245.
purposes, State coat of arms not to be used for, 400.

to prohibit immoral, 139. Agencies, to prohibit joint express, 371. "Agent," defined, 289. Agents to secure information needed for enforcement of laws, 297. Agricultural college, appropriation for buildings at, 123.

fair grounds, liquors forbidden on, 55.
industrial and trade courses in the public schools, 136.

seeds, to regulate sale of, 427.
Agriculture, publication of reports of State board of, 384.
Aldermen, to fix compensation of in cities, 443.
Alienation by deed and proof and record of conveyances, 194.
Allen, Thomas, to settle the claim of, 431.

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