A history of England from the first invasion by the Romans, Volumen9


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Página 320 - The King willeth that right be done according to the laws and customs of the realm ; and that the statutes be put in due execution, that his subjects may have no cause to complain of any wrong or oppressions, contrary to their just rights and liberties, to the preservation whereof he holds himself as well obliged as of his prerogative.
Página 337 - If any merchant or person whatsoever shall voluntarily yield, or pay the said subsidies of Tonnage and Poundage, not being granted by Parliament, he shall likewise be reputed a betrayer of the liberties of England, and an enemy to the same '. 16.
Página 92 - One day a great feast was held ; and after dinner the representation of Solomon his Temple, and the coming of the Queen of Sheba, was made, or (as I may better say) was meant to have been made, before their Majesties, by device of the Earl of Salisbury and others.
Página 92 - The entertainment and show went forward, and most of the presenters went backward, or fell down; wine did so occupy their upper chambers. Now did appear, in rich dress, Hope, Faith, and Charity: Hope did...
Página 92 - I rather think it was in his face. Much was the hurry and confusion; cloths and napkins were at hand to make all clean. His Majesty then got up and would dance with the Queen of Sheba, but he fell down and humbled himself before her and was carried to an inner chamber and laid on a bed of state...
Página 334 - We the commons, in parliament assembled, do claim, protest, and avow for truth, the sense of the articles of religion which were established by parliament in the thirteenth year of our late queen Elizabeth, which by the public act of the church of England, and by the general and current exposition of the writers of our church, have been delivered unto us. And we reject the sense of the Jesuits and Arminians, and all others that differ from us."* Bishop Laud, in his answer to this protestation, has...
Página 92 - Now did appear, in rich dress, Hope, Faith and Charity. Hope did assay to speak, but wine rendered her endeavours so feeble that she withdrew and hoped the King would excuse her brevity. Faith was then all alone, for I am certain she was not joined with good works, and left the court in a staggering condition.
Página 198 - God, in better causes than his, had shrunk back and trembled a little, he denied not; but yet gave God thanks he never feared death, and much less then. For it was but an opinion and imagination; and the manner of death, though to others it might seem grievous, yet he had rather die so than of a burning fever...
Página 225 - Sir Richard Yong was next, who alighted, went into the water, and lifted him out.
Página 193 - It is true, that though I acquainted his majesty with " my intent to land in Guiana, yet I never made it known " to his majesty that the Spaniards had any footing there; " neither had I any authority by...

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