Anecdotes of the Revolutionary War in America: With Sketches of Character of Persons the Most Distinguished, in the Southern States, for Civil and Military Services

author, 1822 - 459 páginas
"The advice of the experienced veteran Lee, called for its abandonment*, a necessary, supply of ammunition was withheld, but seconding the bolder wishes of President Rutledge, and considering himself pledged to give a proof to the enemy of American valor, he scorned the disgrace of relinquishing the post he had sworn to defend, and heroically prepared for action."??(p. 8, Advice from General Lee to Colonel Moultrie. *General Lee styled the post at Sullivan?s Island a slaughter pen, denounced its defence, and pronouncing disgrace on the measure, should it be persisted in, earnestly requesting the President (John Rutledge, first president of the state of South-Carolina) to order it to be evacuated.).

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This book of our history is amazing. learning about the time period and all the heroes of that time. Thanks to whom ever decided to post this book.

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