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* A most full quietness of strange delight

Suspended all my powers, I seem'd as tho « Diffused into the scene.”

« At length a light Approach'd the spring ; I saw my Uncle Claude ; “His grey locks dripping with the midnight storm “ He came, and caught me in his arms, and cried " My God! my child is safe !"

“ I felt his words “Pierce in my heart; my soul was overcharged, “ I fell upon his neck and told him all; “God was within me, as I felt, I spake, « And he believed.

Understanding in my opinion discourses not; and although it be not lost, yet it works not as I was saying, but remains as it were amazed to consider how much it understands."

Life of St. Teresa written by herself. Teresa was well acquainted with the feelings of enthusiasm. 1 had, however, described the sensations of the Maid of Orleans before I had met with the life of the Saint.

Aye Chieftain, and the world “ Shall soon believe my mission; for the Lord Will raise up indignation and pour out “ His wrath, and they shall perish who f oppress.

+ “ Raise up indignation, and pour out wrath, and let them perish who oppress the people!"

Ecclesiasticus 36.

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The Second Book,

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