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Deform'd her beauteous features. Yet with her
The lawless idol of the Monarch's heart,
Mary, obedient to her husband's will,
Dwelt peaceful, from the proudly-generous mind
Of Agnes winning friendship. Soon the Maid
Lov'd the mild Queen, and sojourning with her,
Expe&s the solemn summons.

Thro' the realm
Meantime the King's convoking voice was heard,
And from their palaces and monasteries
Swarm'd forth the Doctors, men acute and deep,
Grown grey in study ; Priests and Bishops haste
To Chipon : teachers wise and with high names,
Seraphic, Subtile, or Irrefragable,
By their admiring pupils dignified.


The Doctors met, from cloister gloom recluse,

Or from the haunts luxurious of the abode

Episcopal, they met, and sought the place
Of judgement. Very ancient was the dome,

The floor with many a monumental stone
O'erspread, and brass-ensculptur'd effigy
Of holy abbots honour'd in their day,
Now to the grave gone down. The branching arms
Of many a ponderous pillar met aloft,
Wreath'd on the roof emboss’d. The windows gleam'd
Awful and dim their many-colour'd light,
Thro' the rich robes of Eremites and Saints,
Trees, mountains, castles, ships, sun, moon, and stars,
Splendid confusion l the pure wave beneath
Reflects and trembles in the purpling beam.
On the altar burns that mystic lamp whose flame
May not be quenched.

Circling round the vase
They bow the knee, uttering the half-heard prayer ;
Mysterious power communicating thus
To the hallowed water, deem d a mightier spell
O'er the fierce fiends of Satan's fallen crew,
Than e'er the hell-hags taught in Thessaly,
Or they who sitting on the rifled grave,

Dim seen by the blue tomb-fire s lurid light,
Partake the Vampire's banquet.

This perform'd,
The Maid is summon'd. Round the holy vase
Mark'd with the mystic tonsure and enrob'd
In sacred vests, a venerable train,
They stand. The delegated Maid obeys
Their summons.

As she came, a loveliest blash O'er her fair cheek suffus'd, such as became One mindful still of maiden modesty, Tho' of her own worth conscious. Thro' the aisic The cold wind moaning as it pass'd along Waved her dark flowing locks. Before the train In reverend silence waiting their sage will, With balf-averted eye she stood compos d. So have I seen the simple snow-drop rise Amid the russet leaves that hide the earth In early spring, so seen its gentle bend Of modest loveliness amid the waste

Of desolation.

By the maiden's side The Son of Orleans stood, prepard to vouch That when on Charles the Maiden's eye had fix’d, As led by power miraculous, no fraud, No juggling artifice of secret sign Dissembled inspiration. As he stood Steadily viewing the mysterious rites, Thus to the attentive Maid the Arch-Priest spake Severe.

Woman, if any fiend of hell “ Lurk in thy bosom, so to prompt the vauntOf inspiration, and to mock the power “Of God and holy church, thus by the virtue « Of water hallowed in the name of God “ That damned spirit adjure I to depart “ From his possessed prey.

Slowly he spako And sprinkled water on the virgin's face : Indignant at the unworthy charge the Maid Felt her cheek flush, but soon, the transient glow

Fading, she answer'd meek.

“ Most holy Sires, “ Ye reverend Fathers of the Christian church, “ Most catholic! before your view I stand A

poor weak woman. Of the grace vouchsafed, “ How far unworthy, conscious : yet tho' mean, “Guiltless of fraud, and chosen by highest heaven The minister of aid. Strange voices heard, “ The dark and shadowing visions of the night, And feelings that I may not dare to doubt, * These portents make me conscious of the God “ Within me; he who gifted my purged eye “ To know the Monarch ʼmid the menial throng, " Unseen before. Thus much it bonts to say. “ The life of simple virgin ill deserves " To call your minds from studies wise and deep, “ Not to be fathom'd by the weaker sense “ Of man profane."

“ Thou speakest,” said the Priest, “Of dark and shadowing visions of the night.

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