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“ On one fore-doom'd to misery; for so doom'd “Is that deluded one, who, of the mass “ Unheeding, and the Churches saving power, “ Deems nature sinless. Therefore, mark me well, “ Brethren, I would propose this woman try “ The holy ordeal. Let her, bound and stript, “ Lest haply in her clothes should be conceald “Some holy relic so profan’d, be cast “ In the deep pond; there if she float, no doubt “Some fiend upholds, but if she instant sink, “ Sure sign is that that Providence displays “ Her free from witchcraft. This done, let her walk “ Blinded and bare o'er ploughshares heated red, “ And o'er these past, her naked arm plunge deep “ In scalding water. If from these she pass “ Unhurt, to holy father of the church “ Most blessed Pope, we then refer the cause “ For judgement : and this Chief, the Son of Orleans, “Who comes to vouch the royal person known “By her miraculous power, shall pass with her

“ The sacred trial."

“ Grace of God I" exclaim'd The astonish'd Bastard ; "plunge me in the pool, “ O'er red-hot ploughshares make me dance to please “ Your dotard fancies ! Fathers of the church; . “ Where is your gravity? what I elder-like “ This fairer than Susannah would you eye? “ Ye call for ordeals; and I too demand The noblest ordeal, on the English host • In victory to prove the mission sent " From favouring Heaven. To the Pope refer For judgement ! Know ye not that France even now “ Stands tottering on destruction !"

Starting wild, With a strange look, the mission'd Maid exclaim'd, “ The sword of God is here ! the grave shall speak • To manifest me "

Even as she spake,
A pale blue flame rose from the trophied tomb
Beside her. A deep silence thro' the dome

Dwelt awful : sudden from that house of death
The clash of arms was heard, as tho' within
The shrouded warrior shook his mailed limbs.

“ Hear ye ?" the Damsel cried; “ these are the arms “ That shall flash terror o'er the hostile host. . These, in the presence of our Lord the King, “ And the assembled people, I shall take “ From this the sepulchre, where many an age “ Incorruptible they have lain conceal'd, « Destin'd for me, the Delegate of Heaven."

Recovering from amaze, the Priest replied : 66 Thou art indeed the Delegate of Heaven! " What thou hast said surely thou shalt perform! “ We ratify thy mission. Go in peace.

The fourth Book.

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