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The First Book.

The Maid announces ber mission to the Lord of Faucouleur. She departs for Chinon with Dunois. Narrative of the Maid,

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There was high feasting held at Vaucouleur,
For old Sir Robert had a noble guest,
The * Bastard Orleans; and the festive hours,
Cheer'd with the Trouveur's merry minstrelsy,
Pass'd lightly at the hospitable board.

*« Lewes Duke of Orleance murthered in Paris, by Jhon Duke of Burgoyne, was owner of the Castle of Concy, on the frontiers of Fraunce toward Arthoys, whereof he made Constable the Lord of Cauny, a man not so wise as his wife was faire, and yet she was not so faire, but she was as well beloved of the Duke of Orleance, as of her husband. Betwene the Duke and her husband (I cannot tell who was father) she conceived a child, and brought furthe a prety boye called Jhon, whiche child beyng of the age of one yere, the Duke descased, and not long after the mother and the Lord of

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