List of Books and Articles on Climatology and Meteorology in the Library of the Surgeon-general's Office, United States Army, Parte1

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1888 - 18 páginas

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Página 220 - Years, from 1831 to 1842 inclusive: Compiled from Observations made by the Officers of the Medical Department of the Army at the Military Posts of the United States.
Página 215 - Observations made at the Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory at St. Helena, with discussions of the observations at St. Helena, the Cape of Good Hope, the Falkland Islands, Carlton Fort in North America, and Pékin.
Página 214 - Storms. STORMS : their Nature, Classification, and Laws, with the Means of Predicting them by their Embodiments, the Clouds. By WILLIAM BLASIUS.
Página 221 - Observations on the Casual and Periodical Influence of Particular States of the Atmosphere on Human Health and Diseases, particularly Insanity ; with a Table of Reference to Authors.
Página 222 - MR. ALFRED HAVILAND, MRCS CLIMATE, WEATHER, AND DISEASE; being a Sketch of the Opinions of the most celebrated Ancient and Modern Writers with regard to the Influence of Climate and Weather in producing Disease.
Página 217 - On three several Hurricanes of the Atlantic, and their relations to the Northers of Mexico and Central America, with Notices of other Storms.
Página 219 - Compiled from Observations Made by the Officers of the Medical Department of the Army, at the Military Posts of the United States, Prepared under the Direction of Brevet Brigadier General Thomas Lawson, Surgeon General, United States Army.
Página 228 - OBSERVATIONS on the DISEASES which prevail in LONG VOYAGES to HOT COUNTRIES; particularly to the East Indies; and on the same Diseases as they appear in Great Britain, Svo.
Página 220 - Observatory during the years 1673 and 1874, (vols. 2 and 3,) under the superintendence of Robt. LJ Ellery. Report of the Kew Committee for the year ending October 31, 1875. The Journal of Education for Ontario. Edited, under the direction of the Rev. Egerton Ryerson, by J.
Página 217 - Relación de los trabajos físicos y meteorológicos, hechos por D. Andrés Poey, tanto en la Habana como en Europa, destinada para servir de introducción á las futuras tareas del observatorio meteorológico de aquella ciudad, redactada...

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