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30 MONGOLIA—CHINA. Outer Mongolia applied to China to be again

annexed to that government. N. Y. Times, Oct. 31, 1919; Times, Nov. 10, 1919. Outer Mongolia was tributary to China from 1691 A.D. to 1915. By a tripartite agreement between Mongolia, Russia and China, signed June 7, 1915, Mongolia became an independent state. See this JOURNAL, 10: 798-808;

Supplement to this JOURNAL, 10: 230-257. 30 JAPAN. Peace treaty with Germany ratified by Japan. N. Y.

Times, Oct. 31, 1919.

November, 1919. 4 CHILE. Announces adhesion to the League of Nations. N. Y.

Times, Nov. 5, 1919. 4 GREAT BRITAIN_CHILE. Arbitration treaty ratified. London

Ga., Nov. 4, 1919. 7 PARAGUAY—UNITED STATES. Convention for establishment of an

international gold clearance fund between the United States and Paraguay, signed at Asuncion. P. A. U. (Spanish ed.),

Feb., 1920. 7 SWEDEN-REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA. Sweden recognized the re

public of Austria. Times, Nov. 8, 1919. 9 CZECHO-SLOVAK REPUBLIC. Announced that Czecho-Slovak Na

tional Assembly had adopted the German and Austrian treaties. Treaties countersigned by President Masaryk. Times, Nov.

10, 13, 1919. 10 CHILE. Adhered to German peace treaty. Times, Nov. 11, 1919. 11 BRAZIL. Chamber of Deputies ratified peace treaty. Cur. Hist.,

11 (Pt. 1): 389. 11 GREAT BRITAIN—BELGIUM. Agreement signed continuing in

force the agreement of April 15, 1919, relative to military penal

jurisdiction. Times, Nov. 12, 1919. 11 ROUMANIA-HUNGARY. Roumania issued proclamation announc

ing evacuation of Budapest, all troops to be out of city on

Nov. 13. Times, Nov. 12, 1919. 12 COLOMBIA. Announced Congress of Colombia had passed a bill

accepting the League of Nations and the same had been signed

by the President. Times, Nov. 13, 1919. 14 PARAGUAY-UNITED STATES. Convention signed for the regula

tion of exchange. N. Y. Times, Nov. 15, 1919.

16 BOLIVIA. Ratified peace treaty. Advocate of Peace, 88: 339. 17 BELGIUM-HOLLAND. Semi-officially announced that an agree

ment had been reached on question of the Scheldt, under which a commission would be appointed to consist of three Dutch and three Belgian members. In event of differences, each nation will appoint an arbitrator and the League of Nations as chief

arbitrator who will have casting vote. Times, Nov. 18, 1919. 17 PARAGUAY. The Senate approves adhesion to the League of Na

tions. Times, Nov. 18, 1919. 17 PERU. Peru ratified peace treaty with Germany. Times, Nov.

20, 1919. P. A. U., Feb., 1920. 19 SWITZERLAND. Federal Parliament voted in favor of Switzerland

joining the League of Nations. Times, Nov. 20, 1919. 19 UNITED STATES. The Senate refused to consent to German peace

treaty in original form, or with Lodge reservations. Cong.

Rec., Nov. 19, 1919. 21 GREAT BRITAIN-FRANCE. Great Britain ratified treaty of June

28, 1919, with France, providing for assistance in case of Ger

man aggression. London Ga., Nov. 21, 1919. 21 POLAND. Supreme Council granted Poland a mandate over East

ern Galicia for 25 years. N. Y. Times, Nov. 22, 1919. 23 ARMENIA AZERBAIJAN. Agreement signed to cease hostilities

and settle all controversies by peaceful agreements. Times,

Jan. 8, 1919; Temps, Jan. 10, 1920. 24 VATICAN_REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA. Announced the Vatican had

officially recognized the Republic of Austria. Times, Nov.

25, 1919. 27 ARGENTINE REPUBLIC—SPAIN. Treaty signed relative to indem

nity for victims of labor accidents. P. A. U., Feb., 1920. 27 BULGARIA. Peace treaty signed at Neuilly. N. Y. Times, Nov.

28, 1919. Nation (N. Y.), 109: 702; Cur. Hist., 11 (Pt. 2): 259. 28 BELGIUM—GERMANY. Agreement signed relative to Belgian re

imbursement. Wash. Post, Nov. 29, 1919. 28 LETVIA-GERMANY. Lettish Government withdrew its represen

tative at Berlin and declared war on Germany. N. Y. Herald,

Nov. 29, 1919. 30 GERMANY_LITHUANIA. Armistice signed for immediate evacua

tion of Lithuania by Germany. N. Y. Times, Dec. 1, 1919.

December, 1919. 1-3 PAN-AMERICAN WOMEN'S CONGRESS. First congress held at

San Antonio, Tex., Dec. 1-3, 1919. P. A. U., Feb., 1920,

50: 195-196. 4 CZECHO-SLOVAKIA. Constitution promulgated. Cur. Hist., 11

(Pt. 2): 437. 4 GUATEMALA-UNITED STATES. International gold clearance fund

convention signed. International High Commission. 5 JUGOSLAVIA-AUSTRIA-BULGARIA., Jugoslavia signed the peace

treaties with Austria and Bulgaria. N. Y. Times, Dec. 6, 1919. 8 CHINA-JAPAN. China demanded reparation for recent Japanese

acts at Fu-Chow. N. Y. Times, Dec. 4, 1919. 9 ROUMANIA. Peace treaties signed with Bulgaria and Austria, and

treaty relative to rights of minorities signed with the Allied and Associated Powers. N. Y. Times, Dec. 11, 1919. See also

Sept. 3, 1919, ante. Cur. Hist., 11 (Pt. 2): 10, 531. 10 PANAMA-UNITED STATES. Commercial travelers' convention

proclaimed. U. S. Treaty Series, No. 646. 17 AUSTRIA. Supreme Council note putting ban on separatist activ

ities of several of the Austrian provinces was handed to Dr.

Karl Renner. Text: Cur. Hist., 11 (Pt. 2): 268.
AUSTRIA. Supreme Council voted a loan of $70,000,000 to Aus-

tria. Cur. Hist., 11 (Pt. 2): 267. 18 CUBA. The Cuban Senate approved the treaty of peace with

Germany. N. Y. Times, Dec. 19, 1919. 22 HOLLAND. Announced that U. S. will not join Allies in demand

on Holland for extradition of ex-Kaiser. Wash. Post, Dec.

23, 1919. 22 IRELAND. Government measure for Irish home rule introduced.

Cur. Hist., 11 (Pt. 2): 206. 26 FRANCE-LITHUANIA. Announced France had recognized the in

dependence of Lithuania. N. Y. Times, Dec. 27, 1919. 26 JAPAN. Ratified peace treaty. N. Y. Times, Jan. 4. 1920. 29 ROUMANIA. Parliament of Roumania ratified decrees for the

union of Bessarabia, Bukowina, and Transylvania, including Muramuresh, Crish and the Banat, with the old Rumanian

kingdom. Times, Jan. 9, 1920. 31 ECUADOR_UNITED STATES. Commercial travelers' convention

signed in Washington. P. A. U., Feb., 1920.

31 ESTHONIA-SOVIET RUSSIA. Peace negotiations, begun at Dorpat

on Dec. 6, were concluded successfully and preliminary armistice signed. Cur. Hist., 11 (Pt. 2): 293.



BILLS OF EXCHANGE. The Hague. July 23, 1912.
Adhesion :

Brazil. Aug. 27, 1919. P. A. U., 49: 596.
GENEVA CONVENTION, Aug. 22, 1864. Revisions.

Uruguay. Nov. 25, 1919. Monit., Jan. 22, 1920. WHITE PHOSPHORUS IN MATCHES. Berne, Sept. 26, 1906. Adhesion : Australia and India. Dec. 30, 1919. Ga. de Madrid, Feb. 5, 1920.






Aliens. Report of committee appointed to consider applications for exemption from compulsory repatriation submitted by interned enemy aliens. (H. C. Repts. & Papers, 1919, 383.) 11 d.

Anti-dumping legislation. Final report. Ministry of Reconstruction. (Cmd. 455.) 20.

Arms and ammunition, Convention for control of trade in, with protocol, signed Sept. 10, 1919. (Treaty series, 1919, No. 12.) French and English. 442d.

Austria - Allied and Associated Powers. Treaty of peace, together with protocol and declaration, signed at St. Germain-en-Laye, Sept. 10, 1919. (With appendix.) (Treaty series, 1919, No. 11.) 1s. 10d.

Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Agreement between Allied and Associated Powers with regard to contributions to cost of liberation of territories of. Signed at St. Germain, Sept. 10, 1919. (Treaty series, 1919, No. 14.) 112d.

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British nationality and status of aliens. The Naturalization Regulations, Oct. 18, 1919. (St. R. & 0. 1919, No. 1552.) 11/2d.

Congo Act. Convention revising the General Act of Berlin, Feb. 26, 1885, and the General Act and Declaration of Brussels, July 2, 1890. Signed at St. Germain, Sept. 10, 1919. (Treaty Series, 1919, No. 18.) 2d.

Copyright convention, international, signed at Berlin, Nov. 13, 1908, and additional protocol signed at Berne, March 20, 1914. Ratification by Sweden. (Treaty series, 1919, No. 13.) 112d.

Czecho-Slovakia-Principal Allied and Associated Powers, Treaty between, signed at St. Germain, Sept. 10, 1919. (Treaty series, 1919, No. 30.) 2d.

1 Parliamentary and Official Publications of Great Britain may be obtained, for the amount noted, from the Superintendent of Publications, H. M. Stationery Office, Imperial House, Kingsway, London, W. C. 2.

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