The School of Mines Quarterly, Volumen13

Columbia University, 1892

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Página 10 - That if the general direction of the line can not be altered without great inconvenience, for the purpose mentioned in the preceding article, branch lines should be surveyed to connect those cities with the main line. Seventh. That for the purpose of reducing the cost of the enterprise...
Página 184 - The anode should be a plate of pure silver some 30 square cm. in area and 2 or 3 millimetres in thickness. This is supported horizontally in the liquid near the top of the solution by a platinum wire passed through holes in the plate at opposite corners. To prevent the disintegrated silver which is formed on the anode from falling on to the...
Página 184 - It is nearly filled with the solution, and connected to the rest of the circuit by being placed on a clean copper support to which a binding screw is attached.
Página 183 - ... the electromotive force that, steadily applied to a conductor whose resistance is one international ohm, will produce a current of...
Página 14 - The college offers a course of four years, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Candidates for admission to the college must be at least fifteen years of age, and pass an examination on prescribed subjects, the particulars concerning which may be found in the annual Circular of Information.
Página 247 - ... run off, treated with acid, the rosin collected in any manner desired, dried, and weighed. A second washing of the soap with petroleum spirit is hardly necessary, as very little remains after the first extraction.
Página 252 - There the tears of earth are dried ; There its hidden things are clear ; There the work of life is tried By a juster Judge than here. Father, in Thy gracious keeping Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
Página 11 - Fifteenth. That the approval of the surveys, the terms of the proposals, the protection of the concessionaires, the inspection of the work, the legislation affecting it, the neutrality of the road, and the free passage of merchandise in transit, should be (in the event contemplated by article eighth) the subject of special agreement between all the nations interested. Sixteenth. That as soon as the Government of the United States shall receive notice of the acceptance of these recommendations by...
Página 132 - The exit valve, t, is so loaded that when the heating tubes, d, d, d, are at the desired working temperature, and the pump, c, is not in action, it will not be opened by the internal pressure produced by the application of heat to the mixture, and therefore when the pump, c, is not in action, nothing escapes from the valve, i, if the temperature be not too high. But when the pump forces fresh mixture into one end...
Página 86 - These by-laws may be amended at the annual or at any stated or special meeting of the Association, but only by a vote of two-thirds of those present, and provided that ten days' notice in writing of the proposed amendment shall have been given to the Executive Committee, and also that notice of the same shall have been given by the Secretary in the notices of the meeting.

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