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G E N TILE Divinity and Morality


CH A P. I. Their Opinion of, or concerning God; his | Works, Power, Onniscience, and Omni

presence : Alfos of Fear, Prayer, and Worship due to Him from all Men.


HILOSOPHY is to find out. and know the Truth both of

Divine and Humane Things, Justice, Piety, and Religion; yea, the whole Company of Vertues never depart from her: She teacheth us to adore and serve God, and to love Men. Seneca

The World was created by the Divine Providence of God. Aristotle.



The Order of all Things that are visible in this World, declare, that there must needs be one principal Cause and Beginning, which we call God; and also that the fame Order cannot be without Providence, and one perpetual Governor. Aristippus.

That is God, which lacketh Begina ning and Ending; which God, being made of none, hath by his own Power created all Things. Hermes.

He only is to be known and taken for a God, who is not only a Creator, but also a Comforter, a Preserver, a Saviour, and a Deliverer. Plato.

There is a God that doth Rute and Govern all Things, who maintaineth the Course of the Seas, the Changes of Times, the Alteration and Order of Things, belonging both to Seg and Land; and who plaînly Feeth both the Lives and Doings of all Men. Cicero.

There is a Living God, who only Knoweth, who only Remembreth, who Foreseeth, Governeth, and Moderateth all Things, and He it is that Liveth for Ever. Cicero.

Let all Men in this be truly, perIwaded, That God is the Governor


and Moderator of all Things; and that all Things are done by his Power and Appointment, or permitted in his Wife Providence; and that He it is, who moft clearly Beholdeth every Man, both what he doth, and what he admitteth in himself, and with what-Mind and Godliness he doth love and favour Religion ; and that he hath- also a regard both of Wicked and Ungodly Men.

There is but one God, and He is Glorious for ever: He is called, He who knoweth Hearts. Thales.

It is a Man's Duty to believe of the Divinity, that it is, and that it is in fuch a manner, as to Mankind, that it overlooks them, and neglects them not. Pythagoras.

God himself inhabits the lowest, and highest, and the middlemost; there is no Place or Being without God. i God is one Heavenly Luminary, or Light, and Father of all Things, only Wife, Invisible; yet Intelligible. Ibid.

God is an Infinite, Self-moving Mind; this Divine Infinite Mind, is the efficient Cause of all Creatures;

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