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gone from a Man, there remaineth then nothing else but Lightness of Life, extreme Rafhhefs, Forgetfulness of God; and running headlong into Sin and Mischief.

He that rightly feareth God, and esteemeth well the Excellence of his Majefty from his Heart, cannot for get such Precepts as he received of God, but will always think upon the Observance of themi,

The Fear of God doth not only withdraw the:Hand, and other parts of the Body, from committing Evil; but also it helpeth to cleanse, the Mind, and withdraw the Confent thereof to Evil."

Let Man never leave God's Help for any Mortal Man's, left that God depart from him in his greatest Necessity. As God is full of Mercy, so also is he a just God: As well in Ade. versity, as in Prosperity; Rejoice, and thank God. Mar. Aur.

When thou wilt fält, purge thy Soul from Filth; and ablain from Sin; for God is better pleased therewith, than abstaining from. Meats. Herries,



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Above and before all things, wor. Thip God! : Delire God at the beginning of thy Works, that thou may'st by his Helpbring them to a good Conclusion.. Xenoph.

Prayer is the chiefest Thing that a. Man, may present God withal. Hermes. 3. Prayer is a Divine and Heavenly Effect of the Soul, and signifieth (generally) the Desire of all Things that are of Necessity to the Sustenance and Nourihment of the Soul and Body, especially from the Hand of God. :

True and acceptable Prayer unto God, is to crave any thing at the Hand of God answerable to his Will, having our Hearts lifted up unto Him, during all the time of Prayer. i A pure Mind is the best Service of God; the most Religious Worshipping of God, is to follow Him; the only Honouring of God, is not to be Evil. Seneca. Hermes.

Worship God with a pure Heart, pray unto Him, and He will advance thee. Xenophon.


The only and best way to worship God, is to mind and obey whatsoever He commands. Socrates.

Pray Earnestly for Repentance, and continually make thy faithful Beti tion and Supplication to the Everlasting God; Call upon Him in the Day, and forget Him not in the Night

When Temptation invadeth thee, or giveth unto thee a cruel and sharp Alfault, then earnestly, faithfully, and heartily call on God for his Help, and that by Prayer; wherein being continual, perfect and pure, thou may'st prévail, and obtain the Victo-rý. Pythagoras.

The suřest way for Men to escape the Danger of their Enemies, iş ala. ways to be ardently imployd in devout Praying, and to be continually mindful of Well-doing: Antifthenes.

Consider the Majesty, the Goodness, the venerable Mercies of the Almighty! a Friend that is alleen Hand: What Delight tan it be to Him, the Slaughter of fo many in nocent Creatures of the Worship of Bloody Sacrifices? Let us purge our


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Minds, and lead Vertuous and Hos nest Lives. --- His Pleasure lies not in the Magnificence of Temples made with Stone, but in the Piety and De-, votion of consecrated Hearts. Seneca.

Vertuous and Well-disposed Men do daily pray unto. God, for the cleansing of the Impurity of the Heart, and do watch it with all the diligence they can; and labour to refrain the Corruption thereof, that it burst not out, either to the hurt of themselves or others.,

God hateth the Prayers and Sacris fices of Wicked People. Socrates,

All Things living, both in Heaven and Earth, owe unto God due Wora fhip and Obedience. There be two most special and weighty Causes, why God ought to be honoured and worshipped; the one is, because he ought of Duty to be worshipped; the other, because it is for our Benefit, or rather Necesity. Salon.

To worship God, and to serve him truly, is to please him, or to be thank ful unto him: But no Man can rightly pleafe him, but by doing of his Wil Wherefore all kind of Wor

ship, which is rather grounded upon the Will of Man, than upon the Will of God, is to be utterly refused in his sight, and imputed as vain before him, ingrateful, hurtful, and void.

The God of all Gods is our God... He is a Word, a Spirit, Love; c. and is not pleased with Worldly Riches, but with Holy Works, and Thanks for his Grace. Dindimus.'

God ought to be worshipped. and seryed, as he himself commandeth. Socratesi

The fincere and incorruptible Ser+ vice of God is done but in a few: He cannot be a true Server of Godzi who ferveth him not in the Spirit of his Mind, and in. Truth, but. Fantasti.cally, and in Hypocrisie. Augustin.

True Worship of God, which is done in Spirit and in Truth, requireth not any Outward or World... ly Beauty, but rather a Spiritual Beauty or Comeliness.

Where Men's Souls are deeply and frequently employed in that Spiritual Retirement, and waiting for Divine Strength, and are often exercised in. Meditation upon the Divine Mind,


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