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Estate, and old Age, all which degrees, we bring into that narrow compass (of our Life) if we do not watch, we lose our opportunities.--What greater Folly can be in the World, than the Loss of Time, the Future being so uncertain ! We should therefore first prepare our felves by a vertuous Life againft the dread of an inevitable Death; and it is not for us to put off being good, 'till such or such a Business is over;---the Conscience of a good Life puts a Man into a secure Posseflion of Felicity; but he that leads a wicked Life, is afraid of his own Memory, and in the review of himself.

Time is Precious to him that well spendeth it.

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CHA P. VIL Containing a Century of Divine and More

ral (but short and weighty) Sayings or Sentences, chiefly colle&ted from the most noted Authors before namned, and putinto an Alphabetical Order.



Good Man is the Similitude of

God. 2. A Slave to Passion hath no Power to Rule his own Will.,

3. A Man that is Obedient to the Dictates of Right Reason, cannot in. jure his Neighbour.

4. A quiet Man joyneth Wisdom with his Simplicity.

5. An Evil Tongue is sharper than a Sword.

6. Affirm nothing before thou know'st the Truth.

7. A Man ought rather to embellish his Mind with honest Arts, than deck his Body with fine Apparel.

8. Anger is the Cause of Enmity, and Hatred.

9. An Upright Man, and an Happy Man are all one.

10. All the World is the Temple of God.

II. Be

11. Be careful of such things, as appertain to God,

12. Be not earnest in thy Desires after any Visible Thing. :: 13. Be the self-fame as thou pre*tendeft.

14. Be not high-minded.

15. Be not hasty to speak, nor flow to hear.

16. Be fatisfied with little, and covet not other Men's.

17. Be Sober in thy living, and 're... plenish thy Heart with Wifdom.

18. Chastity is the Beauty of Man's Life.

19. Constant Love is a Principal Vertue.

20. Custom, without Truth, is but an old Error:

21. Cuftom is as it were another Nature.

22. Do that whereof thou should't not Repent.

29. Do that which is Just, and abstain from Evil.

24. Dread God, and keep thy self from vain Glory.

25. Drunkenness is an abominable Vice in a Teacher.

26. Eat

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26. Eat rather for Hunger, than for Pleasure or Delight.

27. Ensue the Vertues of thy Godly Ancestors.

28. Fix thy Mind to do Justly; and see thou Swear not.

29. Fear dependeth on Love; and without Love it is soon had in Cone tempt.

30. Fly from Filthiness of Life.

31. Fly the Company of a Lyar, or beware thou believe him not.

32. Give Place to thy Betters, and Elders.

33. God is seen of the Vertuous Mind.

34. God is all Goodness and Love.

35. God is Careful for all, both Small and Great.

36. God is the Law of Wise and Sober Men.

37. Good Education is the good Manners.

38. Hate Pride and Vain Glory.

39. He that helpeth the Evil, hurteth the Good.

40. Hope of Reward maketh Pain seem easie.

41. He is in great danger, that looketh not to his Soul.


42. Haste often causeth · Repena tance, and a Froward Heart findeth no good.

43. It is a point of Flattery te praise a Man to his Face.

44. If thou hast done well, thank God; if not, repent and ask himi Forgiveness.

45. Infamy always enfueth Arro. gancy,

46. In Prosperity beware, and in Adversity hope for better things.

47. Judge according to Equity:

48. Law is the Tryer, and Finder out of Truth.

49. Let not thy Tongue run before thy Wit.

50. Let thy Mind rule thy Tongue.

51. Labour not much for that which will perish.

52. Love, if thou would'st be loved.

53. Let not thy Thoughts depart from Truth...

54. Let no Man perswade thee by Flattery to do any Evil.

55: Learn to bear hard things, that thou may'st bear easie things the better.

56. Love thy Neighbour,


57. Les

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