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every Creature being made according to its Species, by the Divine Mind. Anaxagoras.

God is One, perfect în Himself, giving the. Being and Well-being of every Creature. Socrates.

God at once feeth all Things, from the Influence of his Eye, which at once out-runs many Miles; and of the Mind, which at once considers Things done in the most distant Places. Socrates.

God is First, Eternal, Ineffable, Perfect in Himself; that is, Needing none: And ever Perfect; that is, Abfolute in all Times. Plata.

God is an Immortal Being, Rational, Perfect, or Intellectual in Beatitadeg---not of Humane Form, Maker of all, C.; Zero.

God is without any Body, Invisible and Immortal; whose Form cannot be comprehended with the Eyes of Mortal Man, nor yet described by any Sensible Knowledge. Plato.

God's Power is in all Things, and in every part of the World; and by his Providence all Things are preserv’d, goveren’d and mov'd, or orderd; and

He He himself is of none ottier either moved or governed. Plato.

The Divine Nature and Substance of God suffereth neither Change nor End, for it is both Iminutable and Infinite.

In God; or about God; can be no Evil; therefore all Evil is far from God: For all Goodness proceedeti from Him, and He is the only Fountain and principal Goodness. Plato.

There is nothing that God cannot bring to pass, and that without Labour and Travail.

God, the great King, giveth Man right; and doth no Man wrong: He never begat Injury, but Light, Life, Peace. Who includes us in the Flesh, and placed us upon this Earth, to try us; whether we, being gone forth from him, would live unto him, as he hath commanded; who demandeth an Account of those that depart. Dindimus.

God, the Author of all Goodness, hath created all Good Things. Mari Aur.

Only. God forgiveth and pardoneth us our Sins. God knoweth and feeth both the


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Deeds, and also the Thoughts of all Men, from whose Knowledge nothing may be hid. Lamberto

God is near thee, and he is in thee; the Holy Spirit sits or resides within us, the Observer of our Good and Evil Actions ; as he is dealt with by us, he deals with us. Seneca. :..

Nothing is closed from God, He is within our Souls, and he cometh into the midst of our Thoughts. Seneca.

God hath built to himself a Natural Temple in the Consciences of Men, as the place wherein he would be worshipped. Iuft. Mart.

So Powerful is Vertue, and so Glo: rious is Providence, that every Man has a Light set up within him for a Guide, which we do all of us see and acknowledge, altho' we do not pur. fue it. Senecae : God presently beholdeth all thingsa Diogenes.

No Man may escape the juft Judge ment of God. Hermes.

As God findeth thee to be, when he calleth-thee, i fo doth he judge thee. Phocion.

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1 God will reward every Man according to bis Works.' Hermes.

If thou would'st obtain any thing of God, frame thy Works according to his Will. Diogenes,

God hath put the Use of Things into Men’s Freedom; then he that leaveth the worst, and followeth the beft, is, not God, but is made God's Friend. Dindimus..

Defire nothing of God, save that which shall be right; for he will grant nothing unjustly asked. Pythagoras.

Tho'God exalts thee in this World, be not proud, nor despise any Marr therefore, nor think thy felf better than another; but remember, that God by Creation hath made all Men alike. Anavbarsis. As

God greatly esteemeth Vertuous People, tho? in the World they: be Jittle set by Socrates:

Be mindful of God, for the Remembrance of him helpeth Men from Evil. Phocion. |

No Man can be Just, without the Fear of God. Socrates.

Fear God above all things, for that iş Righteous and Profrtable, and so



order thy self, that thy Thoughts and Words be always of Him: For the Speaking and Thinking (reverently) of God, surmounteth so much all our other Words and Thoughts, as God "himself surmounteth all the Crea. tures; and therefore Men ought to love, fear, and obey Him; tho they should be constrain’d by wicked Men to the contrary. Socrates.

If thou know'st not what is Sing and what is Vertue, by the Fear and Love of God thou shalt know them both.

By the Fear of God we attain Help of the Holy Ghost, which shall open to us the Gates of Salvation, whereinto our Souls shall enter, with them that shall obtain Everlasting Life. Socrates.

He that feareth God as he ought, thall never fall into the Paths that tead Men into Evil. Hermes.

The Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom; and the want thereof, is the Ground and Foundation of all Foolishness, Sinfulness, and Abomi nation. Socrates. When the Fear of God is once


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