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Chap;2. 14,15. For when the Gene tiles, which have not the Law, for outward Rule) do by Nature the things contained in the Law, these having not the Law, are a Law unto themfelves; which thew (faith he) the Work of the Law written in their Hearts, their consciences also bear. ing witüefs, and their Thoughts the mean while acousing, or else excusing one another; which implies, that they were inwardly either Fuftified or Con demned, according as they either Obeyed er. Rejected that Divine Gift; and agrees with r John. 3.20,21.79

'Tis readily granted, that* none of the Gentiles mere or could be faved, but by Jesus Chrift; there being no other Name under Heaven given among Men, by which we can be saved, Afts 4. 12. . *But as the bare Letters of Adam's Name were not the Mediums of conveying Condemnation and Death into the World, bout his Sin and Transgression were ; and many partake of the said Effects there-of, who never heard of Adani, nor of his Falling, by Eating of the Forbidden Fruit; fo Life and Salvation being not fimply and neceffarily convey'd to any,


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by the meer Literal Knowledge of the Name of Jesus Chrift, but by that Pomen and Vertue which fpring from him ; therefore nobymay not they be made Partakers of the Benefits of Chrift's OutWard Appearance (by the Powerful Open ration of his Light and Spirit in their Heartsy Sanétifying and Fuftifying of them) who never heard of bis Name, as outwardly, nor that he was born of the Virgin Mary, e?:

So what I have bere done, is not beçauro we want Examples, Precepts and Doétrines of Christian Writets tos priem duce, (this Book being nat altogethern witborit, as Ambrose, Auguftin, Chryfoftom, and some others) but rather to Exalt the great. Love of God through Fesus Chrift; that as Peter said in the Case of that devout Gentile, Cornelius, fo may I say, that God is no Refpecter of Persons, but in every Nation, he

that feareth him, and worketh Righteousness, is accepted with him, Acts -10-34, 35. And I believe many of these Gentiles, and others, by the same Mears, bate and may attain to the like Acceptance : For by mhat is written of them, shey mere of Sober-and. Self-denying Lives;


and maintain'd Truth, Equity, Fustice, and the like excellent Vertues, as may appear by this Brief Colettian's and parTicularly in the Life and Death of that Eminent Gentile Philosopher, Socrates, which is here more fully described than the reft, being one of the Principal Auw thors herein named, as is demonstrated in about Eighty of his weighty Sayings, on feveral Subjects and Occasions. ingen

Thus defiring that a Blessing may at tend my small Labour, in Coleting and Methodizing this Manual, that it may not only be for the Information, Benefit and Edification of those that have good Inclinations begotten in them, to přefs after those Vertues, so much Reconmended herein ; but also that it may be a Marive to Excite others to: abstain from Vice, so much contrary thereunto; then will they bring Honour to God, and their Christian Profeffion; which inone can do, by only Talking, and Bearing a Name thereof, and the mean while delighting in Impiety and Immorality, and suffering it to prevail over them, which is a going in the Broad Way that leadeth to Destruction, Mat. 7.13. For if we fall short of the Nature of true Christians,


the bare Name thereof will avail us no

, those that faid to more se bu

, Eat and Drank in thy Presence, and in thy Name have cast out Devils, and done many wonderful Works, Mat.7.22,23. Luke 13. 26,27. Yet at laft were shout out of his Kingdom, as Workers of iniquity, which was a disma thing, and deferves the ferious Confederation of all these that are called by his Name.

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