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Patin beau foy's book Evrhuur


Divinity and Morality


A Brief Collection
Sayings, Precepts, Counsels,
Sentences and Exhortations

Of several Eminent

With a short Account of their Lives.


Whereunto is added,
An Apology for this Book, and those

People, who neither in former Ages
had, nor at this Day have the Holy
Scriptures afforded them.

By Richard Claridge.
London, Printed and Sold by Philip

Gwillim in Austin-Fryars, near the
Royal Exchange, 1712.

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»S I have diligently perused the A

Sayings, and Preçeptswhich are

said to have been urter'd by some of the Antient Heathen Philofophers, and confidezodi ulès many Great and Excellent Truthsithérein contain d; it bath made me Admire that Divine Wisdom wherewith they mere endu’d; and also hath inebined my Mind to make # Small Collection out of themi, (as I found 'em scatter'd) and place the most particular Matters under their proper Heads or Chapters, for the Use and Benefit of those chiefly, who have båt little Time to read, or Money to Purchase Large Volumes.

The greatest part of this Collection is taken out of an antient Book, Intituled, A Treatise of Moral Philofophy; and I have been careful to infert the Author's Names, as I found them, and put

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them to their respective Sayings ; altho there are fome Sentences in the faid Books wherein the Authors Names are omitted. And if any Author or Sentence appears ta those, who are better Learned in Historya to be out of Order, or misquoted, I crave their favourable Censure thereof, it being Hot defignedly done : And where I bave abbreviated their Sayings, I endeavour'd to keep their Senfe. I have also Collected many

other Sayings out of other Books, and placed them { as I judge) under their proper Heads that thereby I might render it the more

Acceptable and Delightful to those, that fall desire carefully ta peruse the same..

But if they fould be lightly effecmed by any, because they are for the most part the Sayings and Precepts of Reputed Heathens; yet upon diligent Search they will find them to be generally concurrent with Scripture, and Confonant to Chriftianity, both as to the Divine and Moral Duties thereof; and fome Profelfed Christians, 'tis to be doubted, fall far fhort of many of these Gentiles, both in Piery and Vertue; and the more és the pity, because they bave much greater Advantages, rather to Excel then there


in, considering their Christian Education, and the Benefit afforded them, which the Gertiles had not ; as the Help of the Holy Scriptures, which are superior to all other Books, whether we consider the Prophecies of the Old Testament, or the Fulfilling of them in the New, by the Coming; Life, Sufferings, Death and Refurrection of Christ, and the Redemption, by and through the great and infinite Love and Favour of God, that he obm tain'd for Mankind, and of the Miracles wrought, and Doétrine taught by Himi; I say, if these callid Christians fall short of the Heathen in Piery and Vertue, horo much more inexcufable will they be, than those that had not these Advantages for their Help and Benefit? Yet the Lord's Love was so universally extended towards them, that he did manifeft. So much of bis Light, Grace and Spirit in them, that (giving heed, and submitting thereunta) was sufficient to Guide and Direčt them to efchero Evil, and embrace Vertue in this Life; which doth concur with what the Apostle said, Rom. 1.19. That which may be known of God, is manifest in them (the Gentiles) for God hath thewed it unto them. And az aing, he faith,

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