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OUR Book, my good Friends is an Emblem of Life

It exhibits Joy, Sorrow, Complacence, and Strifes
Play, Business, Devotion, Contention, and Mirth,
Whatever we do, or we suffer, on Earth.

As we now sing- a Song, and now hold a Deoifte >
Now talk of old Stories, now fettle the State;
Now visit the Boards where tfie Learn'dhave laid by'"
Coins, Medals, and Gems of Antiquity, bighi,
And Fossils, and Metals, and Manuscripts Tare;
Then gad to a Playhouse,—perhaps to a Fair.
Just so, when the Pages we turn of your Book*
The Scene is still varied at every Look:
Each Number'! a Life, with its Passions, Pursuits;
Its Rest, and its Action; its Flowers, and Fruits:
What we are, and we do, we at once may behold.
Except that your Offspring is not growirrjbld.
It was not 'an Infant, \trhefl first it began j

Wisdom -and Strength, from tts Bitth-day, a M- AN.
;c the Sun, with fresh Vigour, he starts for the Race,
renew'd us he runs, with Old 1 ime he keeps pace*,
d in Hand, thro' the Year may They paser
'TiR Time "{hall grow Weary, arid'toy down his Glafe i"'.
I' • - . ■ . , .: . ...

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OUR Magazine for the Year 1765, is crowded with Artiiles of general Concern and Curiosity. There is, perhaps, scarce any Period ot Tim» in which the Prerogative of the Crown, the Privileges of Parliament, ind the Liberties of the People, have been more fully difcussed, or more impartially determined: To this Discussion and Determination we have attended with particular Diligence, at they may be traced in every Number of cur Miscellany; yet we have not sieglected other Articles of Information or Amusement, as will appear from the following brief Sketch, in which many interesting Particulars must necessarily be omitted.

In January, we communicated to the Public an Account of a very extraordinary Female Genius in Germany, with a Specimen of her Works; some Particulars of the Life of the) celebrated Leibnitz-, a Defence of the Bishops, for opposing Alterations in the Liturgy; many useful Particulars relating to Husbandry, to the Discover)' nf the Longitude, and to thejtmeri(S>> Colomej^ »ith a most circumstantial and authentic Narrative ot she very extraordinary Jobbery of Lord Harrington.

In February, we gave an Account of Dr B *« Treatise on Civil Liberty, with Remarks ; of the salutary Effects of a new Remedy for the Stem** of the second Volume of the celebrated Linnæus'* Systema Nature; of the Maid 'f the Mils, a Ballad Opera; also a mod curious Table, exhibiting the ftan, "krd Weight, Value, an^ a comparitive View of Enghjb Gold Money, from K. Vitliam I. Amo 1066, to K. George III. 1764.

March contains an impartial State of the Contest concerning Etijl India Directors 5 a View of the State of the Nation; Conjideratinps upon the Policy of Entails; Jeanitot and Colin, a moral Tale; an Account of the Life of Churchill; humorous Story of an amorous Friar; Anecdotes from HurtinJ; and a remarkable American Expedient to prevent Poverty, and retrieve a Man's Affairs.

In April are some judicious Remarks on the Plan of a Bill for amending tie Highways; an Account of the Life of Wuliffe; the History of Uriel Aeafio, >n apostate Jew; remarkable Particulars of the Life fif the celebrated 'John lixyan; an entertaining Tale from Voltaire; and_ many Articles relating to Husbandry, Astronomy, Mechanics, and other Sciences.

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May contain* a new Life of the celebrated Moliere, from Poltaire; a par-'icalar and authentic Narrative of the Duel between a noble Lord and Mr Chaistrtb; an Account of the Life and Writings of Dr Stukeley, who called himfelf the Britijb Druid; oWin Directions for preserving and recovering Health, W the celebrated Dr Tyjbt of Genet/a; an Enquiry into the Nature, Cause, and Ure of a new and fatal Disease, called the Croup; Observations on 'hi 'umber and Misery of the Poor; Memoirs of the Life of Gusiavus Ade'phxi« Characters of Lord Oxford and Lord Bolingbroke; with many other Artie ies of We and Eetertainment.

In June, besides other Articles of Entertainment, is the Trial of Friend*»p, a Tale, from Marmontel; the Story of Foote'% Commiffary; an Account of w» Discoveries in Agriculture t a remarkable Letter of Christina, Queen of Jtoftsea, on Tolleiation; curious Particulars of the Field or Mole Cricket; Description of the new Chapel at Market Harborough; and new Dialogues of the Dead: There is also a curious Dissertation on the Force of Imagination h pregnant Women -, an Abstract of the Regency Act; of the Act for pre1 fcnring Fisti; and an interesting Article concerning the cutting of Logwood.

July, among other Articles of Entertainment, contains the Dream of Hi t and a Letter from a celebrated German Collection: Also a Letter to

k*d B on the Change in the Ministry; and the ho 'est Man's Reasons for

"kins; no Part in the Administration, Pieces supposed to have been written

20844 rskin*

by Persons of Distinction} with a Comparison of Balsour and Spotsiuooitt Ac-
counts of the Barl of Murray's Murder; i Method of destroying Wasps and1
Hornet.; and many other curious Particulars.

Apgost contains an Account of the Life and Writings of Dr Bradley i
an Examination ot Dean Siuifi'f. Tnoughts on Religion; an authentic Narra-
tive of the Young Pretender's Escape after the Battle of Culloden; os the hor-
lid Combination of Barney Carrol and his Gang, and a particular Account of
their maiming Mr Cranky; some Particulars of the Muider of Mr Ogihy in
Scotland j Particulars' of the Life of Mr* B. Grand daughter to Oliver Croat-
welli and rnai:y curious Articles of political Controversy.

In September, there is ah Epitome of a new Treatise on Tytfces: an Ac-
count and Examination of an entertaining Work, called, A comparative View
of the State of Men and Brutes; interesting Events relative to Bengal; a new De-
j'ciip'ion of an llland little known; spirited and judicious Remarks on the
City Address j and diner curious political Articles.

In October, Reasons are alledged for respiting Captain Ogilvy, con.
•lemned for murdering his Brother j a new Species of Intelligence Extraordi-
nary, in the Form of Ship-News, is exhibited; the Proceedings of the Ame-
ricans in consequence of the Stamp Act, are regularly related; and an Ac-
count is given of the Dissection of a Mummy 5 a Story prorjosed for a new
Tragedy; Observations on the Unvvholesorslencfs of Hospitals; arid several
Articles of less Importance.

Novfmber. is remarkable for the Letters of the present Dutchess de Bouf-
Jteurs, on her taking the natural Small pox after Inoculation; some original
Letters of the great Henry IV. of trance; strange Instances of the fascinating
Power of Snakes; general Remarks on the Plays of Shakespeare by Mr John-
son; a particular and authentic Narrative of the Murder ot Mr Ogil<vy, front
the Trial of the Criminals; with several medical Cases, new Discoveries, A-
necdotes, and Remarks.

In Decease*, the Right of the Britijh Parliament to tax America is ex-
amined ; an Account is given of the Murder of the Captain, Passengers, and
two thirds of a Ship's Company; the Character of Henry the Vth of Eng-
land, from a new Work; Kemarks on some Passages in the Letters of Henry
the lVth; an Epitome of the last Volume of the Philosophical Transactions, con-
taining many curious Particulars j the Cause of Mortality among Infants,
and the Remedy.

In the Supplement, the Continuation of the Abbe Wincllenarit Disco.
veries in Herculaneum; Dr. CWs remarkable Letter on the Existence of invi-
sible Beings, Foiewarners of future Events; the Proceedings in the late Auto
dt ft in Portugal; Capt. Williams'"* Account of Newfoundland, and the Impor-
tance of its Fishery to Great Britain; the authentic Account of the Introduc-
tion of the Tea-Tree into England, the Honour of having first introduced!
it into Europe having, upon a late Occasion, been claimed by Prance—are Ar-
ticles, among a Variety of others, that do Credit to the Gentleman's Ma-
Gazine.——We have only to acknowledge the Favours of our Correspon-
dents, and request the Continuance of their Contributions.

%• To the Articles above recited, are added, a complete and regular
Series of Foreign and Domestic History; a select Miscellany of Poetry; and
an impartial Epitome of public Controversies, whether literary or political.

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Historical account of the eruptions

of Mount Vesuvius in the year

1760 . J

Specimen of the genius of a celebra-

ted German poetess 4

—Terrible explosions, with their fatal
consebuencei ib

A comparison of Alexander, Hannibal,

Scipio, and Cæsar 5

—Plato'* observation on poetical in-

spiiation verify'd ib

Observations on the new regulations

of the colonies in N. America 6

.—Reasons for peeferring Hannibal ib

General Gage's account of the reduc-

tion of the Indians 7

— Two fold distress brought on Great
Britain ib

Reasons for opposing an extension of

the excise laws 8

Life of Psa/manazar continued 9

—He arrives in England, and is intro-
duced to the Bp of London ib

—Writes the History of Formosa 10

—Is recommended to Oxford by Bishop

Compton, and pursues his studies 11

—Suspected of imposture, and put to
his shifts to live' ib

—Applies himself to learn the Hebrew


—Commences hackney writer 13

—And engages in the Universal His-

tory 14

Improvements in agriculture it

—New way of manuring wheat it

—Recipe for the scab, &fc in sheep ib

—Hints about cutting oats, barley,

fitting hog*, sowing turnips 15

Table ot lands in Maryland ib

Narrative of the robbery of Ld Har-

rington, and the manner of tracing

it 16

—Wesket, the porter suspected, but

cleared for want of proof 17

—A very romantic incident, by which
the whole mystery was discover'd 18

—Other concurrent circumstances sur-
prisingly found out it

—Full confession of accomplices 19

.Letter concerning libels, general war-

rants, &c. it

—Attack upon the constitution ex-

posed 10

—Conduct of parliament thereon it

—Importance of a spirited resolution'


—Reasons for the interposition of par-
liament ai

■-Behaviour of certain persons no-
ticed ib

—Lack of public men lamented 13

—Saying of a late financier it

the Habeas Corpus—the Judges, and

forms of courts 14,

—An inadequate peace no evil, in.

comparison to a breach upon the

constitution . 15

Considerations on the legality of ge-
neral warrants, by way of answer
to the foregoing pamphlet 15

—The rights of juries as the law
now stands it

—The nature of libels, and the legal
way of proceeding upon them iS

Defence of the Bishops against a charge
of Dissenters for not altering the
Liturgy ib

Act for securing the Liturgy, (Sc. 27

Proceedings in France for the improve-
ment of agriculture 18

—An address to the late Madame dt
Pompadour for that purpose ib

History of an uncommon disorder of
the ear, by a French surgeon 191,

—Dreadful situation of the patient 30

—The doctrine of equivocal genera-
tion considered, chiefly with regard
to the production of worms in ani-
mal bodies 3 s

His Majesty's speech on opening the
sessions of parliament 3a

The Lords Address tat

Life of the celebrated Leibnitz 3J

The claims to the reward for disco-

vering the longitude considered 34

—A time piece no general discovery

of longitude ib

An illustrious character vindicated
from some late aspersions 315

Late Lord H—'s speech on the con-

clusion of the peace defended 36

—The author ot the Letter on Libels

charged with misrepresentation of

facts 3;r

Original letter from Prince Charles to

Sir Thomas Fairfax, from the MS ib

Poetry. Isabella; or the Morning,

written by a late Baronet, eminent

in the polite world 38

—Ode for the New Year, by William

Whitehead, Esq 39

—Extracts from the Raet, a poem 40

Memorable Occurrences. Indian disco-
veries— Voltaire's declaration.—Suf-
ferings of a ship's crew—Turkish in -
surrection 41, 411

Historical Chronicle. Threatening let-
ter—Inundations—New regulation*
in France-*-A watch and seals found
in a pike's belly 414

List of deaths—Character of Sir Tbo.

Harrison 46

Catalogue of books; assize of bread;

prices of hay, straw, 6?r. 48

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