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if they grow men, they will have the spirit of revenge in them.

Page. Yes, as your children have that of rebellion. Oh that I could but live to be governor here, to make your fat guts pledge me in that beverage I drunk, you Sir John Falstaff of Amsterdam !

Boy. I have a little brother in England, that I intend to appear to when you have killed me; and if he does not promise me the death of ten Dutchmen in the next war, I'll haunt him instead of

you. Har. What say you, woman ? Have compassion of yourself, and confess; you are of a softer sex.

Wom. But of a courage full as manly; there is no sex in souls; would you have English wives shew less of bravery than their children do ? To lie by an Englishman's side, is enough to give a woman resolution.

Fisc. Here is a hen of the game too, but we shall tame you in the fire.

Wom. My innocence shall there be tried like gold, till it come out the purer. When you have burnt me all into one wound, cram gunpowder into it, and blow me up, I'll not confess one word to shame my country.

Har. I think we have got here the mother of the Maccabees; away with them all three! [Exeunt the English guarded.] I'll take the pains myself to see these tortured. [Exeunt HARMAN, VAN HERRING, and the two Dutchmen with the English: Manet FISCAL.

Enter JULIA to the FISCAL. Jul. Oh you have ruined me! you have undone me, in the person of my husband!

Fisc. If he will needs forfeit his life to the laws, by joining with the English in a plot, it is not in

me to save him ; but, dearest Julia, be satisfied, you shall not want a husband.

Jul. Do you think I'll ever come into a bed with him, who robbed me of my dear sweet man ?

Fisc. Dry up your tears*; I am in earnest; I will marry you; i'faith I will ; it is your destiny .

Jul. Nay, if it be my destiny—but I vow I'll never be yours but upon one condition.

Fisc. Name your desire, and take it.
Jul. Then saye poor Beamont's life.

Fisc. This is the most unkind request you could have made; it shews you love him better: therefore, in prudence, I should haste his death.

Jul. Come, I'll not be denied; you shall give me his life, or I'll not love you ; by this kiss, you shall, child.

Fisc. Pray ask some other thing.

Jul. I have your word for this, and if you break it, how shall I trust you for your marrying me?

Fisc. Well, I will do it to oblige you.—But, to prevent her new designs with him, I'll see him shipped away for England, strait.

[Aside. Jul. I may build upon your promise, then ? Fisc. Most firmly: I hear company. Enter HARMAN, VAN HERRING, and the two

Dutchmen, with TOWERSON, prisoner. Har. Now, Captain Towerson, you have had the privilege to be examined last ; this on the score of my old friendship with you, though you have ill deserved it. But here you stand accused of no less crimes than robbery first, then murder, and last, treason : What can you say to clear yourself?

Tow. You're interested in all, and therefore partial. I have considered on it, and will not plead, Because I know you have no right to judge me; For the last treaty betwixt our king and you

Expressly said, that causes criminal
Were first to be examined, and then judged,
Not here, but by the Council of Defence ;
To whom I make appeal.

Fisc. This court conceives that it has power to judge you, derived from the most high and mighty States, who in this island are supreme, and that as well in criminal as civil causes.

1 Dutch. You are not to question the authority of the court which is to judge you.

Tow. Sir, by your favour, I both must, and will : I'll not so far betray my nation's right; We are not here your subjects, but your partners : And that supremacy of power, you claim, Extends but to the natives, not to us. Dare you, who in the British seas strike sail, Nay more, whose lives and freedom are our alms, Presume to sit and judge your benefactors ? Your basenew upstart commonwealth should blush, To doom the subjects of an English king, The meanest of whose merchants would

disdain The narrow life, and the domestic baseness, Of one of those you call your mighty States.

Fisc. You spend your breath in railing ; speak to the purpose. Har. Hold yet : Because you shall not call us

cruel, Or plead I would be judge in my own cause, I shall accept of that appeal you make, Concerning my son's death ; provided first, You clear yourself from what concerns the public ; For that relating to our general safety, The judgment of it cannot be deferr’d, But with our common danger.

Tow. Let me first Be bold to question you : What circumstance Can make this, your pretended plot, seem likely ?

The natives, first, you tortured ; their confession,
Extorted so, can prove no crime in us.
Consider, next, the strength of this your castle ;
Its garrison above two hundred men,
Besides as many of your city burghers,
All ready on the least alarm, or summons,
To reinforce the others; for ten English,
And merchants they, not soldiers, with the aid
Of ten Japanners, all of them unarm’d,
Except five swords, and not so many muskets,
The attempt had only been for fools or madmen.

Fisc. We cannot help your want of wit; proceed.

Tow. Grant then we had been desperate enough To hazard this ; we must at least forecast, How to secure possession when we had it. We had no ship nor pinnace in the harbour, Nor could have aid from any factory : The nearest to us forty leagues from hence, And they but few in number: You, besides This fort, have yet three castles in this isle, Amply provided for, and eight tall ships Riding at anchor near; consider this, And think what all the world will judge of it.

Har. Nothing but falsehood is to be expected From such a tongue, whose heart is fouled with

treason.Give him the beverage.

Fisc. 'Tis ready, sir.

Har. Hold; I have some reluctance to proceed To that extremity : He was my friend, And I would have him frankly to confess : Push open that prison door, and set before him The image of his pains in other men. The Scene opens, and discovers the English tor

tured, and the Dutch tormenting them. Fisc. Now, sir, how does the object like


Tow. Are you men or devils ! D'Alva, whom

you Condemn for cruelty, did ne'er the like; He knew original villany was in your blood. . Your fathers all were damn'd for their rebellion ; When they rebell'd, they were well used to this. These tortures ne'er were hatch'd in human breasts ; But as your country lies confined on hell, Justonitsmarches, your black neighbours taught ye; And just such pains as you invent on earth, Hell has reserved for you.

Har. Are you yet moved ?

Tow. But not as you would have me. I could weep tears of blood to view this usage ; But you, as if not made of the same mould, See, with dry eyes, the miseries of men, As they were creatures of another kind ; Not Christians, nor allies, nor partners with you, But as if beasts, transfixed on theatres, To make you cruel sport.

Har. These are but vulgar objects; bring his friend, Let him behold his tortures; shut that door.

[The Scene closed. Enter BEAMONT, led with matches tied to his hands. Tow. (Embracing him.] Oh my dear friend, now

I am truly wretched ! Even in that part which is most sensible, My friendship: How have we lived to see the English name The scorn of these, the vilest of mankind ! Beam. Courage, my friend, and rather praise we

heaven, That it has chose two, such as you and me, Who will not shame our country with our pains, But stand, like marble statues, in their fires, Scorch'd and defaced, perhaps, not melted down.

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