American Journal of Pharmacy, Volumen40

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science., 1868

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Página 400 - Act, the date of the sale, the name and address of the purchaser, the name and quantity of the article sold, and the purpose for which it is stated by the purchaser to be required, to which entry the signature of the purchaser and of the person, if any, who introduced him shall be affixed...
Página 400 - England or the sheriff in Scotland, be liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds for the first offence, and to a penalty not exceeding ten pounds for the second or any subsequent offence, and for the purposes of this section the person on whose behalf any sale is made by any apprentice or servant shall be deemed to be the seller...
Página 575 - Recipes in Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists' Nostrums, etc.; Perfumery and Cosmetics ; Beverages, Dietetic Articles and Condiments ; Trade Chemicals, Scientific Processes, and an Appendix of Useful Tables.
Página 132 - The use of hard spring water manifests an influence not only in the quantity but also in the quality of the oil yielded, as compared with that of river water or pure rose water.
Página 165 - And the Lord said unto Moses, " Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum ; these sweet spices with pure frankincense : of each shall there be a like weight : and thou shalt make it a perfume, a confection after the art of the apothecary, tempered together, pure and holy...
Página 398 - From and after the 31st day of December, 1868, it shall be unlawful for any person to sell or keep open shop for retailing, dispensing or compounding poisons, or to assume or use the title 'chemist and druggist...
Página 50 - Cunninghami to gain a height of 200 feet, and a circumference of 23 feet. " It is not at all likely that, in these isolated inquiries, chance has led to the really highest trees, which the most secluded and the least accessible spots may still conceal. It seems, however, almost beyond dispute, that the trees of Australia rival in length, though evidently not in thickness, even the renowned forestgiants of California...
Página 84 - For destroying the fat he follows the alcohol with ether, which he pushes, of course, through the same blood-vessels and excretory ducts ; this part of the operation lasts some hours. The ether penetrates the interstices of the flesh, and dissolves all the fat. The piece, at this point of the process, may be preserved any length of time desired, plunged in ether, before proceeding to the final operations.
Página 400 - Act, to any person unknown to the seller, unless introduced by some person known to the seller ; and on every sale of any such article the seller shall, before delivery, make or cause to be made an entry in a book to be kept for that...

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