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k the available money will pay for, where there is at present a depth of from thirteen (13) to twenty (20) feet at mean low water."

The contract was awarded to E. R. Seward, of Albany, at 114 cents per cubic vard, and the material is to be deposited in the deepest parts of Narragansett Bay, east of Conanicut Island, requiring an average distance of towage of nineteen miles, or at such points on the margins of Providence harbor or river as the riparian owners might agree to, and the local authorities permit. The price at which the cost of the whole scheme was estimated was at the rate of seven yards for a dollar.

l'pon the accompanying sketch of Providence harbor, the approximate boundaries of the proposed channel, 1,060 feet in width, are represented by heavy dotted lines, and upon the section across the bar in Providence harbor is represented by hatched surface a cross-section of the proposed channel, and the amount of dredging needed to obtain it at the shallowest part of the harbor.

A further appropriation of $60,000 has recently been made by the
V. S. Government for the continuation of the above work.
The work, under Gen. Warren's direction, was continued during
season, until it was stopped by cold weather.


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In addition to the deposit of dredged material on the permanent dumping ground designated by the Board, opposite Sand Point, east of Prudence Island, a limited amount of dumping has been allowed,

near the shores of Providence barbor, above Devil's Hand rock, on the east side, and above Sassafras Point, on the west side. Temporary permission was also given for dumping on the easterly side of Seekonk river, near Twin Islands, and above Walker's

under restrictions,



In their second annual report, the Commissioners stated their intention of submitting for approval a plan of harbor lines in Puwtucket, from the falls to Bensley's Point on the one side, and to Bass rock on the other; also a plan of harbor lines on the west side of Seekonk

river, from Bower street to Central or Red bridge.

These plans, accompanied by a communication in regard to them, signed by the Commissioners, March 5, 1878, were forwarded to the Governor and Senate, and on the 8th of April, the several lines were approved.

The plan of harbor lines on both sides of Seekonk river, near India Point, and on the east side of the harbor, from Bold Point to Kettle Point, referred to in the above named report, are before the General Assembly for action. Full descriptions of the lines accompany the plan.

A new harbor line on the west side of Providence river, between Crawford street bridge and Point street bridge, was established by the General Assembly, upon recommendation of the Harbor Commissioners, on the 27th of April. There are considerable encroachments beyond the old harbor line below Point street bridge, which have received the attention of the commission. The encroachments were made before the establishment of this Board, and may have been innocently caused or suffered by the riparian owners.

In some cases, it appears that the wharf walls are still moving out into the harbor, for the want of a stable foundation; and it is our opinion, that some wharves which now encroach were built back of the harbor line.

A plan for a new harbor line on the east side of Providence river, from Crawford street bridge to Fox Point, is now before the General Assembly for action. A full description of the line accompanies the plan, and its location is referred to the stations of the l'. S. Coast Survey, by means of which the position of the line may be found, even if the local landmarks have disappeared. Such reference is now made of all lines established by the Board. The proposed line covers all present encroachments, except on a part of the wharf of the Fall River Iron Works ('ompany.

The Board has under consideration the establishment of a harbor line from Sassafras Point to Field's Point. A long, low sand spit juts into the channel at Field's Point, which is owned by the city of Providence, and has been formally devoted by the City Council to the improvement of the water way, which has, at this place, an available width for navigation of less than seven hundred feet.

A petition, signed by many riparian owners, was presented to the Board in May, praying for the establishment of harbor lines from Field's Point to Pawtuxet beacon, and offering to incur the necessary cost of surveys and plans for this purpose. The Commissioners gave several hearings, and indicated in a general way lines which they would approve. These lines met the approval of the petitioners, so far as they were represented at the hearings, but no provision for the enst of surveys and plans has yet been made by them.


At the hearing held September 25, in regard to the establishment of harbor lines on the east side of Seekonk river and Providence harbor, the importance of cutting off a part of the artificial construction at Burgess Point, and restoring nearly the natural shore line in that vicinity, was urged by the Mayor of Providence. An adjournment of the hearing was made for the purpose of allowing consultation between the representatives of Pawtucket, Providence, East Providence and the railroad interests which would be affected by a change. No progress sufficient to be reported has, at this time, been made; and although the Harbor Commissioners recognize the injury which results from the building out into the river at this point, they deemed it best to report the harbor line as first designed, rather than to allow the evident evil of the old line to continue. We do not see that action on the new line as proposed, will hinder in any way the establishment of the more desirable line restoring, in a measure, the original shore boundary, if that should prove to be practicable.


Reference has already been made, under the head of harbor lines, to the spit of sand projecting toward the channel at Field's Point. The proceedings of the City Council in reference to this matter will be found recorded in Appendix C.


In April, 1877, information was received from the Joint Special Committee on the Brook street district, of the city of Providence,

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