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The pilgrim oft by whispering trees
Hath stretcht his weary limbs at ease

And laid his burden down:
The reaping-man hath dropt his scythe,
Around him gather'd harvests blithe

The field with plenty crown.

The warrior-chief in soft repose
Bethinks him of his vanquish'd foes,

And martial sounds begin
To rattle in his slumbering ear,
The rolling drum, the soldier's cheer,

And dreadful battle-din.

The lover, whom untimely fate
Hath sever'd from a worthy mate,

Expects the destin'd hour,
When she shall come, his bliss to share,
In beauty clad, divinely fair,

With love's immortal dower.

Meanwhile in many a vision kind
He sees her imaged to his mind;

And for her brow he weaves
A mystic bridal coronel,
Such as no poet's tongue can tell,

Nor human heart conceives.

Viator altâ sub plátano jacit
Defessa longis membra laboribus;

Et falce decisas colonus

Lustrat opes cerealis agri.

Dormit quieti margine rivuli,
Et gesta quondam se duce prælia


Bellipotens : oritur repente

apparere somnis

Tumultus hastarum et litui strepor, Et mox phalangum ad bella ruentium

Concursus, et sævi furores,

Et medii fremitus duelli.

Conjux ademptus conjugis a sinu
Expectat horam, quâ sibi, quâ suis

Cum dote coelesti refulgens

Connubiis redeat puella ;

Cernitque jam nunc aurea somnians, Qualemque vates nec cecinit, neque

Humana concepere corda,

Ipse parat capiti coronam.


And now the stranger with a band
Of fond companions hand in hand

Is led into the grove;
And straight for his beloved he looks;
Around the vales, the meads, the brooks,

His eyes impatient rove:

Whom on a bank of mossy green
Reclined he sees, by her is seen,

And in a moment both
Together rush, like sunbeams meet,
And in a perfect union sweet

Renew their early troth :

And all the fond Elysian band
Around the pair in rapture stand,

And songs triumphal chime:
Oh, this is love, and life to live,
Such joy as Hymen cannot give ;

Soul-harmony sublime !

Videsne ? ducunt in nemus advenam Læti sodales : ille per obvia

Vireta lucorumque flexus

Sollicitum jaciens ocellum

Quærit maritam; quam viridi super Ripâ jacentem protinus aspicit

Aspectus, incurritque fidos

Alter in alterius lacertos :

Ceu lympha lymphæ mobilis influit, Et flamma flammam sueta prehendere,

Sic Umbra commiscetur Umbræ

Ut veteres renovent amores.

Ornata vittis agmina Manium
Circumsteterunt; et chorus incipit

Cantare, pæan mille vocum,

Mille simul resonare chordæ :

En vita felix! en amor unicus,
Quem nescit Hymen jungere vinculo ;

Sublimis, incorrupta virtus,

Consocians animos fideles !


Creatures there are of such a piercing sight

That can



the sun to gaze,

While others, whom the mighty sunbeams daze, Come not abroad but in the dim twilight:


Others are found whom yearnings strange incite

To feel the flame that hath such beauteous rays,

Which coming near, they perish in the blaze :
Of the last tribe am I, unhappy wight.
The dazzling beauties of my lovely maid

These weak and tearful




Yet still I gaze upon her ; 'tis my doom :

Nor will I seek to screen me by the shade

Of dusky places, or the twilight hour,

But follow her who doth


heart consume.

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