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may hereafter be undertaken, shall be found to operate (whether by lock and dam or otherwise), as obstructions to the passage of fish, the · Secretary of War may, in his discretion, direct and cause to be constructed practical and sufficient fish-ways, to be paid for out of the general appropriations for the streams on which such fish-ways may be constructed.

SEC. 12. Where it is made manifest to the Secretary of War that the establishment of harbor lines is essential to the preservation and protection of harbors, he may, and is hereby, authorized to cause such lines to be established, beyond which no piers or wharves shall be extended or deposits made except under such regulations as may be prescribed from time to time by him.

SEC. 13. Tnat the Secretary of War is hereby directed, at his discretion, to cause examinations or surveys, or both, to be made, and the cost of improvement to be estimated at the following localities, to wit: In the States of


Ouachita River, Louisiana and Arkansas, from its mouth to head of navigation, to determine the advisability and probable cost of its permanent improvement.


The Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to cause a survey to be made at the earliest practicable time for the location of a channel in and along the Coosa River, in Alabama, from the rapids at Wetumka to connect with the improvements already completed on said river above the Ten Islands, and to direct the engineer making the survey to report as to the most feasible, economical, and suitable plan for making such improvement.

Warrior River from Tuscaloosa to Demopolis, for deepening and widening the channel with a view of the easy transportation of coal.

Sipsey River, from the Tombigbee River at Vienna to Texas, with a view of easy transportation of coal.

Choctawhatchee, for low water navigation.


San Bennaventure Harbor.
Eel River, entrance and inside bars to head of navigation.
Klamath River, entrance and inside bars to head of navigation.
San Simeon Bay.

The Secretary of War is hereby directed to make an examination and report to Congress as to the necessity for the establishment and maintenance of public moorings for the protection of shipping in the open and exposed ports on the Northern coast of California at Fort Ross, Fish's Mill, Fish Rock, Shelter Cove, Trinidad and such other places as may be deemed advisable by him.

Mystic River.
New London Harbor.

Black Rock Harbor, for breakwater to Pentfield Reef and south from Fairweather Island.


Colorado River, between Camp Mojave and El Dorado Canon.

Colorado River, between Camp Mojave and the point where the boundary-line between Nevada and Utah Territory intersects said river.


Nanticoke River, from Seaford to Concord.
Mahon River.
Prime Hook Creek.
Appoquinimink Creek.


Ice harbor at or near Bismarck, on the Upper Missouri River.

Saint Andrew's Bay.
Chipola River, from its mouth to Marianna.
Saint Mark's River and bar at its mouth.
Ocklawaha River from its mouth to Lake Griffin.
Homosassa River and bar at its mouth.

Chipola River from its mouth to Wewahitchka and the “Cut Off," and "Lee's Slough," running from the Apalachicola River to the Chipola River.

Crystal River and bar at its mouth.
Alafia River and bar at its mouth.
Sarasota Bay.
The channel between Tampa Bay and Old Tampa Bay.


Flint River, rock reefs at Albany and above.

Savannah River above Augusta and between Augusta and Andersonville.

Oconee River.
Ocmulgee River. Resurvey.


Grand Calumet River, beginning one-half mile east of Hammond, and thence eastward to Lake Michigan.

For the survey of a canal-way connecting the waters of Lake Michigan with the Calumet River, beginning at a point on the Calumet River one mile east of Hammond, Indiana, and running due north to Berry Lake, and thence along the eastern waters of said Berry Lake; thence northeast to Lake Michigan. The survey to estimate a canal fourteen feet deep and two hundred feet wide.

Berry Lake forming a natural harbor of refuge.

ILLINOIS. Moline City Harbor. Grand Calumet River.. Mississippi River, the main slough at Hamilton, Illinois, to the end of securing a good and sufficient steam-boat landing at that point.


For a survey and examination of the Mississippi River at and near the head of Beaver Island, at Clinton, Iowa, to determine what is necessary to remove the sand-bars there formed and forming, so as to make navigable and protect the entrance to the western channel, and the channel itself that runs between Beaver Island and the Iowa shore.

KENTUCKY. Harbor at Owensboro.

Big Sandy River from Catlettsburgh to Pikeville, on Louisa Fork, and to the mouth of Pond Creek on Tug Fork.


Bayou Teche, from mouth to Saint Martinsville.

Atchafalaya River, from Berwick's Bay to Gulf of Mexico, to secure a channel of twenty feet depth.

Mouth and Passes of Calcasieu River.
Bayou Terrebonne, for continuing dredging three miles above

Harbor of Baton Rouge.
Tangipahoa River.
Bayou Dorcheat, from Lake Bisteneau to the Arkansas line.
Tchefuncta and Bogue Falia.
Bayou Chitta.
Bayou des Glaises, with a view to establishing locks.

Bayou Saint John, from head of navigation to Lake Pontchartrain.

Bayou Lafourche, from Donaldsonville to Gulf.
Amite River.
Bayou Manchac.
Bayou Teche, with a view to putting in locks.
Tickfaw River.

Bayou Terrebonne and Bayou Black, with the view of opening a shorter water-way between Mississippi River and Berwick's Bay, Texas and Mexico.


Eastern Branch of Potomac River.
Wicomico River.
North East River.
Manokin River.
Warwick River.
Wetypkin River.
Chester River, between Crumpton and Jones' Landing.
South East River.
La Trappe River.
Still Pond Harbor
Tuckahoe River.
Sassafras River.
Elk River.

Taunton River.
Cohasset Harbor.

Weymouth River.

Goose Point Channel, Plymouth Harbor, to public wharf at Kingston,

Weir River.
Salem Harbor, including South River.
Beverly Harbor.
Cranes and Waters Rivers of Essex Branch.
Martha's Vineyard, inner and outer harbor at Edgarton.
Stage Harbor at Chatham.
Westport Harbor, and East and West Branch of Westport River.

Malden River, as to straightening, widening, and deepening the channel.


Gulf Port Harbor, with a view to obtaining a twenty foot channel two hundred feet wide to approach the shore as near as practicable.

Leaf River, from its mouth to mouth of Bowie Creek, near the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad.

Chickasahay River, from its mouth to Enterprise.
Bluff Creek, from its mouth to the head of navigation.

Tombigbee, between Vienna and Cotton Gin, with a view of obtaining continuous navigation.

Bogue Phalia, especially the part known as the Narrows, with view to its improvement.

[blocks in formation]

False Presque Isle Harbor, Lake Huron, for a harbor of refuge.

Au Gres River, to deepen channel to village of Au Gres to ten feet in depth.

Black River, Lake Superior, to deepen channel to depth of sixteen feet and constructing a breakwater.

Detroit River, at Gross Point, to dredge channel nowin use to depth of twenty feet.

Petoskey Harbor, for breakwater and harbor of refuge.

Thunder Bay River, Alpena, for sixteen foot channel from mouth to one mile above.

Au Sable River at Au Sable, with view of twelve foot channel and breakwater.

Port Austin, for breakwater.
Lexington, for breakwater.
Forestville, for breakwater.

Black River, at Port Huron, to deepen channel from mouth to Grand Trunk railroad bridge to depth of eighteen feet.

Pine River, at Saint Clair City, to deepen channel from mouth to Belknap's brick-yard to depth of sixteen

feet. Quanicassee River, to deepen channel from mouth to village of Sebewaing to twelve feet.

Port Sanilac, for harbor of refuge.

Saugatuck Harbor, to obtain channel of navigable width, with a minimum depth of fifteen feet and reconstructing piers.

Monroe Harbor, to deepen channel to sixteen feet.

Grand River, from Grand Rapids to Lake Michigan: For channel of navigable width, minimum depth of ten feet.


Algonac on St Clair River, with view of uniting north and south channels between Clark and Harsems Islands.

Monhegan Island Harbor.
Belfast Harbor.
Harbor and channel at Pembroke.
Union River and Union River Bay.
Harrissecket River.
Saint Croix River: Resurvey.
Medomac River.
Pleasant River, from Columbia Falls to its mouth.
Kennebunk River.

Clarksville Harbor.
Saint Louis Harbor.
Grand River.

The Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to cause a survey to be made of the Osage River, Missouri, from its mouth up to the first shoal, and five miles above the same, and to report an estimate, based on such survey, of the cost of constructing one lock and dam within the limits of said survey, and the effect upon the navigation of said river, of constructing said lock and dam.

Missouri River at Miami.


Cocheco River, from Dover to its mouth.

The Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to cause a survey to be made of the Hampton River in New Hampshire, and to direct the engineer making the survey to report as to the most feasible, economical, and suitable plan for improving the same.


Rio Grande River, from Embudo to El Paso, Texas.


Water-way around Niagara Falls, of capacity and facilities float merchant ships and ships of war of modern build, drawing twenty feet of water, said water way to commence in a navigable part of Niagara River, in Niagara County, at or near Tonawanda, and to end in the navigable waters of said river below said falls, or in navigable waters connected therewith. For the purposes hereof the Secretary of War, in his discretion, may take into consideration and revise the surveys and estimates of such a waterway heretofore made by Brevet Colonel C. E. Blunt, of the United States Corps of Engineers, in compliance with a joint resolution of the Congress approved March twenty-second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven.

Plattsburgh: For extension of three hundred feet on north end of the breakwater.

Fort Pond Harbor, Montauk.
East Rockaway Creek, Long Island.
Brown's Creek, Saysville.

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