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cost of transportation; for transportation of the enlisted men of the Signal Corps or civilian employees (including their baggage) when traveling on duty under orders; transportation of material, animals, and funds as per paragraphs seventeen hundred and seventeen and nineteen hundred and fifty-eight, Army Regulations, eighteen hundred and eighty-one; for freights, wharfages, tolls, and ferriages, drayages, and cartages, and for the purchase of special delivery stamps, twenty-two thousand dollars.

For purchase of necessary harness and other articles and expenses of repairs to means of transportation, one hundred and fifty dollars.


For commutation of quarters to not exceeding, after September first, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, three hundred and twenty enlisted men of the Signal Corps on duty at office of the Chief Signal Officer and at signal stations throughout the United States, fifty-six thousand four hundred and eighty-four dollars.


For medical attendance and medicines for officers and enlisted men of the Signal Corps, two thousand seven hundred dollars.


For national cemeteries : For maintaining and improving national cemeteries, including fuel for superintendents of national cemeteries, pay of laborers and other employees, purchase of tools and materials, one hundred thousand dollars.

For superintendents of national cemeteries : For pay of seventyfour superintendents of national cemeteries, sixty thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars.

HEADSTONES FOR GRAVES OF SOLDIERS : For continuing the work of furnishing headstones for unmarked graves of Union soldiers, sailors, and marines in national, post, city, town, and village cemeteries, naval cemeteries at navy-yards and stations of the United States, and other burial places under the acts of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and February third, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, eighty-five thousand dollars.

REPAIRS OF ROADWAYS TO NATIONAL CEMETERIES: For repairing the roadways to national cemeteries which have been constructed by special authority of Congress, sixteen thousand dollars.

NATIONAL CEMETERY NEAR MARIETTA, GEORGIA; That the sum of five thousand dollars, appropriated by the sundry civil appropriation act approved March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-five, for the construction of a roadway to the national cemetery near Marietta, Georgia, is hereby authorized to be expended in the construction of said roadway without the limitation imposed by said act approved March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-five.

NATIONAL CEMETERY, ANTIETAM, MARYLAND: For the construction of a macadam road from Antietam Station to the Antietam, Maryland, National Cemetery, fifteen thousand dollars.

SOLDIERS' MONUMENT AT MOUND CITY, KANSAS: To enable the Secretary of War to collect the bodies of Union soldiers buried in towns adjacent to Mound City, Kansas, and to reinter the same in the military cemetery near Mound City, and to erect therein a suitable monument, two thousand five hundred dollars.

BURIAL OF INDIGENT SOLDIERS: For expenses of burying in the Arlington National Cemetery, or in cemeteries in the District of Columbia indigent Ex-Union soldiers who die in the District of Columbia, one thousand dollars. Said sum to be disbursed by the Secretary of War, at a cost not exceeding fifty dollars for such burial expenses in each case, exclusive of cost of grave.

MONUMENTS OR TABLETS AT GETTYSBURG: That the appropriation of fifteen thousand dollars, made by the act approved March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, for the erection of monuments or memorial tablets for the proper marking of the position of each of the commands of the regular Army engaged at Gettysburg, be, and the same is hereby, made available for the purchase of land upon which to erect the monuments and tablets.

For the completion of the monument at Washington's Headquarters at Newburgh, New York, and of the statues thereon, according to the plans adopted by the joint select committee of the Senate and House of Representatives, under joint resolution of the two Houses, and for gates therein, according to the recommendation of the Secretary of War, contained in Executive Document Numbered Three hundred and thirty-six, Fiftieth Congress, first session, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, thirty-two thousand dollars.


SURVEY OF NORTHERN AND NORTHWESTERN LAKES: For printing and issuing charts for use of navigators, and electrotyping plates for chart-printing, two thousand dollars.

TRANSPORTATION OF REPORTS AND MAPS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES: For the transportation of reports and maps to foreign countries, through the Smithsonian Institution, one hundred dollars.

ARTIFICIAL LIMBS: For furnishing artificial limbs and apparatus, or commutation therefor, and necessary transportation, to be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of War, two hundred thousand dollars.

APPLIANCES FOR DISABLED SOLDIERS: For furnishing surgical appliances to persons disabled in the military or naval service of the United States, and not entitled to artificial limbs, two thousand dollars.

SUPPORT AND MEDICAL TREATMENT OF DESTITUTE PATIENTS: For the support and medical treatment of eighty-five medical and surgical patients who are destitute, in the city of Washington, under a contract to be made with the Providence

Hospital by the SurgeonGeneral of the Army, Seventeen thousand dollars.

GARFIELD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL: For maintenance, to enable it to provide medical and surgical treatment to persons unable to pay therefor, ten thousand dollars.

EXPENSES OF MILITARY CONVICTS: For payment of costs and charges of State penitentiaries for the care, clothing, maintenance, and medical attendance of United States military convicts confined in them, seven thousand five hundred dollars.

PUBLICATION OF THE OFFICIAL RECORDS OF THE WAR OF THE REBELLION, BOTH OF THE UNION AND CONFEDERATE ARMIES, AS FOLLOWS: For continuing the publication of the Official Records of the War of Rebellion, and printing and binding, under direction of th9 Secretary of War, of a compilation of the official records, Union and Confederate, so far as the same may be ready for publication during the fiscal year, to be distributed as required by act of March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-five, thirty-six thousand dollars: Provided, That hereafter, before publication of any volume of said records, the manuscript copy shall be submitted to the Secretary of War, and revised by him, and shall not be published until he shall certify that it only contains the contemporaneous official records of the war of the rebellion, as provided for by the “act making appropriations for the legislative, executive, and judicial expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, and for other purposes," approved July thirty-first, eighteen hundred and eighty-six.

WAGON ROAD IN COLORADO: To enable the Secretary of War to construct a wagon road from the boundary of Pike's Peak Military Reservation to the signal-station on Pike's Peak, in the State of Colorado, ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary.


For the support of the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, as follows:

For subsistence for prisoners, five teamsters and two watchmen: commutation for prisoners en route to insane asylum, twenty-seven thousand one hundred dollars.

For tobacco for prisoners on special or excessive hard labor, five hundred and forty dollars;

For materials for illuminating buildings and grounds, one thousand seven hundred dollars;

For an electric plant, three hundred lights, three thousand five hundred dollars:

For forage and bedding for public animals used exclusively at the prison, and hay for prisoners' bedding, three thousand dollars;

For stationery and blank-books for prison offices, memorandum books, and pencils for the guard, when on duty, postage-stamps, envelopes, and letter paper for issue to prisoners, one thousand dollars.

For fuel for generating steam for running engines and heating buildings, for steam pipe and fixtures, hose, hose-couplings, belting, machinery and castings, horse and mule shoes, harness-leather, horses and mules, wagons and other articles for transportation, stoves and stove-pipe, bricks, cement, fire-clay and fire-bricks, iron, tin, solder, blacksmith's coal, charcoal, glass, putty, nails, shingles, disinfectants, painting materials and paint, brushes, axes, wheel-barrows, and other articles required for proper police of prison buildings and grounds, for tools and miscellaneous articles required in the shops, laundry, stables, and bath-rooms, twenty thousand dollars.

For materials for manufacture of clothing, for hats and clothing, for wear and use of prisoners while in confinement, and on release from confinement, and for prisoners on release from confinement at military posts, for donations of five dollars each to prisoners on release from confinement in the prison and at military posts, for necessary machines and tools required for use in tailor-shops, and for blankets, bed-sacks, and bunks for prisoners' use, twelve thousand four hundred dollars.

For medicines, medical and surgical appliances, dressings, and articles required in the care and treatment of sick prisoners; hospital furniture and supplies; stoves and stove-pipe for the hospital, and for expenses of interment of deceased prisoners, two thousand dollars;

For advertising for proposals for supplies, two hundred dollars;

For expenses for pursuing escaped prisoners, and rewards for their capture, three hundred dollars;

For pay of civilian employees: One clerk, at one hundred and fifty dollars per month; one clerk, at one hundred and sixteen dollars and sixty-seven cents per month; one clerk, at one hundred dollars per month; extra-duty pay for prison-guard; six foremen of mechanics, at one hundred dollars per month each; one teamster, at sixty dollars per month; two night-watchmen and four teamsters, at thirty dollars per month each; and one fireman, at sixty dollars per month for six months, from November to April, both months inclusive, to take charge at night of the furnaces, boilers and steam-heating apparatus; in all, sixteen thousand and sixty dollars.

For repair of officers' and non-commissioned officers' quarters, the hospital, the chapel, the offices, and all prison buildings and shops, including civilian labor thereon which can not be done by prisoners, five thousand dollars; in all, ninety-two thousand eight hundred dollars.

ARTILLERY SCHOOL AT FORTRESS MONROE, VIRGINIA: To provide for means of instruction, such as text-books, instruments, drawing materials, and stationery, required in the course of engineering, artillery, law, and the science and art of war, and for other necessary expenses of the school, five thousand dollars.


For the support of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers as foilows:

AT THE CENTRAL BRANCH, AT DAYTON, OHIO: For current expenses, namely: Pay of officers and non-commissioned officers of the home, with such exceptions as are hereinafter noted, and their clerks and orderlies; also payments for chaplains and religious instruction, printers, book-binders, telegraph and telephone operators, guards, policemen, watchmen, and fire company; for all property and materials purchased for their use, including repairs not done by the home; for necessary expenditures for articles of amusement, boats, library books, magazines, papers, pictures, and musical instruments, librarians and musicians, and for repairs not done by the home; also for stationery, advertising, legal advice, and postage, and for such other expenditures as can not properly be included under other heads of expenditure, fifty-nine thousand two hundred and seventy-six dollars and twenty-five cents.

For subsistence, namely: Pay of commissary-sergeants, commissary clerks, porters, laborers, and orderlies employed in the subsistence department; bakers, cooks, dish-washers, waiters, bread-cutters, and butchers; the cost of all animals, fowls, and fish purchased for provisions; of all articles of food; their freight, preparation, and serving; of tobacco; of all dining-room and kitchen furniture and utensils, baker's and butcher's tools and appliances, and their repair, if not done by the home, three hundred and twenty-eight thousand five hundred dollars.

For clothing, namely: Expenditures, for clothing, underclothing, boots, shoes, socks, and overalls; also all sums expended for labor, materials, machines, tools, and appliances employed in the tailorshop, knitting shop, and shoe shop, or other home shops in which any kind of clothing is made, one hundred thousand dollars.

For household, namely: Expenditures, for furniture for officers' quarters; for bedsteads, bedding, and all other articles required in the quarters of the members, and for their repair, if they are not repaired by the home; for coal and fire-wood; for engineers and firemen, bath-house keepers, hall-cleaners, laundrymen, gas-makers, and privy-watchmen, and for all machines, tools, materials, and appliances purchased for use under this head, and for their repair, unless the repairs are made by the home; also for all labor and material for upholstery shops, broom and soap shops, one hundred and twenty thousand nine hundred and eighty-one dollars and ten cents;

For hospital, namely: Pay of assistant surgeons, matrons, druggists, hospital-stewards, ward-masters, nurses, cooks, waiters, readers, hospital carriage-drivers, hearse-drivers, grave-diggers, funeral escort, and for suchlabor as may be necessary; for surgical instruments and appliances, medical books, medicines, liquors, fruits, and other necessaries for the sick not on the regular ration; for bedsteads, bedding, and materials and all other articles necessary for the wards; kitchen and dining-room furniture and appliances, carriage, hearse, stretchers, coffins, and materials; for tools of grave-diggers, and for all repairs not done by the home, thirty-nine thousand and fifty dollars and sixty-five cents;

For transportation, namely: For transportation of members of the home, four thousand dollars and five cents.

For construction, namely: Pay of chief engineer, builders, blacksmiths, carpenters, cabinet-makers, coopers, painters, gas-fitters, plumbers, tinsmiths, wire-workers, steam-fitters, broom-makers, stone-masons, quarrymen, whitewashers, and laborers, and for alí machines, tools, appliances, and materials used under this head; and for repairs generally for all departments, sixty-five thousand one hundred and thirty-four dollars and eighty-one cents.

For one brick barrack, to replace old frame barrack, fifteen thousand two hundred dollars;

For one gas-holder (capacity, one hundred thousand cubic feet), sixteen thousand and seventy dollars;

For farm namely: Pay of farmer, chief gardener, harness-makers, farm-hands, gardeners, stablemen, teamsters, dairymen, hog-feeders, poulterers, and laborers, and for all machines, tools, appliances, and materials required for such work; for grain, hay, and straw, dressing and seed, carriages, wagons, carts, and other conveyances; for all animals and fowls purchased for stock or for work (including animals in the park); for all materials, tools, and labor for flower-garden, lawn, and park; and for repairs not done by the home, twenty-four thousand five hundred dollars; in all, seven hundred

and seventy-two thousand seven hundred and twelve dollars and eighty-six cents.

AT THE NORTHWESTERN BRANCH, AT MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN: For current expenses, including the same objects specified under this head for the Central Branch, twenty-five thousand dollars;

For subsistence, including the same objects specified under this head for the Central Branch, eighty-seven thousand six hundred dollars;

For clothing, including the same objects specified under this head for the Central Branch, thirty thousand dollars;

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