Transactions of the American Entomological Society, Volumen1


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Página i - In the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the City and County of Philadelphia. March Sessions, 1882. CITY AND COUNTY OF PHILADELPHIA, ss...
Página 14 - Anglln; or, an Attempt to divide into their natural Genera and Families such Species of the Linnean Genus Apis as have been discovered in England: with Descriptions and Observations.
Página xv - II. Every proposition to alter or amend these By-Laws shall be submitted in writing, and may be balloted for at any subsequent session, when upon receiving the votes of...
Página 22 - American entomology, or Descriptions of the insects of North America. Illustrated by coloured figures from original drawings executed from nature.
Página 210 - ... burrows into the ground within a period of eight days. It remains thirteen days in the ground, being most of the time in the pupa state, while the fly lives nine days. The first brood of worms appeared May 21, the second brood June 25.
Página xv - Seven members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. ART. IV. — The order of business at Stated Meetings shall be as follows : — 1. Minutes of last Stated Meeting shall be read. 2. Reports of Officers and Committees. 3. Donations to Cabinet. 4. Donations to Library. 5. Written communications. 6. Verbal communications. 7. Unfinished business. 8. New business. 9.
Página 204 - Almost invariably there is but one gall to the leaf, but on four loaves there were two, and occasionally two are confluent. Surface in some smooth and even, without pubescence; in others a little shriveled, generally studded in the medium-sized ones with four to twelve small, robustly conical nipples, which in the larger ones have burst into a scabrous brown scar. Only in three out of sixty-two was there any rosy cheek, as in s. pomum. The point of attachment is marked on the upper side of the leaf...
Página 3 - British Entomology. Containing a Familiar and Technical Description of the Insects most common to the localities of the British Isles. By MARIA E. CATLOW. With 16 pages of Coloured Plates. Cloth, 5*.
Página ix - All propositions for resident membership must he made at a stated meeting, and be balloted for at the next stated meeting, when the affirmative votes of three fourths of the members present shall be necessary to elect a candidate. ART. II. — All propositions for admission into the Society as corresponding members must be made in writing, by two members, at a stated meeting, and be balloted for at the next stated meeting, when the affirmative votes of three-fourths of the members present shall be...

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