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Warrants for

Sec. 39. That in order to facilitate the execution of the provisions of seizure of invoices, books,

the seventh section of the act entitled “ An act to prevent and punish and papers; who frauds upon the revenue, to provide for the more certain and speedy colmay issue and

lection of claims in favor of the United States, and for other purposes," have seized. 1863, ch. 76, 9 7. approved March three, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, relative to the 1867, ch. 188, § 2. seizure of “invoices, books, and papers," any district judge of the United



hereafter issue his warrant or warrants and direct the same to any collector or collectors of the customs in whose respective districts any

such invoices, books, or papers may be thought to be. Neglect, &c.

Sec. 40. That if any collector of the customs, or other officer or agent, of any officer, &c. to pay over

shall neglect or refuse to comply with the provisions of the first section of money received the act entitled “An act requiring all moneys receivable from customs to be cause of removal and for

and from all other sources to be paid immediately into the treasury, withfeiture of dnes. out abatement or reduction, and for other purposes," approved March 1849, ch. 110, 91. three, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, he shall be subject to be removed

from office, and to forfeit to the United States any share or part of the Moneys re- moneys withheld to which he might otherwise be entitled ; and all moneys ceived for custo- received by collectors for the custody of goods, wares, and merchandise in dy to be accounted for as bonded warehouses, shall be accounted for as storage under the provisions storage. of the fifth section of the act of March third, eighteen hundred and forty1841, ch. 35, $ 5.

Masters of for- Sec. 41. That it shall be the duty of the master of any foreign vessel, eign vessels ar

laden or in ballast, arriving in the waters of the United States from any riving in waters of the United foreign territory adjacent to the northern, northeastern, or northwestern States from for- frontiers of the United States, to report at the office of any collector or cent to northern, deputy collector of the customs, which shall be nearest to the point at &c. frontiers, to which such vessel may enter said waters; and such vessel shall not proreport at office of ceed further inland, either to unlade or take in cargo, without a special nearest collec

permit from such collector or deputy collector, issued under and in accord

ance with such general or special regulations as the Secretary of the Forfeiture. Treasury may in his discretion, from time to time, prescribe. And for

any violation of this section such vessel shall be seized and forfeited. Penalty upon Sec. 42. That if any collector of the customs, supervising or local incollectors or inspectors of spector of steamboats, or other officer, shall neglect or refuse to make any steamboats for of the returns or reports which he is required to make at stated times by not making re

any act of Congress or regulation of the Treasury Department, other than turns, &c. required by law. his accounts, within the time prescribed by such act or regulation, he shall,

upon conviction thereof before the district court of his district, forfeit and pay, for the use of the United States, any sum not less than one hundred

dollars nor more than one thousand dollars. Repeal of cer- Sec. 43. That the act entitled “ An act for the more effectual recovery tain acts, or

of debts due from individuals to the United States," approved March parts of acts. 1795, ch. 48. three, seventeen hundred and ninety-five ; and the act entitled “ An act

to extend for a longer period the several acts now in force for the relief of

insolvent debtors of the United States," approved May twenty-seven, 1840, ch. 26.

eighteen hundred and forty; and the last clause of the tenth section of the act entitled “ An act for enrolling and licensing ships and vessels to

be employed in the coasting trade and fisheries, and for regulating the 1793, ch. 8, $ 10, same," approved February eighteen, seventeen hundred and ninety-three,


being all after the words" complied with”; and the seventh section of the act entitled “ An act making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic expenses of the government for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth day of

June, eighteen hundred and forty-five, and for other purposes," approved 1844, ch. 105, $ 7. June seventeen, eighteen hundred and forty-four; and the one hundred

and third section of the act entitled " An act to regulate the collection of 1799, ch.22,9 103. duties on imports and tonnage,” approved March two, seventeen hundred

and ninety-nine; and the tenth section of the act entitled “ An act

amendatory of certain acts imposing duties upon foreign importations," 1865, ch. 80, 10. approved March three, eighteen hundred and sixty-five; and all other acts and parts of acts conflicting with or supplied by this act, be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

Sec. 44. That the provisions of this act shall not be deemed to affect Pending proany action or proceeding or indictment pending at the time this act shall ceedings not af

fected. take effect, but the same shall be tried, and disposed of, and judgment or decree executed as if this act had not been passed.

No. 516. — JULY 23, 1866.

United States

CHAP. CCVIII. — An Act making Appropriations for the Legislative, Executive, and Stat. at Large,

Judicial Erpenses of the Government for the Year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen Vol. XIV. p. 191. hundred and sixty-seven, and for other Purposes.

Be it enacted, &c. * *** * That in lieu of the clerks heretofore au- Clerks at of thorized, the assistant treasurer of the United States at Boston is hereby treasurer at Bos

fice of assistant authorized to appoint, with the approbation of the Secretary of the Treas- ton, and their

salaries. ury, one chief clerk, at a salary of three thousand dollars per annum; one clerk, at a salary of twenty-five hundred dollars per annum; one clerk, at a salary of two thousand dollars per annum ; two clerks at a salary of eighteen hundred dollars per annum, each; two clerks, at a salary of fifteen hundred dollars per annum, each; six clerks, at a salary of twelve hundred dollars per annum, each; one clerk, at a salary of one thousand dollars per annum; two clerks, at a salary of eight hundred dollars per annum, each ; one porter, at a salary of seven hundred dollars per annum ; and one watchman, at a salary of six hundred dollars per annum.

Sec. 2. That from and after the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred Salary of and sixty-six, the annually salary of the treasurer of the United States treasurer of the shall be six thousand five hundred dollars, the additional salary herein pro- established. vided for, for the year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty- Appropriation. seven, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

Sec. 5. That from and after the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred Office of asand sixty-six, there shall be an officer in the Treasury Department, to be sistant solicitor

of treasury esknown as the assistant solicitor of the treasury, who shall be appointed by tablished. the Secretary of the Treasury, and who shall receive an annual salary of Salary. three thousand dollars. And the Attorney-General of the United States is Law clerk hereby authorized to employ in his office, in addition to the present force, authorized in a clerk to be known as the law clerk, at an annual salary of twenty-five ney-General. hundred dollars. And the amount required to pay the salaries of the offi- Appropriation. cer and clerk herein provided for, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, is hereby appropriated.

Sec. 6. That the female clerks and counters employed in the several Pay of female departments and bureaus, whose appointments are made by the several ters established. heads of departments under the provisions of law, and whose legal compensation has heretofore amounted to seven hundred and twenty dollars each per annum, and the female clerks employed at the Post-Office Department, shall, from and after the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, receive in lieu of all other compensation an annual salary of nine hundred dollars each per annum; and the amount necessary to

Appropriation. pay the increased salaries herein provided for, for the fiscal year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Sec. 7. That the addition of twenty per centum to the compensation

Addition of of the females not otherwise provided for, messengers, watchmen, and to pay of certain

twenty per cent. laborers employed in the several departments, and under the commissioner clerks, messenof public buildings, and the commissioner of agriculture, and at the capi- gers, watchmen tol, by section three of “ An act making appropriations for the legislative, continued. executive, and judicial expenses of the government, for the year ending 1864, ch. 147, 53.

Vol. xiii. p. 160.

June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, and for other purposes," Appropriation. hereby continued in force, and the amount necessary to pay the same for

the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, is

hereby appropriated. Increase of Sec. 9. That the provisions of the act approved April twenty-nine, pay of certain inspectors of

eighteen hundred and sixty-four, “ increasing the compensation of inspeccustoms contin- tors of customs in certain ports,” is hereby continued in force. ued.

No. 517. — JULY 23, 1866.
Stat. at Large,

CHAP. CCXIII. - An Act to regulate the Registering of Vessels.
Vol. XIV. p. 212.
Act 1866, ch. 8.

Be it enacted, &c. That the act approved on the tenth day of FebAnte, p. 467, not ruary, in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six, entitled “ An tolimit act 1862, act to regulate the registering of vessels,” shall not be deemed or conVol. x. p. 149. strued to affect or limit the operation of the act approved on the twenty

third day of December, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, entitled "An act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to issue registers to vessels in certain cases,” but the same shall be in full force and effect, anything in the act first aforesaid to the contrary notwithstanding.

constructed as

No. 518. — JULY 24, 1866. Stat. at Large, CHAP. CCXXX. - An Act to aid in the Construction of Telegraph Lines, and to secure Vol. XIV. p. 221. to the Government the Use of the same for Postal, Military, and other Purposes.

Telegraph Be it enacted, 8c. That any telegraph company now organized, or companies may which may hereafter be organized under the laws of any State in this operate lines of Union, shall have the right to construct, maintain, and operate lines of telegraph over telegraph through and over any portion of the public domain of the United public domain States, over and along any of the military or post roads of the United roads, and across States which have been or may hereafter be declared such by act of Connavigable waters


and over, under, or across the navigable streams or waters of the of the United States. United States : Provided, That such lines of telegraph shall be so con

Lines to be so structed and maintained as not to obstruct the navigation of such streams not to obstruct,

and waters, or interfere with the ordinary travel on such military or post &c.

roads. And any of said companies shall have the right to take and use Materials for from such public lands the necessary stone, timber, and other materials for construction, &c. may be

its posts, piers, stations, and other needful uses in the construction, maintaken from pub- tenance, and operation of said lines of telegraph, and may pre-empt lic lands. and use such portion of the unoccupied public lands subject to pre-emp

Lands may be pre-empted fortion through which its said lines of telegraph may be located as may be stations, not ex- necessary for its stations, not exceeding forty acres for each station ; but ceeding, &c. and not within,

such stations shall not be within fifteen miles of each other. &c.

Sec. 2. That telegrapbic communications between the several departTelegrams for ments of the government of the United States and their officers and agents to have priority shall, in their transmission over the lines of any of said companies, have of transmission. priority over all other business, and shall be sent at rates to be annually Rates to be

fixed by the Postmaster-General. annually fixed.

Rights and SEC. 3. That the rights and privileges hereby granted shall not be privileges not to transferred by any company acting under this act to any other corporabe transferred.

tion, association, or person : Provided, however, That the United States States may pur- may at any time after the expiration of five years from the date of the chase for postal, passage of this act, for postal, military, or other purposes, purchase all the telegraph lines. telegraph lines, property, and effects of any or all of said companies at an

Value, how appraised value, to be ascertained by five competent, disinterested perascertained.

sons, two of whom shall be selected by the Postmaster-General of the United States, two by the company interested, and one by the four so previously selected.

The United

Sec. 4. That before any telegraph company shall exercise any of the Telegraph powers or privileges conferred by this act, such company shall file their companies to file written acceptance with the Postmaster-General of the restrictions and ob- ance of this act,

before exercising ligations required by this act.

granted hereby. No. 519. — JULY 25, 1866.

any powers

CHAP. CCXXXIII. — An Act muking Appropriations for the Consular and Diplomatic Stat. at Large,

Expenses of the Government for the Year ending thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and sixty- Vol. XIV. p. 224. seven, and for other Purposes.

Be it enacted, &c. That the following sums be, and the same are here- Consular and by, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appro

diplomatic expriated, for the objects hereafter expressed, for the fiscal year ending the presiones approprithirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, namely :


Consulates general.


Alexandria, Calcutta, Constantinople, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Havana, Montreal, Shanghai.



[blocks in formation]

Acapulco, Aix-la-Chapelle, Algiers, Amoy, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Aspinwall, Bankok, Basle, Belfast, Beirut, Buenos Ayres, Bordeaux, Bremen, Brindisi

, Boulogne, Barcelona, Cadiz, Callao, Candia, Canton, Chin Kiang, Clifton, Coaticook, Cork, Demarara, Dundee, Elsinore, Erie, Foo-Choo, Funchal, Geneva, Genoa, Gibraltar, Glasgow, Goderich, Guaymas, Halifax, Hamburg, Havre, Honolulu, Hong-Kong, Hankow, Jerusalem, Kanagawa, Kingston, Kingston in Canada, La Rochelle, Laguayra, Lahaina, Leeds, Leghorn, Leipsic, Lisbon, Liverpool, London, Lyons, Malaga, Malta, Manchester, Matanzas, Marseilles, Mauritius, Melbourne, Messina, Moscow, Munich, Nagasaki, Naples, Nassau (West Indies), Newcastle, Nice, Nantes, Odessa, Oporto, Palermo, Panama, Paris, Pernambuco, Pictou, Ponce, Port Mahon, Prescott, Prince Edward Island, Revel, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, San Juan del Sur, San Juan (Port Rico), Saint John (Canada East), Santiago de Cuba, Port Sarnia, Singapore, Smyrna, Spezzia, Southampton, Saint John, (Newfoundland), Saint Petersburg, Saint Pierre (Martinique) Saint Thomas, Stuttgardt, Swartow, Saint Helena, Tampico, Tangier, Toronto, Trieste, Trinidad de Cuba, Tripoli, Tunis, Turk's Island, Valparaiso, Vera Cruz, Vienna, Windsor, Zurich.


Commercial gencies Schedule B.


Balize (Honduras), Madagascar, San Juan del Norte, Saint Domingo.




Schedule C.

Aux Cayes, Bahia, Batavia, Bay of Islands, Cape Haytien, Cape Town, Carthagena, Ceylon, Cobija, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Fayal, Guayaquil, Lanthala, Maranham, Matamoras, Mexico, Montevideo, Omoa, Payta, Para, Paso del Norte, Piræus, Rio Grande, Sabanilla, Saint Catherine, Santa Cruz (West Indies), Santiago, (Cape Verde), Stettin, Tabasco, Tahita, Talcahuano, Tumbez, Venice, Zanzibar.



V. COMMERCIAL AGENCIES. agencies. Schedule C.

SCHEDULE C. Amoor River, Apia, Gaboon, Saint Paul de Loando (Loanda), four of certain hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars : Provided, That the compensaconsuls estab

tion of the consuls at Malta, Saint John (Canada East), Nice, Lisbon, Santa Cruz, Tampico, Prince Edward Island, Barcelona, Saint Catherine's, in Brazil, and Nantes, is established at fifteen hundred dollars

each annually, and the compensation of the consul at Hankow is estabNo money to lished at three thousand dollars annually ; and no money shall be paid be paid to the

to the present minister resident at Portugal out of any funds whatever on present minister resident at Por- account of further services in his office. tugal, &c. Hayti, Liberia,

For salaries of commissioners and consuls-general to Hayti, Liberia, and Dominica.

and Dominica, nineteen thousand dollars ; and the title of these diploTitle. matic representatives shall be hereafter minister resident and consul-gen

eral, with no increase of salary. Fees collected Sec. 3. That all fees collected by any consul or commercial agent not by certain con- mentioned in schedule B or C, or by any vice-consul or commercial agent mercial agents appointed to perform their duties, or by any other person in their behalf, to be accounted shall be accounted for to the Secretary of the Treasury in the same mode for to Secretary and manner as is provided for in section eighteen of the act approved 1856, ch.127,918. August eighteen, eighteen hundred and fifty-six, entitled “ An act to reguYol. xi. p. 58. late the diplomatic and consular system of the United States.” And when

over $2,500 a year

the fees so collected by any such consul or commercial agent amount to above, &c. to be more than twenty-five hundred dollars in any one year, over and above paid to Secre. tary of Treasury.

the expenses of office-rent and clerk-hire, to be approved by the Secretary of State, of which return shall be made to the Secretary of the Treasury, the excess for that year shall be paid to the Secretary of the Treasury, in

the mode provided for by said act. Salaries of en- Sec. 4. That the salary of any envoy extraordinary and minister plendinary and min- ipotentiary hereafter appointed shall be the salary of a minister resident ister plenipoten- and nothing more, except when he is appointed to one of the countries tiary.

where the United States are now represented by an envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary.

persons into

No. 520. — JULY 25, 1866. Stat. at Large, CHAP. CCXXXIV. An Act further to provide for the Safety of the Lives of PassenVol. XIV. p. 227. gers on Board of Vessels propelled in Whole or in Part by Steam, to regulate the Salaries

of Steamboat Inspectors, and for other Purposes. Licensed engi- Be it enacted, &c. That if any engineer or pilot, licensed in pursuance pilots of law by any inspector or board of inspectors, shall, to the hindrance of wrongfully fusing to serve commerce, wrongfully or unreasonably refuse to serve as such on any as such, &c. or steam-vessel, as authorized by the terms of his license, or shall fail to depilots refusing to liver to the applicant for such services, at the time of such refusal, if the

same shall be demanded, a statement in writing, signed by such engineer pilot-house, to

or pilot, of the reasons therefor, or if any pilot shall refuse to admit into Torfeit $ 300.

the pilot-house with him any person or persons whom the captain or owners of any steamboat may desire to place there for the purpose

quiring the knowledge of piloting, he shall forfeit and pay to the party agHow to be re- grieved thereby the sum of three hundred dollars, to be recovered in an covered. action of debt founded on this statute. And thereupon on such recovery,

as well as on such refusal to give such statement in writing, or to admit

such persons into the pilot-house as aforesaid, his license shall be immeLicense to be revoked.

diately revoked, upon the same proceedings as are provided by law in

other cases of the revocation of such licenses. Where there SEC. 2. That when boilers are so arranged on a steamer that there is necting-pipe be- employed a water connecting-pipe through which the water may pass tween boilers, from one boiler to another, there shall also be provided a similar steam

of ac

is a water con

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