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iana, that part of Alabama not included ir Tennessee Conference, and all West Florida.

14. THE SOUTH CAROLINA Conference shall include all South Carolina, Georgia, East Florida, and that part of North Carolina not included in the Virginia and Holstein Conferences.

15. THE VIRGINIA CONFERENCE shall include the circuits situated on the Yadkin river, and that part of North Carolina lying north of Cape Fear river, except the town of Wilmington; and that part of Virginia lying south of Rappahannock and east of the Blue Ridge, except Fredericksburg and Port Royal.

16. THE BALTIMORE CONFERENCE shall include the remaining part of Virginia not included in the Virginia, Holstein, Ohio, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia conferences; the western shore of M land, and that part of Pennsylvania lying east of the Alleghany mountains and west of Susquehannah river, including Northumberland district.

17. THE PHILADELPHIA CONFERENCE shall include the whole of the peninsula between the Chesapeake and Delaware bays, and all that part of Pennsylvania lying between the Susquehannah and Delaware rivers, except so much as is included in the Baltimore and Genesee conferences; and all the state of New Jersey, Staten Island, and so much of

the state of New-York as now is or at any time may be included in the Bergen and Hamburg circuits.

Provided, that the bishops or bishop attending the following conferences, with the advice and consent of the said conferences respectively, be and hereby are authorized to form new conferences as follows, viz.

From the South Carolina conference, of any section of country included in said conference from the Mississippi conference, of any section of country included in said conference: or, on the joint recommendation of the South Carolina and Mississippi conferences, to form one new conference, from any section of country within the bounds of the said conferences: also, at the joint request of the New-York and New-England conferences, to form a new conference within the bounds of said conferences: and, with the advice and consent of the Genesee conference, to form a new conference in any section of country now within the bounds of said conference.

Quest. 2. How are the districts to be formed?

Answ. According to the judgment of the bishops.

In case there be no bishops to travel through the districts and exercise the episcopal office,

on account of death or otherwise, the districts shall be regulated in every respect by the annual conferences and the presiding elders, in the interval of general conference, ordination only excepted.

Each annual conference shall pay its proportionate part towards the allowance of each one of the bishops.


Of building churches and the order to be observed therein.

Quest. 1. Is any thing advisable in regard to building?

Answ. Let all our churches be built plain and decent, and with free seats; but not more expensive than is absolutely unavoidable; otherwise the necessity of raising money will make rich men necessary to us. But if so, we must be dependant on them, yea, and governed by them. And then farewell to Methodist discipline, if not doctrine too.

2. In order more effectually to prevent our people from contracting debts which they are not able to discharge, it shall be the duty of the quarterly conference, of every circuit and station, where it is contemplated to build a house or houses of worship, to secure the

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ground or lot on which such house or houses are to be built, according to our deed of settlement, which deed must be legally executed; and also said quarterly conference shall appoint a judicious committee of at least three members of our church, who shall form an estimate of the amount necessary to build; and three fourths of the money, according to such estimate, shall be secured or subscribed, before any such building shall be commenced.

3. In future, we will admit no charter, deed, or conveyance, for any house of worship to be used by us, unless it be provided in such charter, deed, or conveyance, that the trustees of said house shall at all times permit such ministers and preachers belonging to the Methodist Episcopal Church, as shall from time to time be duly authorized by the general conference of the ministers of our church, or by the annual conferences, to preach and expound God's holy word, and to execute the discipline of the church, and to administer the sacraments therein, according to the true meaning and purport of our deed of settle


4. As it is contrary to our economy to build houses with pews to sell or rent, it shall be the duty of the several annual conferences, to use their influence to prevent houses from being so built in future; and as

far as possible to make those houses free which have already been built with pews.

5. No person shall be eligible as a trustee to any of our houses, churches, or schools, who is not a regular member of our church.

6. No person who is a trustee shall be ejected while he is in joint security for money, unless such relief be given him as is demanded, or the creditor will accept.

Quest. 2. Is there any exception to the rule, "Let the men and women sit apart?" Answ. There is no exception.-Let them sit apart in all our churches.

Quest. 3. Is there not a great indecency sometimes practised among us, viz. talking in the congregation before and after service? How shall this be cured?

Answ. Let all the ministers and preachers join as one man, and enlarge on the impropriety of talking before or after service; and strongly exhort those that are concerned, to do it no more. In three months, if we are in earnest, this vile practice will be banished out of every Methodist congregation. Let none stop till he has carried his point.

Quest. 4. What shall be done for the security of our preaching houses, and the premises belonging thereto?

Answ. Let the following plan of a deed of settlement, be brought into effect in all pos

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