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have hereto set their hands and seals, the day and year aforesaid. Sealed and delivered in the presence of us (Two witnesses.)

Grantor's (L. S.)
his wife's (L. S.)

Received the day of the date of the above written indenture, the consideration therein mentioned in full. Witness.]

Grantor's (L. S.)

County, ss.

BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the day of

in the year of our Lord one thousand personally appeared before me, one of the justices of the peace, in and for the county of state of



the within named grantor (if married insert the name of his wife) and acknowledged the within deed of trust to be their act and deed, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned and declared; and she the said wife of the said being separate and apart from her said husband, by me examined, declared that she had made the same acknowledgment, freely and with her own consent, without being induced

thereto through fear or threats of her said husband. In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal, the day and year first above written. Here the justice's name.

(L. S.) N. B. Let nine trustees be appointed for preaching houses, where proper persons can be procured; otherwise seven or five

The board of trustees of every circuit or station shall be responsible to the quarterly meeting conference of said circuit or station, and shall be required to present a report of its acts during the preceding year: Provided that in all cases, when a new board of trustees is to be created, it shall be done (except in those states and territories where the statutes provide differently by the appoint-ment of the preacher in charge, or the presiding elder of the district.


Of the Qualifications, Appointment, and Duty of the Stewards of Circuits.

Quest. 1. What are the qualifications necessary for stewards?

Answ. Let them be men of solid piety, who both know and love the Methodist doctrine and discipline, and of good natural and

acquired abilities to transact the temporal business.

Quest. 2. How are the Stewards to be appointed?

Answ. The preacher having the charge of the circuit, shall have the right of nomination; but the quarterly meeting conference shall confirm or reject such nomination.

Quest. 3. What are the duties of Stewards? Answ. To take an exact account of all the money, or other provision collected for the support of preachers in the circuit; to make an accurate return of every expenditure of money, whether to the preachers, the sick, or the poor; to seek the needy and distressed, in order to relieve and comfort them; to inform the preachers of any sick or disorderly persons; to tell the preachers what they think wrong in them; to attend the quarterly meetings of their circuit; to give advice, if asked, in planning the circuit; to attend committees for the application of money to churches; to give counsel in matters of arbitration; provide elements for the Lord's Supper; to write circular letters to the societies in the circuit to be more liberal if need be; as also to let them know, when occasion requires, the state of the temporal concerns at the last quarterly meeting, to register the marriages and baptisms, and to be subject to

the bishops, the presiding elder of their district, and the elder, deacon, and travelling preachers of their circuit.

Quest. 4. To whom are the Stewards accountable for the faithful performance of their duties?

Answ. To the quarterly meeting conference of the circuit or station, which shall have power to dismiss or change them at pleasure.

Quest. 5. What number of Stewards are necessary in each circuit?

Answ. Not less than three, or more than seven, one of whom shall be the recording Steward.


Of the allowance to the Ministers and Preachers and to their Wives, Widows, and Children.

1. The annual allowance of the travelling preachers shall be one hundred dollars, and their travelling expenses.

2. The annual allowance of the wives of travelling preachers shall be one hundred dollars; but this provision shall not apply to the wives of those preachers who were single when they were received on trial, and marry under four years, until the expiration of said four years.

3. Each child of a travelling preacher shall be allowed sixteen dollars annually, to the age of seven years, and twenty-four dollars annually from the age of seven to fourteen years; and those preachers whose wives are dead, shall be allowed for each child annually a sum sufficient to pay the board of such child or children, during the above term of years: Nevertheless, this rule shall not apply to the children of preachers whose families are provided for by other means, in their circuits respectively.

4. The allowance of superannuated, worn out, and supernumerary preachers, shall be one hundred dollars annually.

5. The annual allowance of the wives of superannuated, worn out, and supernumerary preachers, shall be one hundred dollars.

6. The annual allowance of the widows of travelling, superannuated, worn out, and supernumerary preachers, shall be one hundred dollars.

7. The orphans of travelling, supernumerary, superannuated, and worn out preachers, shall be allowed by the annual conferences, the same sums respectively which are allowed to the children of living preachers. And on the death of a preacher leaving a child or children without so much of worldly goods as should be necessary to his, her, or their sup

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