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port, the annual conference of which he was a member, shall raise, in such manner as may be deemed best, a yearly sum for the subsistence and education of such orphan child or children, until he, she, or they, shall have arrived at fourteen years of age. The amount of which yearly sum shall be fixed by a committee of the conference at each session in advance.

8. Local preachers have an allowance in certain cases, as mentioned section 8, p. 188.


Of raising Annual Supplies for the propagation of the gospel, making up the allowance of the preachers, &c.

1. Every preacher who has the charge of a circuit, shall earnestly recommend to every class or society in his circuit, to raise a quarterly or annual collection by voluntary contribution, or in such other way or manner as they may judge most expedient from time to time; and the moneys so collected shall be lodged with the steward or stewards of the circuit, to be brought or sent to the annual conferences, with a regular account of the sums raised for this purpose, in the classes or societies respectively.

2. Wherever there remains in the hands

of the stewards a surplus of the moneys raised for the use of the circuit preachers, after paying the allowances of the preachers in the circuit, let such surplus be brought or sent to the annual conference.

3. Every preacher who has the charge of a circuit, shall make a yearly collection, and if expedient, a quarterly one, in every congregation, where there is a probability that the people will be willing to contribute; and the money so collected shall be lodged in the hands of the steward or stewards, and brought or sent to the ensuing annual conference. To this end, he may read and enlarge upon the following hints:

"How shall we send labourers into those parts where they are most of all wanted? Many are willing to hear, but not to bear the expense. Nor can it as yet be expected of them. Stay till the word of God has touched their hearts, and then they will gladly provide for them that preach it. Does it not lie upon us, in the mean time, to supply their lack of service? To raise money, out of which, from time to time, that expense may be defrayed? By this means those who willingly offer themselves, may travel through every part, whether there be societies or not, and stay wherever there is a call, without being burdensome to any. Thus may the gospel, in the life and

power thereof, be spread from sea to sea. Which of you will not rejoice to throw in your mite to promote this glorious work?

"Besides this, in carrying on so large a work through the continent, there are calls for money in various ways, and we must frequently be at a considerable expense, or the work must be at a full stop. Many too are the occasional distresses of our preachers, or their families, which require an immediate supply, otherwise their hands would hang down, if they were not constrained to depart from the work.

"The money contributed will be brought to the ensuing conference.

"Men and brethren, help! Was there ever a call like this since you first heard the gospel sound? Help to relieve your companions in the kingdom of Jesus, who are pressed above measure. Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. Help to send forth able and willing labourers into your Lord's harvest :-so shall ye be assistants in saving souls from death, and hiding a multitude of sins. Help to propagate the gospel of your salvation to the remotest corners of the earth, till the knowledge of our Lord shall cover the land, as the waters cover the sea. So shall it appear to ourselves and all men, that we are indeed one body, united

by one spirit; so shall the baptized heathens be yet again constrained to say, 'See how these Christians love one another !'"

4. A public collection shall be made at every annual and every general conference, for the above purposes.

5. Let the annual produce of the charter fund, as divided among the several conferences, be applied with the above contributions: but so as not to militate against the rules of the charter fund; and also the annual dividend arising from the profits of the book concern. Out of the moneys so collected, and brought to the respective annual conferences, let the various allowances agreed upon in the fourth section be made up; but in no case shall an allowance be made to any travelling preacher, who has travelled in any circuit where he might, in the judgment of the annual conference, have obtained his full quarterage, if he had applied for it: and if at any conference there remain a surplus after making up all such allowances, the conference shall send such surplus forward to that conference they judge to be the most necessitous.

6. Every annual conference has full liberty to adopt and recommend such plans and rules, as to them may appear necessary, the more effectually to raise supplies for the re

spective allowances. Each annual conference is authorized to raise a fund, if they judge it proper, subject to its own control, and under such regulations as their wisdom may direct, for the relief of the distressed, travelling, superannuated, and supernumerary preachers, their wives, widows, and children, as also for missionary purposes.

7. If the respective allowances are not raised as provided for, the church shall not be accountable for the deficiency, as in a case of debt.

8. To defray the expenses of the delegates composing the general conference, a collection shall be taken up in each circuit and station some time previously to the sitting of the conference, and the sums so collected shall be brought up to the general conference, and applied to the object herein contemplated in proportion to the expenses of the several delegates.

Quest. What advice or direction shall be given, concerning the building or renting of dwelling houses, for the use of the married travelling preachers?

Answ. It is recommended by the general conference, to the travelling preachers, to advise our friends in general to purchase a lot of ground in each circuit, and to build a preacher's house thereon, and to furnish it

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