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money belonging to the book concern, the book committee, or presiding elders, or preachers, shall pay the missionary drafts from the book money which may be in their possession; which drafts, when paid, shall be transmitted to the treasurer at New-York; and in no case, where any such moneys are at command, shall the drafts be sent to the treasurer in New-York to be paid.


Of the Chartered Fund.

Quest. What farther provision shall be made for the distressed travelling preachers, for the families of travelling preachers, and for the superannuated, and worn out preachers, and the widows and orphans of preachers?

Answ. There shall be a chartered fund, to be supported by the voluntary contributions of our friends the principal stock of which shall be funded under the direction of trustees, chosen by the general conference, and the interest applied under the direction of the general conference, according to the following regulations, viz.

1. The elders and those who have the oversight of circuits, shall be collectors and receivers of subscriptions, &c, for this fund.


2. The money shall, if possible, be conveyed by bills of exchange, or otherwise, through the means of the post, to the general book steward, who shall pay it to the trustees of the fund otherwise it shall be brought to the ensuing annual conference.

3. The interest shall be divided into seventeen parts, and each of the annual conferences shall have authority to draw one seventeenth part out of the fund; and if in one or more conferences, a part less than one seventeenth be drawn out of the fund in any given year, then in such case or cases, the other annual conferences, held in the same year, shall have authority, if they judge it necessary, to draw out of the fund, such surplus of the interest which has not been applied by the former conferences and the bishops shall bring the necessary information of the state of the interest of the fund, respecting the year in question, from conference to conference.

4. All drafts on the charter fund shall be made on the president of the said fund, by order of the annual conference, signed by the president, and countersigned by the secretary of the said conference.

5. The money subscribed for the chartered fund, may be lodged on proper securities, in the states respectively in which it has been subscribed, under the direction of deputies

living in such states respectively: Provided, such securities and such deputies be proposed, as shall be approved of by the trustees in Philadelphia; and the stock in which it is proposed to lodge the money, be sufficiently productive to give satisfaction to the trustees.


Of the Printing and Circulating of Books, and of the Profits arising therefrom.

1. The book business shall be carried on in the city of New-York.

There shall be one editor and general book steward, and an assistant to act under his direction, both of whom shall be chosen from among the travelling preachers, and by virtue of their appointment shall be members of the New-York annual conference, to whom in the interval of the general conference they shall be responsible for their conduct in the book business. And the New-York conference, in the interval of the general conference, shall have power, if they deem it necessary, by and with the advice and consent of the bishops and book committee, to remove either of them; and in case of removal, death, or resignation, to appoint a successor to act until the next ensuing general conference.

The editor and general book-steward shall

have authority to regulate the publications, and all other parts of the business as the state of the finances will admit, and the demands may require.

It shall be his duty to inform the annual conferences, if any of the preachers or private members of the society neglect to make payment. And also, to send a copy of the annual exhibit to each of the several annual conferences, so as that such exhibit, may be laid before said conferences if possible at their sessions next succeeding the making thereof.

He shall publish such books and tracts as are recommended by the general conference, and such as may be approved and recommended by an annual conference; and he may reprint any book or tract which has once been approved and published by us, when in his judgment, and in the judgment of the book committee, the same ought to be reprinted: or he may publish any new work not before published by us, which shall be approved and recommended by the said committee; and in case of the death or resignation of the editor and general book-steward, or of the editor of the Christian Advocate and Journal, the assistant shall carry on the concern till the sitting of the next ensuing annual confer ence. No general book-steward or editor in

the book concern shall serve in that department for more than eight years successively. 2. There shall be also an editor of the Christian Advocate and Journal (elected in the same way and for the same time as the editor and general book-steward,) who shall have power if need be, with the advice and consent of the book committee and book agents at New-York, to employ an assistant. He shall have charge of the clerks in that department, and of all business connected with it, and shall be responsible for its due and efficient management. He shall also edit and publish the Child's Magazine, Sunday school books and tracts; and be ex-officio a member of the New-York book committee.

3. The book committee shall consist of five members, four of whom shall be chosen by the New-York annual conference, the fifth to be the editor of the Christian Advo vocate and Journal.

4. There shall be a book agent, who shall reside in Cincinnati, and manage the concern in the Western Country, under the direction of the editor at New-York: and who, by virtue of his appointment, shall be a member of the Ohio annual conference, under the same regulations by which the agents at New-York are members of the New-York annual conference. And the Ohio confer

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