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a shipbuilder. Delving and blasting are a part of a man's religious life, if be is a quarry-man. For your religious life includes everything that is in you, from top to bottom. All the circuits of a man's life, if carried on with an eye to God's glory and under the influence of the Divine Spirit, go to make 3 whole, which whole constitutes his religious life.

Suppose a man should call music only that which is above middle C. It is all music from the top to the bottom of the scale. The bass, the tenor, tee alto, and the soprano---it takes all these parts put together to make the whole which we call music. And so it is in religious life.

People say, “I wish I could carry the spirit of the Sabbath into all the pak." There is a sense in which this is proper, and there is a sense in which it is impossible. I may carry the spirit of my family all day when I am travelling, but it must be in a general sense that I do it. I can have ortasional thoughts for them, and act in reference to their benefit; but I cinnot feel, when sitting on my saddle and riding through a prairie, as though I were at home sitting in a chair, with my feet on the fender, and with my children gambolling about me. You cannot carry the spirit of your family into the store, where you are busy with customers. And so it is impossible for you to carry the Sabbath into the week, unless you can stop the sounds of the week, and surround yourself with the sounds of the Sab. bath bell, and have all your thoughts and feelings like those which the Sabbath and its influences inspire. But the spirit of the Sabbath, in the sense of love to God, and love to man, and fidelity to all obligations, you (in carry with you everywhere you go. And, if you have the spirit of reliQiod, you will carry it everywhere, and at all times; and it will be, now Protire, now practical, now intellectual, now affectional, and now sentiDental. It will not manifest itself in the same way at all times. But whether it is emotive, practical, intellectual, affectional, or sentimental, it #1l be under the divine influence, it will tend towards the glory of God, 2011 you will be living to Christ, and will be His ; and so you will fulfil tus command, “ Whether ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”



THESE words, as applied to our , many hearts" are “ revealed.” Tho Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, are stone which the builders rejected is aken in two senses. First, some become the head of the corner. Whopuder them thus-"a touchstone" soever shall fall upon that “stono that is, a stone which is to be the test shall be broken, but on whomsoover it of standard of others. We know from shall fall it will grind him to powder.”' Scripture and Christian experience | The second way of taking the words, that Christ tries men's dispositions and “a tried stone,” is the ordinary ono Characters; by Him “the thoughts of that Christ has been tried and found all-sufficient. This appears to us the | doubt. It was foretold of Christ that most natural as well as the most gene He should be “a tried stone.” Lookrally received interpretation. In every ing back on the record of Scripture one of the many passages in Scripture respecting Him, and summoning all where Christ is represented by the the experience of individual Chrisfigure of a “foundation or corner tians and the Church to bear witness, stone,” His reliability as the sinner's we learn that He has been tried to the hope and the Church's resting-place is fullest extent, in every conceivable fully set forth. He is “a sure founda way, and yet has always proved "& tion." He is the “chief corner-stone.” sure foundation.” In order to show He that believeth on Ilim shall not this we point out those by whom Christ make haste or be ashamed. This is the has been tried. The value of the regreat fact stated in the words “a tried sults of any trial depends upon the stone." There was needs be for qualifications for their work of the Christ as the foundation of our faith triers. If we took upon ourselves to being tried. That which is built on select the materials with which we Him isof such infinite worth. Believers would erect a house, we should most rest their all on this “sure founda probably make a great mistake, for the tion.” Here is our present salvation; | simple reason that we know very little here is our security; here is our peace; of the comparative qualities of the difand our hope for eternity is built solely ferent kinds of stone and timber. But on Jesus. We cannot afford to leave if an experienced and trustworthy in uncertainty interests so vast. The | architect were to decide upon the consequences are so momentous that foundation the decision would be the we ought to be assured that the foun right one. If, further, the avowed dation is " a tried stone." If we were and unscrupulous enemy of this putting a small sum only of our | builder were to inspect and try to his property into some commercial specu utmost the foundation-stone without lation, we should not make those in | finding any defect in it; if, when the quiries and exercise the great caution building is being put up wicked men which would become usif we were about use every means to cast suspicion on to invest our all. If we were about to | the foundation-stone, but all in vain ; cross the Atlantic, we should ascertain | if that stone has sustained the whole that the ship and captain were de | building for many ages through all serving of having our lives entrusted | kinds of trial, and no flaw or crack of to their keeping. It would be worse | any kind has been discovered in it, than folly to commit ourselves, in such | then we should say that it is “a tried circumstances, to unapproved guardian | stone” and “a sure foundation.” ship. Yet what are these interests I I. By whom has Christ been tried? compared with those which the sinner 1. Jesus Christ as foundation has is called upon to entrust to Christ? If | been tried by God the Father. He anit is important for us to know in the nounced by the prophet hundreds of ordinary concerns of life in whom we years previous to Christ's incarnatija confide, it is infinitely more important that he would prove “a tried stone." for us to be able to say with regard to He knew before time itself began that our souls, “ I know whom I have be His well-beloved Son would prove alllieved, and am persuaded that He is sufficient for the great work of salvaable to keep that which I have com tion. He foresaw all that Christ as mitted unto Him against that day.” the foundation would have to sustain, Now we see Divine love and wisdom | how he would have to vindicate the in this, that the foundation which Divine character and purposes; how God has laid in Zion is “a tried He would have to show forth the glory stone.” The nature and sufficiency | of the Father in the midst of a dark, of it ar? placed beyond the reach of a ! alienated, and guilty world; how it

would depend the reconciliation of | Redeemer during the forty days. countless myriads of immortal souls; “ When every form of temptation was how eternal life in all its fulness was | ended the battled tempter departs, but, to be brought to light by Him. We as Luke reminds us, only for a season." can never realise what is included in Again and again he returned during even this imperfect enumeration of the course of our Lord's ministry, and what depends on Christ; but the yet the testimony of Christ himself at Father, from whom salvation proceeds, the close was that the Prince of this had perfect knowledge of all; and yet, World had nothing in Him. In these in full view of these infinite issues, He facts we have another marvellous illuschose his well-beloved Son because He tration of how “ He humbled Himwas "a tried stone.” God can truly | self," and was “a tried stone." say, I have laid help on one that is 3. Jesus was tried by wicked men. If nighty,"

after the great temptation in the 2. Jesus as the foundation laid in wilderness the Devil left our Lord for Zon has been tried by Satan. This a season, the Devil's agents never dearch enemy of God tried the first sisted from suspecting, contradicting, Adam, from whom the human family blaspheming, and openly persecuting was to spring. He fell, and in him all Him. They watched Him, sought to thankind fell. Satan has tried Jesus entrap Him, put the basest constructhe second Adam, and for the first time tion on every word and act. They he was completely defeated in his evil accused Him of being in league with efforts. He found nothing in Christ.” Beelzebub, whom they themselves so The assault made by Satan against our faithfully served. They allowed no Lord was the most cunningly devised, place for one generous thought respectthe most skilfully directed, the most ing Him. They insinuated their vile determinedly persevered in every dart opinions where they dared not openly and arrow in the quiver of the Evil prefér a charge. And they felt themOne was placed by his own well selves safe from personal danger; trained hand on the bow-his utmost they gave full expression to the strength was put forth, and the truest inspiration of hell, of which they were aim was taken in seeking to destroy such meet receptacles and faithful Jesus; but all this combination of mouthpieces. If we wish to see how effort was in vain. All the fiery darts ! vile and degraded human beings can of the grand adversary have been become-how utterly and fiercely ophurled with all his force against this posed to God-We should not go to the rock of offence to him and his-and depths of heathendom, but turn rather still it stands uninjured -- “ Jesus to view the doings and character of Christ the same yesterday, to-day, and those who hated and crucified the Lord for ever.” More malice, more skill, of life and glory. Their fathers were more force, more determination, it the chosen people; to them had been would be impossible to bring to bear committed the oracles of God; they against Christ than those which the had been privileged and exalted beyond devil attacked him with. There was all men beside; and yet more perno device untried, no point unassailed; sistent malignity it would have been by means of bodily senses appealing to impossible for any people to evince His hunger; by means of ambition, if against Him who was “the brightness such there had been in Jesus, in shew of the Father's glory, and the express ing Him all the kingdoms of the world, image of His person.” Notwithstandand promising them and their glory to ing all this, so perfect was the holiness Him; by seeking to excite our Lord | of Christ, so full of Divine wisdom and in an act of presumption, and by a love all that He said and did, that some thousand other unrecorded entice who were interested in condemning ments to commit sin, did Satan try our | Him were constrained to praise. The furnace was heated for Jesus by His | righteousness which, scrutinised by the persecutors a thousand times hotter keen and unpitying eye of the law, than it was wont, yet there passed over has no spot or flaw. After the most Him not even the slightest breath of searching proof of the Divine law, its the burning malice of infuriated men. decision is, that He is “a tried stone."

4. Jesus was tried by the require "a sure foundation. ments of the holy law of God. He was 5. Jesus was tried by Divine justice, tested by it to the fullest extent--there “He was wounded for our transgreswas no reserve or qualification of its sions, He was bruised for our iniquities, demands. To the utmost of what the the chastisement of our peace was upon law exacted did our Lord come up Him, and with His stripes we are He magnified “the law, and made it healed.” “Christ hath redeemed us honourable.” He honoured its demands from the curse of the law, being made -in His life he showed its beauty. In a curse for us.” “Awake, O sword, Ilim it is divested of that vigorous | against my shepherd, and against the condemning character which it wears man that is my fellow, saith the Lord in our sight. As embodied by Him it of hosts.” Divine justice tested or is full of glory and beauty. He de Lord and Saviour. He paid the perilighted to do God's will, yea, His law | alty due on account of our sins. On was written on His heart. It was His Calvary He expiated our guilt-He own joyous and perfect obedience to fully paid the ransom, in the shedding the law which enabled him to say, of His own precious blood. However “Think not that I am come to destroy numerous the sins-however aggrathe law or the prophets. I am not vated the guilt--of those who beliere in come to destroy, but to fulfil. For Christ, His blood cleanseth from all verily I say unto you, till heaven and sin. “All the inner horror of sin is earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in revealed to Him. Sin in its nakedno wise pass from the law, till all be ness is more horrible than death. And fulfilled.” And more still may be said He sees it as it is; the blasphemous on this point, for Jesus was tried by self-worship that it is, the revolt the law in the most trying circum against God, the violation of order, the stances which it was possible for Him death in life. And all this sin is His. to choose. Men tell us that extreme though He is sinless of it; for He has poverty is utterly alien and opposed to thrown in His lot with men, and has holiness. If it be so, how marvellous proposed to Himself the task of breakthe spotless holiness of Him who had ing down this foul and destroying “not where to lay His head.” It is tyranny. The mystery of that agency well known that we catch something lies in the completeness of His huof the moral tone of the society and manity. He is no bystander, watching time in which we live. How infinitely how men sin. He is one of thembright then the glory of Christ, who selves, but with the power of God lived at a time when all around Him over them, to make their interests his had filled the measure of their iniquity! own. God hath made Him to be sin Nor did He meet with any of that over us who knew no sin, that we spiritual sympathy which is so blessed might be made the righteousness of a means of grace for us, imparting as God in Him.”* Thus He fully met the it does courage and strength in striving trial which Divine justice demanded, to do God's will. He was alone-of thus purchased eternal redemption for the people there were none with Him; us. and yet in the midst of everything 6. Jesus has been tried by penitent which we deem inimical to holy sinners who have brought their guilt to obedience, Christ wrought out a | Him. Who can conceive the full

* The Archbishop of York in “Aids to Faith,”

nicht of only one sinner's guilt ? | hushes the tumult. He opens the Set Jesus has taken away the crush- dark cloud, and shows the bright Le load of sin and misery from "a light. If there had been any limit to cultitude which no man can num His resources, it would have been wr." He has borne burdens of every reached long ago, so numerous and missible degree, and of all imaginable vast have been the demands made Tariety. Sinners of every diversity of upon Jesus by those He deigns to call

caracter, of the most varied expe His friends. Here again Jesus is “a celice in iniquity, and possessed of tried stone."

ay kind of mental characteristic, By way of applying this, I have built upon this “tried stone,” would and have ever found it “a sure 1. Address the believer, and call upon trubation." Not one has ever in the him to exercise a more joyous and ensvindest degree been disappointed. | tire trust in Christ. You are “tried ” is have found that Jesus is "able to in Christ as He was tried in Himself. cute to the uttermost all who have Tried by God, you are found to be clothed une unto God by Him." Here then, with Christ's righteousness. You are through more than the nineteen cen " accepted in the beloved.” He has tuies which have elapsed since His fully met the demands of Divine Expiatory death on Calvary, has this

justice for you in His atoning death, Stine been tried.”

and He has fully come up to its 1. Jesus has been tried by the circum

| standard in His perfect righteousness. races and needs of His redeemed people. You are one with Him, and being in 5 is believing people, as individuals Christ Jesus there is for you “no wild associated bodies, have had innu | condemnation." You are tried by Izrable wants--they have been placed

Satan, but Christ does not permit you all kinds of circumstances--they to be tried apart from Himself. He wire known every shade of feeling, but has provided a full and safe equipment **have always found a fulness in | for you, wherewith you may be able

Tost which is inexhaustible, and out to quench all the fiery darts of the i that fulness they have received, and

wicked one. You are tried by wicked sure for grace. There was everything

men, and indeed sometimes good men degus, during His ministry on earth, are a sore trial to you, but your 1 tin those who knew Him to go and

strength and safety are in Christ. In til Him their wants and sorrows.

Him, like Him however much you ben John was beheaded, the dis are tried, you will be approved. plus of the Baptist buried the body, “ Bold shall I stand in that great day, hd then went and told Jesus. They For who aught to my charge shall lay, Dehow had learnt that in sympathy When through thy blood absolved I am ad readiness to help them He was

From sin's tremendous curse and shame ?" "I tried stone.” When Lazarus fell 2. To the awakened sinner. One of the

his sister's first impulse was to send devices of Satan against you is thisi say, “Lord, behold he whom thou he endeavours to magnify your sin so Test is sick.” They knew something that he may shut you out from seeing

His tenderness and ability to help Christ's ability to save. He shows ". Whatever was needed, whether you a mighty mountain of sin inter274, or bread, or health, or life, men vening between your soul and God

De for all to Jesus, though He had then he insinuates that there can be *** Where to lay his head. Nor did no pardon. When the Evil One so serer come in vain. He is the tries you, remember the words—"a muime now. He is all, and in all, to His tried stone."

ats. We are complete in Him. He Another device of Satan, to keep you linisters comfort. He protects from acknowledging your love to com peril, or sanctifies suffering. He | Christ, is to terrify you with the dan

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