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Ifter tea the whole party adjourned to the September 30, when sermons were preached Sapel, when the chair was taken by the Rev. in the morning by the Rev. J. Truscott (Free C. M. Morris. The treasurer, Mr. William Church), in the afternoon by the Rev. J. P. Sayley, gave the details as to the charges Bellingham (Primitive Methodist), and in shich had been incurred. Exclusive of the the evening by the Rev. J. Jackson, Wray ost of the organ (£130), to which $100 had (Wesleyan). "On Tuesday, October 2, the pready been promised, the cost of alterations, spacious Town Hall was filled with a goodly dditions, &c., totalled up to about £700. number who partook of tea; afterwards a Those present were then invited by the chair. public meeting commenced, over which Re9 to give in their names and subscriptions, ginald J. Grylls, Esq., presided. There were ed in less than one hour almost the whole on the platform the Rev. T. E. Trotman, the

this large sum was either paid down or new pastor, the Revs. G. W. Roughton, promised. Music and speeches followed ; and Grampound ; W. Page, Baptist minister of a ne of the intervals Mr. E. G. Roche, son Truro; W. Reaney, Baptist minister of Fal

Dr. Roche, presented to Mr. Morris, in the mouth; J. Lyth, D.D., Wesleyan, E. Green mane of the young persons belonging to the (Free Church), and Oliver (Biblé Christian) agregation, a very handsome and valuable and Mr. J. Juleff, one of the deacons of the quarto pulpit Bible, in which was placed the church. The speeches without exception were flsving inscription :-“ Presented by the characterized by the most delightful feeling young people of Turret Green Chapel to the and good spirit, and the determination exRev. T. M. Morris, in gratitude for his de pressed as to the future will be, if carried voted zeal and valuable instruction in the out, conducive of the highest possible ad vankaovledge of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus tage to the town.

South SHIELDS.-On Friday, October the JUULEE OF THE BAPTIST CAUSE AT OLD 5th, the interesting ceremony of ordaining the 114.-The fiftieth year of the Baptist cause Rev. Wm. Hillier to the pastorate of the in Oldham was celebrated on Sunday and

Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Cambridge-street, Vonday, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. On Sunday

South Shields, was performed in the presence public services in commemoration of the event of a very crowded congregation. The services were held in King-street Chapel, Oldbam, were commenced by the Rev. E. Edwards, of when the pastor, the Rev. William Stokes, Hartlepool, conducting the devotional exerpreached in the morning. In the afternoon

cises. The Rev. W. Walters, of Newcastle, the Rev. P. P. Rowe, and in the evening the then put the usual questions to the pastor Rev. L. Nuttall. On Monday afternoon a and to the church, and offered the ordination public tea-meeting was held in the school. prayer; after which the Rev. George Rogers, room, George-street, at which a large number theological tutor of Mr. Spurgeon's College, attended. Following the tea there was a very

delivered the charge to the pastor ; and the attnerously attended public meeting, the Rev. Walter Hanson, South Sbields, gave Rer. Wm. Stokes in the chair. After de

the charge to tbe cburch. The Rev. E. Baker, retional services conducted by the venerable

Independent minister, South Shields, and the 1. Thomas, of Meltham, who some forty

Rev. Charles Morgan, Jarrow, also took part years ago was pastor of Oldham was pastor of Oldham Baptist

Baptist in the services. At five o'clock in the afterhurch, the chairman delivered an elaborate | noon, a public tea-meeting was held in the historical address, in which ne traced the Jurgel schoolroom of Zion Chapel, South progress of the Baptist cause in Oldbam from Shields, at which 300 sat down. After tea a the year 1815 up to the present time. He public meeting was held, presided over by H. sto stated that the subscriptions and collec

Angus, Esq. (Sheriff of Newcastle). 'Adtions towards the reduction of the debt on dresses were delivered by the Réve. Wa the chapel (£1,100) exceeded £350, and was Walters, C. Morgan, Mr. Marsden, George felly expected to reach £400 or more. Earnest Rogers, &c. ad appropriate addresses were delivered by

BURSLEM.-Services in connection with the Revs. A. Pitt, of Rochdale, J. Pywell,

the recognition of the Rev. J. E. Sargent, Stockport, J. L. Whitley, of Salford, J.

late of Wyken, as pastor of the Baptist Church, Hughes, Ashton-under-Lyne, T. Thomas, of were held on Monday and Tuesday, the 17th Meltham, J. W. Ashworth, of Pershore, and

and 18th September. On Monday evening a the brethren Messrs. Davies and Shepley, of Wham, Whitehead, of Bellfield, and Stott,

sermon was preached by the Rev. W. B.

Davies of Coventry. On Tuesday a teaof Rochdale.

meeting was held. About 230 sat down to REDETTH, CORNWALL.-A series of in tea, after which a public meeting was held. teresting services for the recognition of the Mr. E. Boon, a dearon of the Independent Bev. F. E. Trotman (late of Bristol College) Church, fulfilled the duties of chairman, and

pastor of the Baptist church at Redruth, in the name of the church he represented, were held in the Baptist chapel on Sunday, I gave Mr. Sargent a welcome to the neigh

bourhood. Mr. E. Coleman, one of the dea- | B.A., of Nailswortb, gave an address on cons, then stated the circumstances which led “ The Hidden Life of the Church." In the to the invitation of Mr. Sargent, after which evening the Rev. W. B. Bliss, of Marlores, Mr. Sargent gave a short sketch of his reli read the Scriptures and prayed; and two adgious life. Prayer for the Divine blessing dresses were delivered, one by the Rev. I. was offered by Mr. Parks, and addresses Peters, of Watford, on “ The Constitution of on suitable subjects were delivered by the a Christian Church," and the other by the following ministers :-T. Baynard, of Bristol Rev. C. H. Leopard, M.A., on “The Work College, H. Pickersgill (independent), of of a Christian Church.” On the Sunday Tunstall, W. B. Davies, of Coventry, and R. following the anniversary sermons of the Johnston, of Hanley.

chapel were preached by the Rev. C. H. BRADFORD), YORKS.-The members of the

Leonard and the Rev. J. S. Thornton, to church and congregation worshipping in Tri

good congregations. nity chapel, Bradford, assembled on Monday, LUTON.-On the evening of October 9th & October 1st, to take leave of their minister, tea-meeting of the Bible classes in connection the Rev. H. J. Betts. About 700 persons with the Sunday school of Union Chapel, partook of tea, and at the subsequent meeting Luton, was held. The attendance was large. the spacious chapel was filled. Mr. Moulson, In the course of the evening a testimonial #83 one of the deacons, presided ; and after the presented to the pastor, Rev. T. R. Stevenson, Rev. J. Harper, Horsford, had offered prayer, consisting of a handsome walnut writing-dest, and the Rev. H. Watts, Hanningley, had well furnished, and fitted up in the latest delivered a brief address, the Rev. R. Holmes, style. The gift having been warmly ackboxRawdon, was called upon to make a presenta ledged, speeches were delivered by the dearms tion to the Rev. H. J. Betts, which consisted expressive of sympathy with the classes and of a gold watch and appendages, value £30, a cordial feeling towards Mr. Stevenson. purse containing the balance of sundry con LEWISHAM- ROAD, GREENWICH. – This tributions, and a picture, in rich gilt frame, chapel has just been reopened after repaintof a few intimate friends of Mr. Betts. A

ing, erection of organ, new pulpit, re-lighting, gold chain and locket was also presented to

and general repairs, at the cost of 1 Mrs. Betts, on behalf of the scholars in the

About £240 had been previously subscribed. Sunday school. The Revs. S. G. Green,

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, a tea-meeting was B.A., J. Haslam, J. Makepeace, J. Connel,

held, when further contributions were given J. K. Nuttall, and Mr. s. Liversedge also to the amount of £65. Addresses were de addressed the meeting.

livered by S. R. Pattison, Esq., Rers. B. Ipswich. - The pastorate of the Rev. Davies, J. W. Todd, of Sydenham, and d. James Webb, at Stoke-green Chapel, having Pulling, of Deptford; the Rev. Edward Descome to an end, a valedictory meeting was nett in the chair. E. Gough, Esq., and other held at the chapel on Wednesday, Oct. 2. A gentlemen, also took part in the proceedings. tea had been provided, and a public meeting MINISTERIAL CHANGES.—The Rev. H. J. followed in the chapel, over which Mr. S. H.

Betts, of Bradford, has accepted a cordial inCowell presided. Most of the other Noncon

vitation to the pastorate of the church at formist ministers of the town, and the Rev.

Grosvenor-street, Manchester (formerly ander C. Elven, Bury St. Edmunds, were present.

the care of the Rev. A. Mursell), and enteret The chairman, in the name of the church and

upon his labours on the first Lord's-day in congregation, presented to Mr. Webb a purse

October.—The Rev. J.P. Haddy, of Ravens containing seventy guinens, and an elegant

thorpe, has accepted a cordial invitation to silver waiter, bearing the following inscrip

be assistant minister to the Rev, T. Horton, tion:-“ Presented to the Rev. James Webb

who for forty-five years has been pastor of by the attached members of the church and

the church now meeting in Hope Chapel, congregation meeting at Stoke-green Chapel,

Devonport. Mr. Haddy commences by on his resigning the pastorate office which he

labours this month.—The Rev. T. J. Malrun, had held nearly twenty-four years.-Oct. 3,

late of New-Cross, has accepted a cordial invith1866.” Mr. Webb made an affecting reply. tion to the pastorate of the church meeting in Mr. Lacey, the Revs. T. M. Morris, C.

Stepney Chapel, Lynn.-The Rer. J. G. Elven, E. Jones, J. Raven, and J. Gay also

Phillips, of Merthyr-Tydvil, has accepted the addressed the meeting. Mr. Webb preached

partorate of the church at Watergate, Brecos. farewell sermons to his congregation on the

-The Rev. P. G. Scorey, late of Wokingbam, following Sunday.

having accepted the cordial and unanimous BoxmooR.-Services in connection with invitation of the church meeting in the Salem the settlement of the Rev. J. S. Thornton, Chapel, Cheltenham, has commenced his B.A., were held at Boxmoor, on Friday, Oct. labours there amidst encouraging prospects of 12. In the afternoon the Rev. Dr. Steane success.-The Rev, S. Borton Brown, B.A.. read tho Scriptures and prayed; the Rev. Dr. is open to receive an invitation to supply by Gotch gave an address to the minister from vacant pulpit, or to accept a pastorate. Hs 2 Tim. iv. 1, 2; and the Rev. S. B. Brown,' present addressis, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.


* Built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself being

the chief corner-stone.'



DY TIE REV. CORNELIUS ELVEN. The writer having received from a Christian friend a generous present, as o-dicated at the head of this article, replied, as courtesy and gratitude cixanded, in acknowledgment of the kindness; and it being suggested that 12 letter thus written might be acceptable to some readers of “The hilrch," the following portion thereof is submitted for that purpose :Your kind present is not only acceptable as an expression of Chris

affection and esteem, which, next to the favour of God, is so cheering the often weary heart of a minister of the gospel, but it has awakened a in of thought which, as it has refreshed his own spirit, may not be profitable to others.

reminded me at once of Deuteronomy xxxii. 13, “He made him to it of honey out of the rock ;" and may we not, in a figurative sense, say, test rock was Christ," from whom flow all the sweet blessings of the erlasting covenant ? Yet, as none can know without tasting it, how sweet say is, so only those who have “tasted that the Lord is gracious,” can how "precious He is to them that believe.” Those only who have felt the burden of sin can tell the sweetness of e droppings of the honeycomb, “ Come unto me all ye that labour, and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Such only can sing,

“I came to Jesus as I was,

Weary, and worn, and sad;
I found in Him a resting-place,

And He has made me glad.” sppery subsequent trial by which the Chrisiian graces are to be exered, nothing can sweeten the bitter cup but the honey from this rock. vel as the waters of Mara only mocked the thirst of the Israelites till 10568 cried unto the Lord; and the Lord showed him a tree, which, when had cast into the waters, the waters were made sweet” (Exodus xv. 25), so as the presence of Christ which enabled an eminent saint to exclaim,


when in prison for righteousness' sake, “ Welcome, welcome, sweet, sweet cross! I verily think the chains of my Lord Jesus are all overlaid with gold, so that if it were to come to changing of crosses, I would not chans. my cross with any one." And how cheering it is to know that these sweet consolations are inerhaustible ! Millions who have gone before us have tasted of this golden pot of manna--this most precious honey-jar-the fulness of Christ, but they have not diminished it by the most infinitesimal particle ; and generations yet to come will find it as sweet and as full when it was first opened to a dying world.

This generous gift has also brought to remembrance another text Judges xiv. 8, “Behold there was a swarm of bees and honey in the car case of the lion.” On which Sanison founded his riddle, “Out of th eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness," whic riddle has been explained in the experience of many of the children o God, whose trials, which at first met them like roaring lions threatening i devour, have subsequently yielded the “ peaceable fruits of righteousness Little did Samson think, when the “young lion roared against him," i woull afterwards yield him so sweet a repast; but the testimony of this who have been most in the furnace of trial is, ihat "it is good to ty afflicted," and, taking their harps from the willows, how merrily have the sung,

“ Thus the lion yields me honey,

From the eater food is given ;
Strengthened thus, we still press forward,

Singing, as we wade to heaven,
•Sweet affliction !

Thus to bring my Saviour near.'” One more portion has this honeycomb suggested; it is the language o David, Psalm xix. 10, where, speaking of the statutes of the Lord, he sai “More are they to be desired than gold, yea, than much fine gold, swe**, also than honey and the honeycomb." Like unto which is the saying ( David's son, Prov. xvi. 24, “ Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet tthe soul.” Well might good John Newton say, “I have many more book than I can sit down to read, many of them good and sound; some I con pare to silver, and some to gold; but I have one book, called the Billa worth more than them all.”

“For were the sea one chrysolite,

The earth one golden ball,
And diamonds all the stars of nigbt,

This book excels tbem all,
'Tis here a blessed balm appears

To beal the deepest woe,
And those who read this book in tears,

Their tears shall cease to flow." I am reminded also of the gathering of this honey; how “ the little basi bee improves each shining hour;" how, with ceaseless industry, it is from flower to flower, and bears its treasure to the hive; teaching us how earnestly and deliberately we should study the Word of God, and how it

the garden of revelation we should not flutter uselessly about like the gay butterfly, but, like the bee, suck honey from every flower, staying at every mere, and even alighting on a single word, from which we may sometimes cather more sweetness than from many volumes of human authors. Say, For example, that one word is JESUS; angels and saints might dwell on it For ever, and leave its sweetness yet untold. Luther's advice is well worthy of our regard in reference to the diligent study of this book when he says, * Panse at every verse and every word of Scripture, and shake every bough ed the tree of life, so that its precious fruit may fall into your lap." Thus, tan, amidst the war and turmoil of life, think of Jonathan (1 Sam. xiv. 27), 19 * he put forth the end of the rod, and dipped it in an honeycomb, and pat his hand to his mouth, and his eyes were enlightened.” Reader, go thea and do likewise with that rod of prayer " Open thou mine eyes, titat I may behold wondrous things out of thy law."

Study the Bible on your knees; it is itself a manual of devotion. And with this before you, you can never want either matter or words for comirrnion with God. Is it a doctrine you are reading? Bless Him for it, praying that it may be written in your heart, and exemplified in your lifethat you may not only glory in the doctrines of grace, but evermore display the grace of the doctrines. Is it a precept? It will supply you with matter for contrition, and you will cry, “ Lord, incline my heart to keep thy law." Is it a promise? Perhaps yon have felt the truth of good old (rapp's quaint observation, “ that when Faith would lay hold on the pronises, Satan rappeth her on the fingers, and seeks to beat her off.” But his will only incite you to plead the promise, and cry, “Lord, I will not tthee go unless thou bless me.” Nor is this sweetness of the Word of Dadi mere heory. A cloud of witnesses might be summoned, all of whom would testify with Joshua, that not “one good thing of all that God had promised hath failed of its accomplishment."

The last day only will reveal how many tempest-tossed mariners have here fwind their compass, their anchor, and their pilot to bring them to their desired haven-how many “good soldiers of Jesus Christ” have here found Me sword of the Spirit wherewith they have put to “flight the armies of the aliens ;" or how many of Zion's weary travellers have here found songs 2 the house of their pilgrimage.

And not only in life, but in that last great change which awaits all, low has it softened the dying pillow, soothed the parting pang, and illunined the dark valley of the shadow of death. Had we, then, before us

e libraries of all our universities, the Book only would avail to solace us a that solemn hour. Philosophy has never taught man how to die ! Reason's flickering lamp could never illume the pathway through the river ! Science could never lift our faith above the stars! But the presence and tules of the Saviour here revealed will make us willing to depart. The honey distilled from his cross will take away all the bitterness of death.

“So may we die, while Jesus shall inspire

Our fainting spirit, and His heart shall beat
New pulses into ours,"

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