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Among the books which have reached us this month is, The New Creation, by the Rev. John Mills.* The author is known already as the author of “Sacred Symbology," and of “Thoughts on the Apocalypse" ; and this new work will only raise the reader's estimate of his laboriousness and judiciousness. According to the title, the book is “a view of the Divine predictions of new heavens, and a new earth, as having a progressive fulfilment in the Christian dispensation, and a complete accomplishment in the period of the Millennium.” Of course, it is not to be expected that all students of prophecy will agree in all the author's views ; but they are deserving of careful study; and the patience, care, skill, and devoutness which the book overywhere indicates, will commend it even to many who may not accept the writer's conclusions. We wish that all books on prophecy were as worthy of commendation.

Preparing for Home, by the Rev. Jonathan Watson, * is a new edition of a work which is already widely known. It consists of a series of expository discourses on the Fifth Chapter of the Second Epistle to the Corinthians ; and, taking it as a whole, it is an admirable example of what expository preaching should be. It is needless to say that it indicates a firm holding of the fundamental truths of Christianity; and the treatment is at once eminently judicious and thoroughly devout. “How many persons there are," says the author, “who are eager to cherish the hope of heaven after death, who little consider the nature of the preparation demanded for admission there!” By this large class the volume will be found both hortatory and helpful; and no one can read it without being both the wiser and the better for the perusal. We can scarcely help regretting that this must be almost the last service of one who has so many gifts and graces as the honoured pastor of Dublin-street Chapel, Edinburgh.

We have no knowledge of the authorship of The Man of Sorrows, and his Relationships ; a Contribution to Religious Thought.* It is a thoughtful book, but not satisfactory; and, in some of the opinions of the writer, we, at least, shall not be expected to agree. Still, as we have said, the book is a thoughtful one, and thoughtful persons might learn something from its perusal.

A new Sunday School Hymn Book has appeared, under the title of The Congregational Sunday School Hymn Book.t It has been prepared by a committee, under the direction of the Congregational Union, and is both cheap and good. The question occurs to us—Why could not the Baptist Union undertake similar works ? Probably the time is coming when it will do something, besides holding Sessions and pubUshing "Papers."

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It is a happy thing when indivi. | for a month to purchase books for bi duals give their hearts to Christ; school. However, I did it. Serera how much more so when tho conver- | months passed by, and I heard nosion of one momber of a family leads thing of him, when one day s the whole household to the Saviour ! | stranger came to my study, handed A most interesting illustration of | me a note, and hastily departed. It this has been furnished during the | was from Gopal, informing me that last year in the mission of which the ho had had an awful attack of fever, Rev. W. A. Hobbs has charge, that at present he could scarves Magoorah, the village where the walk, but that he hoped to see me missionary resides, is in the district soon. About a month afterwards he of Jessore, and is about eighty miles came, but so emaciated that I scarcely from Calcutta. The church has been recognised him. He had been standformed about three years, and con ing, he said, on the bank of the river tains thirty-two members. The story of death, had seen hell before him, begins with the conversion of Gopal. |. and to escape from destruction had We give the narration in Mr. Hobbs's | resolved to become a Christian. I own words:

found that he had been reading all “This young man, who is about the Christian books I previously gara twenty-four years of age, is a signal him, and in his intense desire to beinstance of the power of the Gospel. come acquainted with everything Two years ago he might have been connected with Jesus Christ and his numbered amongst the chief of sin religion, submitted to me such .. ners. He was an opium eater, an string of questions, that it took me occasional drunkard, and a slave to several hours to reply to them. His lust. Suddenly he was brought up resolution once taken, nothing irored in his course by the power of con him; his old father came to see him, i science, and induced to make an and in touching terms begged him effort at reformation. He saw that not to destroy the respectability of the forms of Hindooism could give his house, and his little remaining no peace of mind, and to show his happiness, by casting himself into contempt for them openly ate with a the bosom of a new and unknown Mussulman, which oflence against religion. The ordeal was a trying native society cost him his situatiou. one, but the grace vouchsafed » He then turned towards Brahminism, the young convert brought him ou and vigorously advocated its doc | a conqueror. A few days afterwards trines, but soon found that it did | he was baptized in the river, and from not contain the elements of satisfac that day onward he has been to w tion and comfort which his heart a source of almost daily comfort longed for. In great distress of mind Since his conversion, one by one, he came to me at Magoorah, and three other members of his family after listening for an hour or two to have joined us; his old fathor has my exposition of God's way of salva secretly eaten with them all; and if tiön, ho suddenly started up to his it were not for the fearful opposition feet, clasped his hands, and whilst

shown by his wife, he himself would his whole frame quivered with emo embrace Christianity, and have ha tion, poured out such a series of children once more around him in earnest, heart-broken petitions that his home. I almost wept forjoy. My suspicions, “Adamoonie is the wife of Gopa. however, were soon aroused, when he | She did not know that her hus requested me to lend him six rupees | had become a Christian till

arrived at Magoorah some little time mother regarded him as the stay of before his baptism, When she dis- the family after the first-born and covered that such was the case, her youngest had renounced Hindooism; rage knew no bounds; she beat her and so prejudiced was the young head violently against the boat, man himself against Christianity, vowed that she would drown herself that he endeavoured by various or starve to death, but that she would means to expose his brother's folly. never become a Christian. For three Cherishing hope of regaining them, days she ate no food, and her hus- | even after his parents had lost all band getting alarmed proposed to hope, he came again and again to take her back to her father's house, Magoorah, and arguing sometimes and leave her there. But this was with Gopal, at other times with me, Lot what she wanted, for she was with great vehemence endeavoured to tenderly attached to Gopal. (Prayers show the inconsistencies of Chrisfor the removal of her obstinacy were tianity, and the moral guilt of those offered, and prevailed. She ate with who for its unworthy sake destroyed the Christians; and a few weeks after-| the peace of loving families. Conwards, on the occasion of a visit to stant intercourse with the Christians, her father's house, the family refused however, gradually lessened his ento allow her to step into the court mity, and the inquiries which he yard, she became so incensed with made showed that he was honestly Hindooism that she heartily re examining the evidences of our nounced it, learned to read, attended holy faith. In July last, his mother public worship, and so rapidly proposed a pilgrimage to Saugar, as acquired Christian knowledge, that the only expedient calculated to when a few months subsequently she recompose her troubled mind. It applied for baptism and was exa was the duty of her only remaining mined, the answers she gavosurprised son (for she had cursed and disowned and delighted us all. She is now a the others) to accompany her. He good, consistent Christian woman. went, beheld the superstitions of the

"Ramcharan, about fourteen yearsholy place, put his mother in charge of age, is Gopal's youngest brother. | of a neighbour who was returning He is naturally of an amiable dispo via the Sunderbunds (a journey of sition, and has always been much ten days), himself took train to under his brother's influence. When Kooshtee, next day arrived at MaGopal paid his first visit to his home, goorah, and at once announced himafter his conversion, he renewed the self a Christian. This act has caused conversation about Christianity; his his wife to desert him, and brought mother raved at him like a maniac, down upon him the malediction of his father requested him to go back all his former friends; but he reto the boat, but the heart of young mains faithful, and has hitherto Ramcharan clave to his brother; and given us much pleasure. I had the a short time afterwards, leaving his pleasure of baptizing him in the home, he came to Magoorah, refused riyer two months since. to return with his relations who came “ The father's heart is said to to take him back, and in due time, yearn much towards his children's after satisfying the church of his faith, and is anxious to join them in fitness for membership, he was bap- acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord tized in the river, in the presence of of the soul, but at present the obstia crowd of witnesses. He is a young nacy of his wife is an insuperable man of good parts, and will even barrier." tually, I hope, be profitable to the We may hope that in answer to Mission as an efficient school teacher. fervent prayer, the father, with his

"Oomesh is about 21 years of age, wife, will also surrender his life to and another brother of Gopal's. His

| the service of the Lord.

NEWS OF THE CHURCHES. TAE annual meeting of the North | The chapel is the third that has stood Wales Baptist College was held on on nearly the same site. – A Den July 31. There was a large gather Baptist church has just been formed ing. The reports of the examiners at Bourne, Lincolnshire. Mr. J. J. spoke highly of the attainments of Irving, of the Tabernacle College, is the students.

at present supplying the pulpit.In June, 1863, a small Baptist

A new schoolroom (temporarily used chapel was opened in Dunoon, on

as a chapel) has been opened at the banks of the Clyde, capable of | Deptford. seating about 230. The services con A handsome testimonial has been ducted there have been so highly presented to the Rev. John Mills on appreciated, that during the last and his resignation of the pastorate of the present summer, the chapel has been church at Stogumber. filled to overflowing. Under these circumstances, the trustees have re

The Rev. Mr. Lamb has been orsolved to enlarge the chapel to the

dained to the pastorate of the church extent of 160 additional sittings, at

at Cossey, Norfolk.—The Rer. G. an expense of about £300. Sub

Whitehead has been publicly recog. scriptions for this object are soli

nised as pastor of the church a cited by the trustees. The Rev. W. Westgate, Rotherham. - The Rer. Brock, of London, the Rev. W.

W. H. Payne, late of Presteign, has Walters, of Newcastle, the Rev. A.

been recognised as the pastor of the M. Stalker, of Southport, and the

church at Worstead, Norfolk.-Tbe Rev. W. Heaton, of Shirley, South

Rov. J. E. Cracknell has been pubampton, have recently conducted the

licly recognised as pastor of the services there.

church at Newbury. - The Rev. R.J.

Beecliff has been recognised as pas-, The new and beautiful structure

tor of the church at Lancaster. The erected for the Baptist church re

Rev. W. C. Bunning has been pubcently worshipping in the Mechanics'

licly recognised as pastor of the Hall, Scarborough, under the pastoral care of the Rev. J. Lewitt, was

church at Charlotte Chapel, Edin

burgh.—The Rev. J. R. Chamberlain opened for divine worshipon Tuesday, July 23.

has been ordained pastor of the

church at Bath Street, Glasgow. -- South Parade Chapel, Tenby, was reopened, after enlargement, on

The following reports of MINISSunday, July 14. The building is

TERIAL CHANGES have reached us:now capable of accommodating 500

The Rev. A. T. Osborne, from the persons.-The foundation stone of a

College, Regent's Park, to Stoke now chapel was laid at Bristol by the

Green, Ipswich; the Rev. M. Morgan. mayor (E. S. Robinson, Esq.) on the

of New Wells, Montgomeryshire, to 24th of July. The contract has

Cradley, Worcestershire; the Rer. been taken for £5,652, and the chapel

D. Davies, of Haverfordwest College, is designed to accommodate 830 per

to Pandy's Capel and Llanelidan, sons. ---On the 29th of July, the

Denbighshire. memorial stone of a new chapel was We regret to have to announce the laid at Lodge Road, Hockley, Bir death of the Rev. John Jackson, mingham, by J. H. Hopkins, Esq. formerly pastor of the church s: The Rev. F. G. Marchant, late of the Agra, and afterwards at Allahabad. Metropolitan Tabernacle College, is under the auspices of the Baptist Misthe minister of the place. On the / sionary Society; also of the Rev. T. 13th of June, a new chapel was Phillips, formerly of Muttrs ; end of opened at l'eus lont, Radujorshire. the Rer. T. M. Thorpe, of Rhyl.

TESTIMONIALS, În selecting the following letters

| Gentlemen,-The benefits I have and certificates of the valuable cura- ||

received from the use of your invalutive properties of our long and well

able remedy induceme to pen a word in known family medicine, the Pain

its praise. Experience has convinced Killer, from the mass of matter we

me that for Headache, Indigestion, have on file, we have endeavoured to

Pain in the Stomach or any other use only such as will, in a simple

part of the system, Chills, Weariand concise manner, exhibit its

ness, Common Colds, Hoarseness, peculiar powers over disease, and

Cholera, Diarrhea, Dysentery, &c., show its adaptedness to the wants of

THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN the English public of all classes. It

THE PAIN KILLER. I have this hour will be seen that it is already pretty

recovered from a severe attack of sick well known and appreciated in some

headache, by using two doses at parts of the kingdom, as well as in

thirty minutes' interval. I am confinearly all its colonies-east and west,

dent that, through the blessing of and also in many parts of Europe.

God, it saved me from the cholera These certificates are principally

during the summer of 1848. Travel. from intelligent and well-educated

ling amid heat and dust, the toil, men and women, who, in giving

change of diet, and constant exposuro them, have evidently been prompted

to an infected atmosphere, daily preby a sincere desire to benefit their

disposed my system to dysentery fellow-sufferers.

attacks, accompanied with severe This medicine was introduced into

pain, for which I found the Pain India and China by missionaries,

Killer a SOVEREIGN REMEDY, ono who realized in it a powerful auxi.

teaspoonful usually curing the worst liary in gaining an influence over

attack in an hour. Gratitude, and those to whom they had brought the

a desire for its more general use, has Gospel. They found their most at

drawn from me this unsolicited tentive listeners among those to

| testimonial. whom the Pain Killer had first

D. T. TAYLOR, Jun., brought relief: Newark, N. J., June 6, 1860.

To Perry Davis & Son.
Messrs. Perry Davis and Son :
Gentlemen,-Allow me unsolicited Green's Sailors' Home,
to send you a word of commenda-

Poplar St., London, E., tion for your Pain Killer. I have

August 26th, 1862. used it in my family several years, ! I had been afflicted thres years and find it all it claims to be. For with Neuralgia and violent Spasms Bheumatism, Coughs, Colds, Burns,

of the stomach, which caused a conDiarrhæa, Cholera, tendencies and stant rejection of food. The doctors diseases generally that prevail in at Westminster Hospital gave up my families, I regarditas beyond all price, case as incurable. Then I tried your and as efficacious beyond any medi Pain Killer, which gave me im. cine within my knowledge. We keep mediate relief from pain and sickness, it as our chief family medicine, and and I rapidly regained my strength, find it in all ordinary cases worth and am now able to follow my usual more than any doctor. Many clergy

occupation. One bottle cured me. men have spoken of it in the highest

With sincere thanks, terms as a family medicine. Mission

I am, Gentlemen, aries in repeated instances have said to me in person, and in their letters,

Yours respectfully,

CHARLES POWELL. that the Pain Killer was by far the best medicine used in heathen lands. This I say in justice to yourselves, The Pain Killer is sold by chemists and for the benefit of others.

and druggists everywhere. WholeYours, &c., Rev. W. B. JACOBS. sale Depôt, 17, Southampton-row, Late Editor of the Christian Chronicle. | Holborn, London, W.C.

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