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pleasant sanctuary was opened for divine, on-the-Hill, Middlesex.-The Rev. C.F worship on Wednesday, October 31st, when of Wolvey, has accepted a cordial insi sermons of unusual interest and power were to become pastor of the Baptist church, delivered; that in the morning by the Rev. gate, Louth, and will commence bis 1 F. Tucker, and that in the evening by the there on the first Lord's-day in Decks Rev. C. Vince. The devotional parts of the The Rev. Thomas Foston, late of Cb service were conducted by the following mini-| ham, has accepted the unanimous in sters:-Revs. G.J. Allen, N. Philpin, W. A. of the church of St. Clement's, Nora Salter, J. W. Percy, T. A. Binns, R. Hall, | the pastorate, and entered on the dat and H. Blackie, B.A. At one o'clock about that office on Lord's-day, Nov. 4th. ninety of the friends sat down to a cold colla H. B. Bardwell has accepted a un tion at the Bowling Green Hotel. and 220 invitation to become the pastor of the B assembled for tea in the courthouse. On the church at Sutton.on-Trent, Notts,-M following Sabbath the Rev. T. A. Binns Evans, student of the Haverfordwest Ca preached in the morning from Heb. vi. 10, 20, has accepted a unanimous invitation & and Rev. J. J. Brown, Birmingham, from come the pastor of the Baptist church Luke vii. 47. The congregations were large, Llanfair, Talhaiarn, and LlansanAR, and the contributions most liberal, amounting | bighshire, North Wales.-The Rer to £115. The entire cost of this neat and Kiddle (late Independent minister of M. Gothic edifice will be about £1,560, towards ball, Norfolk, and baptized by Mr. Spa which £1,200 have been already subscribed. | in March last) has received a cordial in

MINISTERIAL CHANGES.—The Rev. G. H. tion from the Baptist Church worshipper Rouse, A.M., LL.B., of the London Univer.

Tonning-street Chapel, Lovestoft, Su Bity, has accepted an invitation from the Com and has entered upon his labours with a mittee of the Baptist College, Haverfordwest, prospect of succogg.-The Rer. Alles to become classical and mathematical tutor of having resigned the pastorate of Grove that institution.--Mr. Herbert Hill, of the

Chapel, Victoria-park, has acoeptad a 23 Pastor's Collego, Metropolitan Tabernacle,

mous call to the pastorate of Stratford G has received and accepted a unanimous invitas

Chapel, and has commenced his ministryt tion to the pastorate of the church at Harrow-| with good prospects of success.

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THE EDITOR OF “TAE CHURCH” has much pleasure in announcing t several improvements in the Magazine will be made during the coming ye A 9hange will be made in the arrangement of the articles; and, in addit to the able writers who have kindly contributed during past years, the R Hugh STOWELL Brown, of Liverpool, will contribute a series of articles, titled, “Ancient Maxims for Modern Times," and Cycla, the author “ Pattie Dervant," and other works, will contribute a new and very interesti story, which will be continued from month to month, entitled, “ Living Down." It is believed that these new features will add much to the intero of the Magazino. The first of each of these articles will appear in ti January number.

In making this announcement at the end of another year, the Editor ca not but express his thankfulness to the contributors who have so long aid him in conducting the Magazine, and to the readers and subscribers w have so generally sustained it. To both he appeals, earnestly and respec fully, for their continued assistance and support.

It will be the endeavour of the Editor, with the assistance of his contrib tors, to make “ THE CHURCH "more and more worthy of the Baptist denomin tion, and of the large circulation with which it has hitherto been, and he trus" it will still be, favoured.


* Built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being

the chief corner-stone."--Ephesians ii, 29.



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Ancient Maxims for Modern Times. No. 1. Answering and Not

Answering. By the Rev. HUGH STOWELL BROWN . .
Living it Down. Chapter I. Introduction. By CYCLA ..
The Fool's Creed. By the Rov. JAMES CULRoss, M.A. . .
Joss Brewington's New Year .
“Ringing Out and Ringing In” . . . . .
A Story of Heaven. For the Young .
Ancient Maxims for Modern Times. No. 2. Have your Revenge.

By the Rov. HUGH STOWELL BROWN . . . .
Living it Down. Chapter II. By CYCLA . . .
Ritualism—What it is, and How to Meet it. By the Rev. W. T.

ROSEVEAR . . . . . . .
"Ye Did it unto Me.” A Winter Story . . .
“Supported by Voluntary Contributions ". . . .
“Never Cross a Bridge till you Come to it.” For the Young.
Ancient Maxims for Modern Times. No. 3. The Prosperity of

Fools, By the Rev. IIcon STOWELL Brown. . .
Living it Down. Chap. III. By C'YCLA . . .
The Lilies of the field. By the Rer. N. JIAYCROFT, M.A.

61 PAGE • Can” and “Could” . . . . . . 711 Christ a Servant . . . . . . 74 “ The Promise that was Kept.” For the Young Christ and the Little Ones . . Ancient Maxims for Modern Times. No. 4. Weights and

Measures. By the Rev. Hugh STOWELL Brown.
Living it Down. Chap. IV. By CYCLA . . . .
The Lilies of the Field. By the Rev. N. HAYCROFT, M.A.

(Concluded) . . . . . . ... So Many Calls. By Mrs. H. B. STOWE. . . . Spiritual Life a Divine Inspiration. By the late Rev. E. L.

HULL, B.A. . . . . . . . 103 “What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do ?” For the Young . 108 Ancient Maxims for Modern Times. No. 5. On Mocking and

being Mocked by Sin. By the Rev. HUGH STOWELL BROWN 113 Living it Down. Chap. V. Struggles after Right. By CYCLA , 118 The Blessing of Spring. By the Rev. J. F. SMITH The Deaf and Dumb French Girl, "Rest Awhile” . . . . . . . . The Right End of the Skein . . . . . . . 135 Ancient Maxims for Modern Times. No. 6. The Keeping of the

Heart. By the Rev. Hugu STOWELL BROWN
Living it Down. Chapter VI. By CYCLA
Wie huper VI. By CYCLA

Baptismal Regeneration. By the Rev. Join ALDIS, Jun. ..
The Widow's Friend. A True Story . . . .
Contentment. By the Rev. CORNELIUS ELVEN . . . 160
Righteous Mammon . . . . . . 164
Ancient Maxims for Modern Times. No. 7. On Buying and

Selling the Truth. By the Rev. HUGH STOWELL Browx.


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