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ration, and of the prospects which our services who have never yet then laid the establishment of Christ's tioned Baptism. . . Mahommedia kingdom in this important place. controversy is becoming daily inten: 1

Writing in January last, Mr. Smith sified. We are met almost every m says :-

night by men who have systemati* The native work is going on cally studied the Word of God. The steadily in Delhi, and I think a more other day, when I was speaking i genoral knowledge of the truth exists against fatalism, one of them referred than the most sanguine amongst us | me at once to Pharaoh, ‘And for this are prepared for. I have just been same purpose have I raised thee up making a general visitation of all our l that I might show in thee my great in out-stations, as well as city districts. power,' asking, triumphantly, if that What surprised me was the large and was not fatalism? This close inqury ever-increasing number whom our must result in good, and will doubt iScripture Readers have got to read

Readers have got to read less aid in the spread of the tu.. the Bible. In almost every cluster The Mahommedans evidently feel of houses I visited, some two, three, that they are engaged in a death or more would pull out their Hindi struggle, and hence it is not supisTestaments and read some portion out | ing if they catch at a straw. My work of them. . . We have a large num is much increased by the presedo o ber of candidates for baptism; but, a Highland regiment, nearly the in accordance with the general wish whole attending our chapel. I scarcely apparently of the committee, we have over miss bazaar - preaching and boen keeping them back for more prayer-meeting in the evening. Als instruction."

dear wife had already begun to ventura Again, on the 7th May, he says: into Zenanas without an interpreter,

“Our 11 Town Missionaries have and she is daily engaged in mission each a school for three hours daily, work in her schools. . . and I have been visiting them every Our English services draw by morning-sometimes three and four far the best part of the Engliskdistricts before breakfasts. It is quite speaking population, and our natire cheering to see so many men reading congregations and schools are rapidly the Bible who were, before, ignorant; increasing. There is everything tu and hence our converts and inquirers encourage us : the Mission nerer was are becoming more intelligent and so promising; and although our rogular in their attendance at the baptisms are few, that is not because house of God. Our work is carried men are backward or unwilling to on with the utmost regularity- join the church, but because we are preaching in the bazaar every even anxious to have our church members ing, and afterwards at one, and on more enlightened and firm ere Të some nights two, meetings. . . You admit them to Baptism. Our Town would be delighted to see our con Mission stations are working admirgregation coming from all parts of ably. Each man has got a school o! the town of Delhi, perfectly inde adults and children, and acts besides pendent as to their worldly affairs, as a Scripture Reader, visiting and and yet tolerably regular at service | holding meetings. These are not or on Sundays, and always present at dinary schools, but among either the evening prayer meetings near nominally Christian children or such their houses. I baptized a very in as have no caste ties. I cannot tell telligent young Mahommedan last you what good our thirteen schools week; and three more, a Brahmin are doing, combined, as they are and two Mussulmans, are apparently | with preaching and teaching from convinced of the truth of Christianity. I house to house. It is quite a differens Besides, numbers regularly attend thing from the large schools among high-caste boys, whose parents dread , two especial meetings have been apnothing so much as their becoming pointed to receive their proofs, but Christians. The parents of our boys they have failed to come, and are themselves road the Bible, and are manifesting much uneasiness at the proud when their children can do so. awkward position they find themOur object is openly proclaimed to selves in. The crowds do not at all be the spread of Christianity, and decrease in the bazaar, and every many people are sent to us for this night we preach the plain Gospel to express purpose. They also attend hundreds in the public streets. Now, services on Lord's-day in the chapel, it is absolutely necessary to send me and meetings in their own neigh

help." Ebourhoods. We are thus imparting The above detail of Christian

'hristian knowledge in overy way | labour in this great city, will give we can-by schools, nightly meetings intensity to the closing words of For instruction, and continual preach these extracts. Mr. Smith must Eng in the streets. The Mahomme have help. His coadjutor, the Rev. lans are very much excited just now, Josiah Parsons, has been compelled ind nightly come to our preaching. to leave Delhi for a more salubrious stands for controversy. We have spot, and Mr. Smith, alono and lisen meekly answering their ques single handed, is obliged to carry on tons for years. Lately I have and supervise the work of the station. turned the tables on them, and told | Four hot seasons has Mr. Smith now them that it is now our turn to ques- | laboured in Delhi without relief, his tion them; and hence wo demand strength tasked to the uttermost. proofs of the Inspiration of the What must the Society do in their Koran and the Divine character of present difficulty with regard to Mahommed's mission. This course funds ? Will our readers take the his quite startled the people, espo matter to heart, and by prayer and cially as I have closed all controversy liberal gifts contribute to the relief with them until our reasonable do- | of this zealous and devoted mismands are complied with. One or | sionary?

NEWS OF THE CHURCHES. THE Autumnal Session of the Bap-, sider the question of National Edutist Union has been held during the

cation in England and Wales, and to past inonth at Cardiff. The attend report thereon to the next Annual ance was larger than at any previous

Session." Both the subjects just session, and the meetings were suc

referred are very important. We {"essful throughout. The number of

hope that the committees may be ensermons was, as it was likely to be in abled to advise wisely respecting Wales, somethingamazing to English

them. The arrangements of tho visitors; and tho subjects discussed

friends at Cardiff were of the most Wero alike interesting and very im

satisfactory kind. portant. One of the practical steps Many readers will be glad to hear taken was the appointment of a com

that the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon was mittee to inquire into the practi able to appear in his pulpit, after his cability of making a provision by late severe illness, on the first SabWish the incomes of our poorer pas- / bath in last month. Though still far tors may be augmented, and to re- from strong, Mr. Spurgeon is much port thereon to the next Annual | better, and it is hoped that he will Meeting.” Another was the ap- | be able before long to resume the pointment of a committee to “con- / greater portion of his arduous labours.

The memorial - stone of a new | The following are the MINISTERIAL chapel has been laid at Westbury, CHANGES of the month:--The Bes. Wilts, for the ministry of the Rev. J. J. G. Owen, of Rhyl, to Sarea Preece. - The New Mission Hall, Chapel. Cardiff; the Rev. F. F. Cornwall - road, Brixton - hill, has | Medcalf, of Jersey, to Wood-street, been opened for worship. — The Bilston; Mr. M. Campbell, of the memorial-stone of a new chapel has Edinburgh City Mission, to Brandenbeen laid at Melton-street, Leicester. burgh, N.B. ; Mr. J. A. Wilson, a -The Baptist Chapel at Amersham the Tabernacle College, to Peterhead, has been re-opened after considerable N.B.; the Rev. J. R. Wood, of alterations and improvements. — A Barnstaple, to City - road, Bristol; tea-meeting has been held in the the Rev. W. M‘Mechan, of Highschool-room of Christchurch, Ryde, bridge, to Over Darwen, Lancashire ; to celebrate the extinction of the the Rev. J. Williams, B.A., of Nardebt on the Chapel. The debt berth, to Abergavenny; the Rev. R. amounted a year ago to upwards of Shindler, of Tring, to Eyethorne.-a thousand pounds.

The Rev. J. Turner has resigned the The Rev. W. Jackson has been pastorate of the Church at Wednespublicly recognised as the pastor of bury. The Rev. J. W. Moore has the Church in Cambray Chapel,

announced his intention to resign the Cheltenham.-The Rev. '. Hill has pastorate at Monks Kirby, been recognised as the pastor of

shire. The Rev. H. Perkins has rothe Church at Harrow-on-the-Hill. signed the pastorate of the Church at -The Rev. N. H. Shaw (late of

Warminster. The Rev. J. Brown, Chillwell College) has been recog

A.M., has resigned the pastorate of nised as the pastor of the Church at the Church at Oswaldtwistle, LanDewsbury, Yorkshire.—The Rev. J.

cashire. The Rev. J. Davies has reCave (late of Regent's-park College) signed the pastorate at Bond-street, has been recognised as pastor of the Birmingham, and has sailed for Church in the Lower Chapel, America. Chesham,

EDITORIAL POSTSCRIPT. Our readers will be glad to hear that we are already arranging for our next year's volume, in the hope of making it more interesting and valuable than any that have preceded it. We reserve the details till out December number; but may mention at once that we have the promise of successive series of articles from the Revs. J. ALDIS (of Reading), C. Vince, and J. MURSELL ; and that the Rev. G. W. M'CREE, O London, has promised a series of papers, which will, we have no doubt, be deeply interesting, under the title of “Remarkable Incidents in I London Poor Life.” In addition to the above, we expect a series of papers on “The Baptists of Old; or, the Men and the Churches of the Past ;” and all the other features of the magazine will appear as formerit, We mention the subject thus early, in the hope that our friends and readers will bestir themselves as much as they can to secure for 118 11 enlarged circulation during the new year. A very little effort, during the next two months, would secure for The CHURCH a larger circulation to it has ever before enjoyed.


Revised to the Present Date, with numerous Additions.

(Dedicated, by special permission, to the Earl of Derby.) In W y Nu , price 13d.; in Monthly Parts, price 7d.

"The sensation," says the Dublin University Magazine, excited amongst he Working Classes by the publication of the Popular Educator’ was mmense. We have gone over the pages of this great work with sentiments of real wonder. We know no work like it. We confidently assert that there ever was one like it in importance to the Working Man. The success has Deen enormous; it has occupied and filled up a field of education vast and nost important to the community.”

That the original edition has accomplished a great work in the field of Education i evidenced by the fact of the sale of

500,000 COPIES. And now that the cry of EDUCATE! EDUCATE! has gone forth with a louder voice and a deeper meaning, the Publishers feel that the time has arrived for an


WITH NUMEROUS ADDITIONS. List of Subjects embraced by the New Popular Educator :Algebra ; Architecture, Papers on ; Arithmetic; Astronomy; Bookkeeping; Botany ; Chemistry; Civil Service, Papers on ; Comparative Physiology ; Conic Sections ; Drawing, Elementary; Eoglish; English Composition; English Grammar; English Literature; Ethnology; Euclid, Lectures on; French; French Pronunciation; French Readings; Geography; Geology; Geometry; German ; German Pronunciation ; German Readings; Greek; Gymnastics; Historic Sketches; Italian ; Land Surveying ; Latin ; Logarithms; Mathematical Instruments, the Use of; Moral Science; Music; Natural Philosophy; Our Holiday; Painting in Water Colour; Penmanship; Perspective; Physics ; Physical Education; Physiology of Man; Reading and Elocution; Shorthand; Sketching from Nature ; Spanish ; Theory and Practice of Teaching; Trigonometry, Plano and Spherical; Universities, Papers on the; University Middle Class Examinations, Papers on the.

Number 1 ready November 20, price Three-Halfpence. (It will be issued in a Wrapper, which, together with the Portrait of Lord Derby, after the recent Photograph by Messrs. Mayall, printed separately on toned paper, as a Presentation Plate, will be given to every Subscriber, Free of Charge.

Part I. ready NOVEMBER 29, price Sevenpence, which will include the Presentation Portrait of Lord Derby, free of charge, printed on extra plate paper.

The Publishers will forward, on request any desired number of Prospectuses to those who may wish to promote the systein of National Education embraced by this comprehensive Work.


Now ready, crown 8vo. cloth, price 3s. 60., post free.

PRE PA RING FOR HOME: A series of Expository Discourses on the Fifth Chapter of the Second Epistle ta 14



The Dissolution, The Esit-Preparation for Home, and Earnests of it-Preferring
Lo Home rather than Remain-Ambitious of Christ's Approbation either fil-17
Judgment Sent of Christ- The Terror of the Lord-Tbe Transcendent Importance
Go-pel-The Burden of the Gospel - Personal Interest Essential to Happiness and Bakery
-Redemption in its Origin, Working Out, and Application, is of God, The Bxpostalaca.

“ We have here a firm grasp of the great truths of the Gospel, a just appreciation of their recante place, and an earnest desire to produce in the hearts of his readers the x ENTS Ess for the inuerlain of the saints which is as essential as the TITLE." THE CHEAPEST BIBLICAL DICTIONARY EVER OFFERED TO SUNDAY.

SCHOOL TEACHERS. Fcap. 8vo., bound in neat cloth, gilt lettered, price 23., post free. GREEN'S BIBLICAL AND THEOLOGICAL DICTIONART. Consisting of 360 pages, nearly 100 Illustrations, Tables of Weights and Measures, il

Twenty-sixth Thousand. A new edition, revised to the present time. This Dictionary has occupied a leading position in the Sunday-schools of Enghol fx many years. Nearly Fifteen Thousand copies have been sold at 39, 6d. each. * supplied to teachers, clearly printed on good paper, neatly bound in cloth, and gilt beliau, ut Two Shillings per copy, post free. 6 copies are supplied for .

0 0 It is hoped that the unusual opportunity offered to teachers of thus possessing the

sing themselma of a first-class work of standard Biblical reference at a nominal price, will induce ide further the sale of the book as much as possible.

“A more useful, compact, and beautiful book of reference for our Sunday-school teaca be well imagined. It is the very thing that has long been wanted for them."--Bible Class

"It is just the thing for Sunday-school teachers. Correcily and clearly priated, and s cheap."--The Church,

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oven that the thread


Now ready, in fcap. 8vo., cloth lettered, price 30. 6d., post free. THEODOSIA ERNEST; or, THE HEROINE OF FAITH.

A New Edition, with the additional chapters completing the story. "Many could, and would, read this book who would not read an essay on Baptista considerabie extent, the hero ne's fortunes and the argument are so interwoven that the the story requires the mastery of the argument. We think the high moral and religious to book will make it useful, as the interest of the story will make it pleasing, to the younger of our churches.”-Freeman. In fcp. 8vo, extra cloth bevelled, printed uni wneu paper, price 3s. 61., post frete

LIVING UNTO GOD; Or, CHAPTERS IN AID OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE. "This volume, consisting of selections from the works of many writers, is eminently be useful Eighteen of the best preachers of ihe day are severally made to contribute to and to the public good. It may be likened to an assemblage of ministers for spinton everyone having his topic assigned him, and everyone having spoken on that topio to the ability." British Standard.

contribute to the other

ut topic to the best

Fcap 8vo, cloth, price 3s. A HANDBOOK OF REVEALED THEOLOG).

By the Rev. John Stock, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY THE REV. C. H. SPURGEON. "We heartily welcome this book, as upon the whole, a very able digest of the Divine surely believed among us. Mr. Stock thinks and writes well, and his elaborate treatie well timed, -Christian World.

1 the Zhvine tratte pris rate treatise bersay

ELLIOT STOCK, 62, Paternoster Row, London, E.C.

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