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And not one situation only. There are several hundred thousand situations to which the Remington Typewriter holds the keys-and the only keys.

If you are going to study shorthand and typewriting, the Remington Typewriter gives you your best chance because there are vastly more Remington Typewriters in use today than any other make.

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The Great English Complexion Soap

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The seventh annual report of the conditions which must be fulfilled_by president and treasurer of the Carne- any adequate pension system. The

gie Foundation has material brought together in this reAnnual Report just been issued. The port, the examples of the failures of of the Carnegic Foundation

report of the presi- pension systems which have occurred

dent, like former re- -as, for example, that in New South ports, is divided into two parts—the Wales—and the precarious situation in first referring to the current business which many State pension systems of the year and dealing with questions now stand, make this portion of the more directly pertaining to the admin- report one of great practical value to istration of the Foundation; the sec- the authorities of any State contemond part being devoted to current edu- plating pension's either for teachers or cational problems of a larger and more for State employees. President Pritchgeneral nature. The first part of the ett, in arguing finally for some form report includes a careful statement of of contributory pension system for the whole question of pensions for public school teachers, points out teachers, for Government employees, clearly the difficulties of the contribuand for industrial employees. This tory system, the necessity for the most statement contains the results of the careful actuarial advice, and the public examination of practically all of the nature of the questions which are inpension systems now in operation any volved in a distribution of the cost of where, and leads finally to a discus- such a pension system between the sion of a feasible pension system for State and the teacher. Following the the public school teachers of a state. discussion of these pensions, a comThis discussion is particularly needful plete history of the methods by which at the time since the question of the Carnegie Foundation pensions were teachers' pensions is a matter under arrived at is given; the process through consideration by a number of State which the trustees worked is told in legislatures. As the report points out, the frankest manner; the difficulties the bills which have been introduced which they encountered and the difin the various legislatures almost with- ferences which arose out of the fact out exception violate fundamental act- that the pensions of the Carnegie uarial conditions, and have been Foundation are not contributory, but framed without study of the essential have come as the result of a free gift,

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