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and advanced courses.
Six Languages, Music, Art,
Domestic Science, School of
Applied Housekeeping. Wm.
H. Sherwood, Visiting Direc-
tor of Music. Sympathetic
guidance; Social advantages;
Physical training (Dr. Sar-
gent's method); swimming,
bowling, dancing, out-of-door
sports. Weekly entertain-
ments; cheerful environment.
Home dairy, pure air, pure
water, gardens and groves.

Catalogue, Terms, and Information,

Address the Principal,
St. Mary's School, Knoxville, Illinois


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Please Mentior the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers


Chartered by State Legislature in 1847

That Means More

The School with a Winter Home in Florida

Something new under the sun.

The only school in the world that owns two complete plants in two different states. occupying each according to the season, and moving from one to the other by special train without the loss of a recitation. Four years' success places this plan beyond the experimental stage and it is now a permanent part of the school life. The winter migration is not a mere pleasure jaunt, but a serious and successful attempt to allow boys to live the outdoor life practically all the year round without in any way interfering with their regular studies. On the contrary, the increased vigor coming from good health enables the student to do much better work, as our records prove

An extra year has been added to our curriculum, so that the Kentucky Military Institute now does work at least equal to that of any college in the state. Diplomas issued by the State under the great seal of the commonwealth, and signed by the Governor and Adjutant General.

Both Kentucky and Florida properties occupy safe country locations, free from the temptations of urban life.

The clientele of this school is absolutely unsurpassed by that of ny other school, due largely to the care exercised in accepting new cadets, and to the high ideals which are a part of the school life.

Full details of this remarkable school can be obtained by sen/ ing for a copy of our catalogue and Florida supplement,

COL. C. W. FOWLER, Supt.


from January to April 10th)


from April to January 7th

Nine miles east of Louisville on L. & N. R. R., and L. & E. Electric: ine.

Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers

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Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers.

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