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Greek Cruise
Seventh Year
College or

A combination of school and travel. A wonderfully instructive method of teaching which uses the world as the schoolroom. Latin and Roman History, German, French, English History are studied, each in its own environment. Just think of the wonderful possibilities for your boy in this plan! Let me tell you more about it. Illustrated catalogue.

7th Ave. and 125th St. New York, N. Y.

PORTER E. SARGENT, Cambridge, Mass

The Choate School

Wallingford, Conn.

Thorough preparation for COLLEGE Columbia, Yale, Harvard,

Cornell, etc. We specialize for ENGINEERING Institutes as Stevens

Mass. Institute of Technology, etc. Specific and individual

training for all leading UNIVERSITIES

in the United States.

Open throughout the entire year. Our successful experience in preparatory work the efficiency of our method of Individual Attention enable us to prepare a public school graduate for entrance to colleges of the highest standing in two years, more advanced students in one year. Tuition fee: $60 per term of four months

Students may enter any time
J. E.
Ś. GERSCHANEK, A. M. Principals

A New England Preparatory School, with a Lower School for young boys. A catalogue will be sent upon application, with addresses of those who know intimately the School's work and character.

George C. St. John, Headmaster

The Wilson School

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Fishkill-on-Hudson, New York




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Terms, $600

For catalogue and further information, address

Only recognized resident law school in U.S. Conferring Degree of Bachelor of Laws-LL. B.-by correspoedence. Only law school in U. S. conducting standard resident school and giving same instruc. tion, by mail. Over 450 class-room lectures. Faculty of over 30 prominent lawyers. Guarantee to prepare graduates to pass bar es amination. Only law school giving Complete Course in Oratery and Public Speaking. School highly endorsed and recommended by Gov. Officials, Business Men, Neted Lawyers and Students. Only insti. tution of its kind in the world. Send today for Large Handsomely Hlustrated Prospectus. Special courses for Business Men and Bankers. HAMILTON COLLEGE OF LAW, 1200 Ellsworth Bldg., Chicago, til.


Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers.

Cascadilla School For Boys

Ithaca, N. 9


'I believe the Cascadilla School to be one of the "The great success of the school has been fully best preparatory institutions in the country."

earned by the excellence of its organization and the J. G. SCHURMAN, superior character of the instruction afforded." President of Cornell University.

C. K. ADAMS, "I can and do heartily, and conscientiously rec- Second President of Cornell University; Former ommend the school; you have not only rendered a valuable service to Cornell University, but to the

President of the University of Wisconsin. country."

ANDREW DICKSON WHITE, First President of Cornell University; Former “The picturesque position of the buildings, healthU. S. Ambassador to Germany.

ful surroundings, complete sanitary arrangements, and

the combination of work with manly athletic sports "I have never been acquainted with any school render this school an almost ideal place for young which more nearly realizes row idea of what such a school ought to be."


Former Director of the College of Civil Former Director of Sibiey College of Mechanical

Engineering, Cornell University. and Electrical Engineering, Cornell University. A copy of the illustrated catalogue will be sent on request. Address

C. V. PARSELL, A. M., President



Do You Use Press




It will more than pay you to secure our extensive service covering all subjects, trade and personal, and get the benefit of the best and most systematic reading of all papers and periodicals, here and abroad at minimum cost.

Our service is taken by progressive business men, publishers, authors, collectors, etc., and is the card index for securing what you need, as every article of interest is at your daily command.

Write for terms or send your order for 100 clippings at $5 or 1,000 clippings at $35. Special rates quoted for large orders.

The Manhattan
Press Clipping Bureau
Cambridge Bldg., 334 5th Ave., cor. 33d.

Established in 1888.
New York City.

Our New Course in

Beauty Culture Is Now Open Pupils may enter any time and receive all the advantages. We secure positions for all graduates.

Our new ideas are in demand everywhere.

A Burnham Graduate with & Burnham Diploma can secure a position anywhere at any time.

Our Instructors are specialists of many years' experience. Our diploma Insures success. We specialize in the following courses:

Electrolysis for the removal of superfluous hair (mul. tiple and single needle process), chiropody, complexion beautifying, skin bleaching, manicuring. hand molding. hairdressing (new styles now ready), which includes dyeing, bleaching, glinting, etc.

Scalp treatments for the growth and beauty of the hair.
Swedish Movements [by Medical Gymnast).

Form reduction and development, Turkish and electric light baths, etc.

In our department of manufacture we teach the making of men's wigs and toupees, also transformations, chignons, switches, and all the new ideas in fashionablo false pieces.

We teach men in this department as well as women. Instruction begins at 8 o'clock a.m. and lasts until 6 o'clock D. m.

On request we supply Graduates to Chicago establishments for temporary service.

Nestle Permanent

Hair Waving. Nestle Waving taught. Nestle licenses issued. Thb the correct process of making the hair naturally wavy. A fortune awaits the first Nestle Waror in етеrу Write for Information.

E. BURNHAM 138 N. State Street, CHICAGO

Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers




Montclair, New Jersey

A Boys' School, With a Distinct Personality, Character and Efficiency, for the Thorough Development

of Christian Scholars and Gentlemen.



OR twenty-four years our critical preparation of manly boys

for college and for business has met with success. Cultured

tutors, small classes and personal teaching, co-operation of teachers and pupils, augmented by a perfect scholastic and physical equipment, have made this possible. Swimming-pool, modern buildings, beautiful and healthful surroundings, in the Orange Mountains—500 feet elevation-only 14 miles from New York. Montclair thoroughly meets the standard of an ideal school for boys.


This Book Will Interest You No Matter Where

Your Son May Be Educated “Your Boy and our School” is a book that will interest you, no matter where your son is educated. It contains a brief summary of the right ideas and methods for college and business preparation of boys. It represents the Headmaster's mature experience of more than a quarter-century of successful boy culture and describes

Montclair's wonderfully successful individual assistance plan. This book, together with our catalogue, sent on request.


75 Walden Place, Montclair, N. J.

Please Mention the American Educational Raviem Whon Writino to Advertisers.

Ninety-five per cont. of recent gradu-
ates passed unconditionally the entrance
eraminations of the leading universities.

! endowed school for the thorough preparation of boys for colleges, technical schools and business; with noteworthy Instruction in the Bible, music, drawing and manual training.

What Are You Doing

For Your Boy?

Mackenzie School

Dobbs Ferry-on-Hudson

In the interest of his education you should not fail to investigate the superior advantages of

insures the advantages of the larger school with the superior personal influences possible with an enrollment not exceeding 150 boys.

21 miles from New York, in a healthful and picturesque locality, In its whole history the school has had no epidemics and no interruption in its work from illness of any kind.

$2000 a year awarded in Memorial Scholarships to highly meritorious pupils.

Every facility for careful physical training and sane athletic coaching for every boy: Gymnasium, swimming-pool, generous playgrounds. DR. ALBERT SHAW, Editor Review of Reviews. Chairman of Council; JAMES C. MACKENZIE, Ph. D., Director,

Burroughs School


71 Cliff Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. ROCK RIDGE HALL, For 50 Boys of High School Age

Bituated in one of Now England's most beautiful residential villases--a village free from evil influences. Location high dry and healthful. Buildings modern. Equipment complete Thorough preparation for college by experienced teachers Laboratory courses in Physics and Chemistry. Gymnasium Bowling Alleys. Swimming Pool. Ball Fields. A school large enough for the formation of congenial companionships and for the Inspiration which comes from work in classes, yet small enougb for overy boy to receive the constant personal thought and care of the Principal.

Great Neck, L. I. A Boarding and Day School for Boys Ideally located on an estate of 13 acres in the midst of real country surroundings, yet easily accessible to New York City homes. Decidedly not a school where general culture is lost sight of through cramming methods for college preparation. Separate department for little boys.

A School That Stands for Thoroughness


Home-like atmosphere. Experienced teachers. Small classes. Manual training. Constant supervision.

Massee Country School

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Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N. Y.

Westchester County, 15 miles from New York City from seven years up. Individual attention. Classes limited to six boys. Masters all college graduates of at least three years' experience in the best boys' schools. Bright pupils not misgraded and backward pupils not discouraged by large classes and improper grading. Resident boys all live with the family of the Headmaster. Pupils prepared specially for leading colleges and boarding schools. Manual training. Swimming pool. Every facility for outdoor sports. Rates moderate for the service rendered. For illustrated catalog and finest New York references,

Address: W. WELLINGTON MASSEE, Ph.D., Headmaster


Located in the private park of the school. Boys taken from seven years up. Ideal outdoor camp life in the Westchester Hills. Baseball. Finest tennis courts. Swimming. Woodcraft, forestry. Home cooking. Careful supervision. Tutoring for older boys. Separate department for younger boys, where they can lead a clean, wholesome outdoor life.

Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers.

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Learn By Doing
That's the Way Here

You learn Electricity in all its modern applied forms by doing — not by theory from books.

. You are taught by “this-is-the-way-to-do-it" teachers and then you work it out with your own hands right in the school, and what you learn, you know "for keeps." No classes. You get individual instruction and go ahead without hindrance.

Day and night session the year around. Come in and talk it over. Anyway, write for free illustrated catalogue that tells you all about the practical small cost, “Learn By Doing."

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Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers.

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