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The first and still the standard! Box No. 1, four colors, 20 cents. Box No. 2, three color;, 15c. Box No. 3A, four colors (No. 7 brush), 25 cents. Box N 1. 6, eight colors, 35 cents. Moist colors in tubes, 5 cents per tube.

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Prang “Progressive Drawing Books,” Prang “Manual Arts Drawing Books,” Prang “Parallel Drawing Books,” Prang “Art Education Drawing Books," and l'rang "Text Books of Art Education" are adopted and now in use in ELEVEN ENTIRE STATES and Provinces of Canada as well as thousands of cities and towns. ARE YOU USING THEM.


Art Materials

Prang "Stixit” is “The Stickiest Paste in Town.” Prang “Crayonex," Prang “No. 2 Art Education Crayons," Prang “Oil Dyes” and all Prang Art and Industrial Materials are specially made for the use of Art Schools and Art Students.

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If you are interested in Art Education you should have our new illustrated “Art Catalogue.” It will be sent free to Superintendents and Art Teachers.





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Devoe School Water Colors

Are prepared with the same care as are the colors for professional use.

You'll find the color values and artistic combinations much more effective if Devoe School Water Colors are used; they're true colors; reliable.

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We have boxes of all kinds and sizes; colors in tubes, cakes or half pans

Devoe Drawing Ink

Indelible Waterproof
Blacker, better than others. Full one ounce

bottles. Best ink for Artists, Students and FW.DEVOE & CO's

Draftsmen. Particularly adapted for use in making

drawings that are much handled or exposed. Brush O DRAWING INK

tints can be freely applied over it without blurring or

causing the lines to spread. Devoe Wood Stains in Powder Form For Manual Training Work. Put up in two ounce cans-fourteen different colors. Ready for use after dissolving in water.

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F. W. Devoe & C. T. Raynolds Co.


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Lead of rare quality, even texture, uniform grading and unusual toughness, distinguish the EBERHARD FABER School Pencils. Added to these are a fine silk finish and a careful workmanship that result in an exceptional articleone that gives the maximum of service and satisfaction.

The selection of the right school pencil is receiving more attention than ever before, the importance of such selection being now generally recognized. To the discriminating, the quality of the Eberhard Faber pencil appeals strongly, as is evidenced by their widespread adoption where the quality test is applied.

These are made in a large variety of styles with lead suited to every purpose-large, soft lead for Freehand Drawing, hard grades for mechanical drawing and medium grades for general use.


1336E. FABER U.S.A.

Quality is here dominant also. Whatever pattern is selected, it is found always thoroughly well made and dependable: Certain popular styles have steel tips made of a singie piece of metal by an ingenious method shaped into the perfect tip. The absence of fitted parts makes them practically indestructible. Then ihere are the all wood holders and numerous styles with tips of cork, hard and soft rubber, etc. Whatever the design, if it is an EBERHARD FABER penholder it is the best of its class.

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We offer the most complete line of school erasers made in grey, red and green. No erasers are more effective; none can excel these in the qualities that make the perfect eraser. The most popular patterns were originated by us and most of them are extensively imitated in all except the quality, there the EBERHARD FABER goods are pre-eminent. The Ruby and Emerald, the Cabinet and Rouge, the Cerise and Ideal-all well known, all representative of the best, will give you the results sought by the exacting.

Our school catalogue will be sent on request

Eberhard Faber : New York

Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers.


Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers.

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