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-Eagle Pencils and Pens


pay for itself in a few weeks. If you now give this work out to a printer, you can save half the expense-much va!uable time and have your work when you want it. The chief usefulness of this wonderful little machine in the average office, is its great convenience when only five or six copies are wanted in a hurry. The Underwood Revolving Duplicator is always ready.

It is neat, clean, compact and practically noiseless—will not get out of order. It does just as good work as the big, noisy, complicated power machines at half the cost.

It is important to note that the Underwood Duplicator is sold absolutely without restriction, leaving the customer free to purchase his supplies wherever he can buy to the best advantage.

Write now for full information-Booklet on request.

Pencils, like books, should be chosen with discretion. Both are capable of infinite harm.

The selection of Eagle is a perfect choice and a safeguard against poor quality.

Underwood Typewriter Co.



Dept. S Underwood Bldg., New York City

377-379 BROADWAY,


Branches in all Principal Cities

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Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers.

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Fountpens are an absolute necessity 'vhere clean-
¿ liness and neatness in writing is required. Good

penmanship cannot be obtained with poor
pens. The “Swan Safety” is made by the oldest

manufacturers of gold pens. The nibs or pen Professors,

points are made of 14 kt. gold with Iridium School Teach

points. “The Gold Top” feed keeps ers, Instructors, etc.,

the point of the pen wet with ink must have a pen that

and insures instant wiiting. writes instantly. “The Swan

“The Ladder Feed” ccnSafety” never blots, skips or leaks but

trols the supply of ink

giving the exact ALWAYS WRITES

an ount nec

essary. For sale by all stationers and jewelers. Price $2.50


and up

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THE MAKERS 17 Maiden Lane, New York


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A Complete List of All Public, Private, Endowed and Denominational Schools, Colleges,

Higher and Secondary Institutions of Learning in the United States. Full information
is given regarding every school-stating kind, class of students accepted, when established,
religious denomination, and the name of the acting president or head of the school. These
schools are arranged in the book under_three separate classifications so that any desired in.
formation will be instantly available. First;
A Geographical Directory in which all the schools and colleges, State Educational
Officials, County Superintendents, City Superintendents, High School Principals and Super-
visors will be found, arranged and classified geographically by states and towns, giving the
coụnty and population of the town. Second;
A Classified Directory in which all schools will be found arranged according to the kind
of school and giving a complete list of any particular class of institution; Universities and Col.
leges, Secondary, Preparatory, Co-educational, for Girls, for Boys, Military, Schools of Law,
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Engineering, Industrial and Trades, Music, Art,

Elocution, Business, Etc., Etc. And, third;
An Alphabetical Index in which is given all the schools and colleges in the United States
arranged in alphabetical order and from which any institution may be instantly located.

In This Book Will Be Found:
The State and County Superintendents of A Foreign University Directory giving the

Public Instruction, the Officers of the State leading Universities of every country in the
Boards of Education, Educational Commis- world and information as to the schools and
sions, Teachers' Associations, and the officers departments maintained.
of various State and National Educational
Associations and Societies.

The College Greek-Letter Fraternities

giving complete information regarding each, The City Superintendents, Principals of a list and the addresses of the active Chapters

High Schools, the Supervisors and Special and the official publication of the fraternity.
Supervisors of Music, Manual Training,
Drawing, Art, Etc.

The College Colors of all the leading col

leges. A list of student undergraduate newsA Library Directory of nearly 3,500 Li- papers and publications and how olten pubbraries, giving the number of bound' volumes lished. In short, the information in this book in the library and the name of the Librarian. —which can be found no where else-makes it

An Invaluable Reference Work for everybody inter-
business with the schools and educational institutions of America.

Cloth, 700 Pages, $5.00, Express Prepaid

American Educational Co., Publishers 1st became so se pot

431 S. Dearborn St., Chicago

Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers

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Located among the beautiful hills of northern New Jersey. Our buildings, equipment, sanitation, health. fulness, safeguards, cuisine, recreation, social life, scholarship, and high purpose, are unexcelled.

Thorough preparation for college. Certificate privileges to Goucher, Mt. Holyoke, Smith, Vassar, Welles. ley, Wells, and other colleges.

Strong courses for those who do not wish to enter college.
Special courses in art, domestic science, elocution and music, including piano, organ, violin and voice culture.
Large college-trained and experienced faculty.
Personal attention given to the intellectual development of each student.
Physical culture; swimming pool; hockey field; tennis courts; lake and large farm.
Every advantage of schools charging twice our rate.
For catalogue and further information address







St. Paul, Minnesota Academic and College Preparatory Courses, Music, Art, Elocution, Domestic Science, Physical Culture. Certificate privileges to Smith, Carleton, Wellesy, Vassar and University of Minne

Day and boarding school; centrally located opposite the beautiful Military park. College preparatory: certificate admits to the leading women's colleges and is accepted by the Regents of the state of New York and by the Normal Schools of New Jersey There is a large college faculty. The principal has lived in Spanish

countries and is prepared to teach the language. The school is equipped for the best work. A thorough course in Art and the use of a fine gymnasium are included in the tuition fee. Circulars sent promptly. We invite inspection.


Thorough individual instruction. Small Classes. Attendance limited. Select, beautiful, homelike surroundings. Charges from $400 to $500. For further information address

Mrs. Carrie Haskins Backus 578, 580, 590 Holly Avenue

St. Paul Minn.


Please Mention the American Educational Review When Writing to Advertisers.

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