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Such a menace to the health of scholars is the dust which arises from schoolroom floors that the abatement of the dust evil in schoolrooms is just as essential as proper ventilation. The activity of scholars keeps the dust in constant motion. To overcome this contamination of the atmosphere the floor should be treated with


Exhaustive tests show that wherever it is used the amount of circulating dust is reduced Eleven-Twelfthsthe danger from disease contagion caused by the dust naturally being reduced in like proportion.

As dust is such a potent factor in the spread of diseases such as Tuberculosis, Typhoid fever, Asiatic Cholera, Erysipelas, Diphtheria, Yellow Fever and Pneumonia, the advantages of Standard Floor Dressing will be at once apparent. The value of the dressing is realized when the preservation of the flooring and the saving in labor is understood. The dressing pays for itself many times over.


FLOOR Standard Floor Dressing is sold everywhere in kegs

DRESSING and in cans or varying capacity. Three or four applica

THE DUST EXTERMINATOR tions a year give best results. Patented Standard Oiler makes process of

SES application easy and economical.

We will apply Standard Floor Dressing, without charge, to the floor of one room or hall in any Hospital, School or other public building, to demonstrate that all we claim for it is true. Standard Floor Dressing is not intended for use on varnished, waxed or polished Hoors or for use in private houses. Write for testimonials and for interesting reports from medical authorities on Dust and Its Dangers.”





The American educational review

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