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tell me his first motive which induced him to inquire after the truth, and he made the following remarkable statement:

" I felt one day, whilst contemplating about my present condition, that something is wrong with me. My heart was very much troubled, and my mind was very much disturbed, for several reasons. I felt that I wanted help, but did not know where to get it from. Then I resolved to write to three different gentlemen, and he who would be the means to ease me from my trouble, he was the one whom God had sent. I wrote the first letter to a Jew of the ecclesiastical order, and I waited for a consi. derable time for an answer, but in vain. I then wrote to a Catholic priest, but the result was equal to that of the former. Then I wrote the third and last time to the Rev. Dr. Weir, and to my joy I heard the postman's knock at the door, when I found that it was a letter from the Doctor, inviting me to come to his house, and to do for me what he could. Then I saw the providence of God, that it was His will that I should have the true faith, and I do not regret it.”

I was very much pleased to hear that statement, for I found in it two scriptural events; the first, that of Eliezer, when he was sent by his master Abraham to seek a wife for his son Isaac ; and the second is that of the "certain man who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves. When the priest came that way he passed over on the other side. The Levite did likewise ; but the Samaritan had compassion on him, and went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring oil and wine, and took care of him.” He continues coming to me twice a week during the absence of the Doctor ; and the minister of Lambeth Chapel, as well as the people, are very much pleased with him. I trust that the Lord will soon open a way for his permanent connection with the Church of Christ and His people.

Mrs. J_, of whom I had occasion to mention in my last report, is progressing altogether favourably. She told me by my last visit, that that which appeared to her a difficulty before has now become a pleasure. She finds time to read her Bible, amidst the care she has to take over seven children, and thus finding my affirmation to her, “ where there is a will there is a way,” corroborated. She gives reasons of her belief in Christ as her Saviour, which prove very satisfactory ones; and her sincere prayers are, that God would open the eyes of her husband; then they would be more happy, knowing that Christ has been the Saviour of them both.

I believe there is every encouragement for the missionary; having the Word of God in the one hand, and the aid of the Spirit in the other, we can fight valiantly; and, like the Israelites who builded the wall of Jerusalem, with one hand they wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon ; so we, taking the spiritual weapon, which is the shield of faith, and “the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God," and a heart to pray always. I know no better means by which we could overcome the enemies of the cross. May the new year be a year of success and prosperity, and that may it be a year of spiritual birth to thousands of the house of Israel, is my earnest and sincere prayer!

Mr. FURST, who, with Mr. LAZARUS, has long been engaged on the London field, thus refers to his recent experience :

At the close of another year, I feel great joy in stating that my labours throughout the year have borne some good results. I have had many precious opportunities of preaching to my dear brethren the glorious Gospel of redeeming love through the suffering on the cross by our now risen and exalted Redeemer. Many families and individuals have been supplied with the Word of God, and my monthly reports have stated the success which has attended the reading and preaching of the Gospel from month to month. On several it has had the blessed effect of prompting them to decide for Christ, and many are still inquiring after the truth of our divine religion. The number of those who have visited me at my house has been far greater than last year; and if the great difficulty of providing a livelihood for poor inquirers could have been removed, I have no doubt I would have had a goodly number of them publicly professing Christ as their Redeemer. But as this difficulty will always be felt, I feel, at least on my part, thankful to have been able to point them to Him, who is the way, the truth, and the life; and leave the result to an All-wise Providence, who overruleth everything for the best of those who trust in Him.

Several weeks ago, an intelligent Jew called upon me to speak with me about religion. He professed at that time great veneration for Christ and His teachings, and would even grant that He was the expected Messiah, but he strongly opposed our Lord's divinity. All I could do was to point to him the passages of Scripture which plainly speak of the divinity of the Messiah, and furnish him with suitable tracts. Since that time I have visited him at his house, and have had a lengthy discussion with him on the subject of religion. The other day he paid me again a visit, and expressly remarked that his doubts had been, to a great extent, removed ; and then gave me also to understand, that as he soon intends to marry a Christian, I would perhaps not have any scruple to recommend him as a candidate for baptism. I told him that, whatever his intentions may be, if he has not been duly instructed by me, and his religious character fully tested, I can do no such thing. He agreed to that, and promised to place himself under my regular instruction, for which purpose we have fixed Sunday as the day best suited to him.

Not many weeks ago I paid a visit to a Jewish friend, and there I met a young man who came from B- The subject of religion was discussed, and he listened more to what I had to say in defence of Christianity than is usually the case. Not long after this interview he visited me at my house, which gave me an opportunity of speaking to him more fully. A few days afterwards I received a letter, wherein he expressed a desire to be instructed in the truth of Christianity, with the firm assurance that he had fully considered the importance of the matter. Since that time he has come once a week for instruction, and I have not the slightest doubt that the young man is sincere in his motive. He tries all he can to get a maintenance, and if he should be able to succeed, he will, doubtless, pursue his inquiry with renewed vigour. He is an intelligent young man, and has the advantage of having received a good liberal education. Let us hope the Lord will care for him, and enable him to search after the pearl of great price.

Last week I entered the house of a Jewish family, when a young man, a countryman of mine, noted among his acquaintance for his orthodoxy, shook hands with me, and remarked that he had long wished to see me, in order to discuss with me the subject of religion. He then poured out all his contempt on Christianity and Christ, and especially was very sarcastic on the expression, “Son of God," as applied to Christ. I brought him to listen dispassionately to what I had to say in defence of the charges brought against Christ and Christianity; and when I answered them all, he, to the great surprise of all Jews present, said: “Well, if it is so, as you state, then let me say Christ is the Messiah, and then, what am I the better for it ? " I answered him, that if a heathen believed that there ever existed such a person as Moses, that would not have made him a Jew, but only his complying with and practising the teachings of Moses. The same may be said in this case. One of the Jews present who had been once under Christian instruction, rightly remarked, “You must be converted.” It was cheering to witness the attention the Jews paid to our conversation, and, above all, to see this champion of rabbinism, who thought to ridicule and

revile everything, silenced. I recommended him to study the Bible better, and on my leaving he said: “I am very glad to have heard your reason for embracing Christianity, and if

you allow me, I shall pay you a visit.” Conversing one day with Mr. --, in his shop, he narrated to me his history in London ; how he had got on in the world, so that his business is now in a ficurishing condition, which affords him every comfort he could only reasonably desire. I simply asked him what he had done for his soul's well-being? He replied, “Don't think that I neglect my soul," and pointing to a book on a shelf behind his counter, he farther remarked, "Look, there is the New Testament, which I read every day." I could but praise and encourage him to continue in his inquiry, and my heart was directed to Him, who is the truth, that the reading of His Holy Word may be crowned with the blessed result of converting this son of Israel to Christ.


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From November 23rd to December 23rd, 1861. SUBSCRIPTIONS DONATIONS.

!. d.

£ $. d. £ . d. Belfast, A Friend.. 0 5 0 Lutterworth, Coll.

3 2 8 Clarke, Miss

4 93 Marlborough Chapel

2 5 6 Coley, Rev. S................

Bocking and Braintree
0 2 6
25 13 10

90 Manchester...

0 0 Cuff, R. T., Esq. ...... 1 0 0

Boston, Culi.

8 0 0 Market Harhorough, Coll... . 12 8 4 Gabriel, Mrs., Streathan 0 5 0 Bourne, Coll.

2 16 10 Melbourne (Derbyshire) Coll. 1 13 23 Gurney, T., Esq., Brixton 0 5 0

Do. Subs.

018 6 Peckham Stafford St.&c. Coll, 017 0 Hawkins, Miss 0 2 6 Brigg, Coll.

Do. 4 12 0

by Miss Day - Mr. Hawkins, Mr..... Branston, Coll.

T. Broad.... 0

1 1 0 0 II inchclit, James, Esq.

Carrickfersu3, Coll.

011 0

Do. Do. Smaller Sums 1 11 2 Hunt, Miss, kingaland

0 2 6
Cajstor, Coll..

2 14 0

Do. by Mr. Ferrall
Lyth, Rev. R. B.

0 0
Castle Donnington, Cll. 1116 Peterboro', Coll.

2 15 0 Chorley...

Preston Morfets, Mr. and Miss Dovey,

3 3 6

900 Coll, by..

4 73

Cork, Coll... ......... 1

6 17 3 Priors, Isliugton, Coll.... 0 16 0 Roberts, Miss S., Falmouth.. 0 2 0


1 6 10


Mr. Catter. 0 50 Simmons, Mr. ....

0 5 0
9 7 10 Reading

5 00 Smith, w, E-4. Acesington. 0 10 6

Dublín, Coll.
7 0 43 Rotherham, Coll.

4 39 Smith, Mr, Lambeth Walk .. 010 0 Edmonton, by Mrs. Nicholls. 4 6 6

1 8 3 Smith, Mr. Josh., Islington.. 0 6 0 Exeter, by Mr. Ziegler

Roscrea; Colli 2 13 0 Rothwell, Coll.

1 50 Grantham Windeatt, T., Esq , Taristock 3 3 0

6 10 0 Sleaford, Coll.

2 8 8 Winteatt, Alise, Do. 2 2 0 Grimsby, Coli

2 50

Do. E. A. Allen, Esq. 0 10 0 0 0 Wool, Mr. W, Islington

5 3 6 Sligo, Coll, ...

9 00
Holbeach, Coll.
il 4 Spalding Coll.

1094 ASSOCIA:10'S & COLLECTIONS. Holywell

9 15 6 Spilsby, Cali...

014 0 Horncastle, Coll. 4 0 0 Stamford, Coll.

4 9 9 Alford, Coll.

2 0 0
Do Subs.

7 14 89


1 10 2 Do. Subs. 0 15 0 Kettering, Coll. 1 18 10 Stockton-on-Tees..

1 19 0 Ashbourne, Coll.

1 10 3


2 17 0 Trtney, Coll. Do. by Miss Hollis .. 500 Kirton Lindsey, Coll.

0 17 8 Wingham, Coll.

0 19 10 Athlone, Cull.

16 03

Mire, Smith. 0 60 Waindieet, Coll...

1 5 1 Do. by Mius Berry 03 0 Laceby, Coll.

3 6 10
Do. Subs.

1 10 7 Bullyshannon, Coll...

0 16 11

0 17 6 Wellingboro', Coll.

3 5 6 Bardney, Coll. 1 13 8 Lincoln 0 10 0 Welord, Coll.

2 0 0 Bath 6 0 0 Limerick, Coll

4 16 0 Whitland (Carmarthenshire). 4 0 0 Barton on Humber, Coll. 6 0 111 Loughboro', Coll.

3 5 6 Wb tehaven

10 11 Relper, Coll. ... 1 8 0 Loutb, Coll! 4 1 4 Wirksworth, Coll.

2 12 15 Beliast, Coll. 7 11 0 Londonderry, Coll. 09 6. Wicklow, Coll

013 0 D). by W. Howie ........ 0 5 7 Do. Mr. Birkmyre 1 0 0 Wollaston, Coll.

2 10 6


The Officers and Collectors of Associations, and other friends, are respectfully reminded of the above, and solicited to remit all sums in their hands on or before the date mentioned, with lists of names, as it is desired that they should appear

in the Annual Report. It is very desirable that all Orders should be made payable in London, to , George Yonge, No. 1, Crescent Place; and Post Office Orders at the Chief Office.

The Monthly Meeting for Prayer, with and on behalf of the Jews, will be held at the Office of the Society, on January 15, at 7 o'clock.

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Rers. Jones, Price, and Grifin, and

Messrs. Nicholson and Thomas Rers, Beedle, Dr. Wilson, and Kert Revs. Berry and Brown


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Revs. Shepperd, Jackson, & Evans



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26 Limerick-Independent Ch.

Address 27 Athlone-Wesleyan Ch. 28

Baptist Ch. Dec. 1 Sligo-Independent Ch.

Sermon 1



2 Independent C.
3 Ballyshannon-Wesleyan Ch.

Londonderry-Independeat Ch. Lecturo 6 Carrickfergus-Presbiterian Ch. Address Belfast-Wesleyan Ch.

Independent Ch. Address
Presbyterian Ch.

Sermon 9

Independent Ch. Address 12 Wellingborg'-Town Hall

Lecture , 13 Peterburo'-Congregational Ch.

Market Harboro-Indepen. Ch. Sermons 16 Welford-Independent Ch

Lecture Kettering - Independent Ch.

Rothell - School Room ., 20 Vollaston-Independent Ch. Nov. 3 Brigg-Independent Ch.

Sermon Wesleyan Ch.

Lecture Kirton Lindsry-Wesleyan Ch. 6 Weddinghin-Wesleyan Ch. 7 Chistor - Wesleyan Ch.

Branston-Wesleyan Ch. 10 Horncastle-Prim. Meth.

Sermon 10

Independent Ch.
Wesleyan Ch.

Spilby-Independent Ch.

Alfurd-Wesleyan Ch. 15 winpleet-We-leyan Ch. 17 Stamford-Independent Ch. Sermon 18 Hulbench-Wesleyan Ch.

Lecture 19 Spalding-Independent Ch. 20 Bourn-Baptist Ch.



J. Shaw, Esq., and Rev. T. T. X. Hull Rev. Dr. Weir

Rev. Mr. Poulter, B.A.
Rev. A. Murray

Reve. Toller and Mursell

Rev. G. Lewis, B.A.
Rev. C. D. Ginsburg

Rer, W. Rowe
M. Symington


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N.B.- Where asterisks appear in the Collection column, the amount collected has not been reported

Lately published, sixth edition, price 6d.,

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London : Published by JOHN SNOW, 35, Paternoster Row. Printed for the Society by Adams and Gee, at 23, Middle Street, West Smithfeld, E.Co-No. 183.-January 1,146






Spiritual Good of God's Ancient People.










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