Annual Report of the Regents of the University on the Condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, with Catalogues of the Same


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Página 16 - Annual Report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York, on the Condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, and the Historical and Antiquarian Collection annexed thereto.
Página 116 - Within this enclosure they constructed their bark houses and secured their stores. Around it was the village field, consisting oftentimes of several hundred acres of cultivated land, which was subdivided into planting lots; those belonging to different families being bounded by uncultivated ridges.
Página 8 - ... consult many authors to know what has been described and figured by others. The geologist must have the results of such labors, before he can draw definite conclusions on some points of geology.
Página 75 - If wampum had been their currency it would have had a settled value to which all other articles would have been referred. There is no doubt that it came nearer to a currency than any other species of property among them, because its uses were so general, and its transit from hand to hand so easy, that every one could be said to need it.
Página 36 - Oneida, where the Fisher was then common, that the name was derived from its singular fondness for the fish used to bait traps. The hunters were in the practice of soaking their fish over night, and it was frequently carried off by the Fisher, whose well known tracks were seen in the vicinity. In Hamilton county it is still numerous and troublesome. The hunters there have assured me that they have known a fisher to destroy twelve out of thirteen traps in a line of not more than fourteen miles in...
Página 102 - ... entering the house of the invalid they first stirred the ashes upon the hearth, and then sprinkled the patient over with hot ashes until his head and hair were covered ; after which they performed some manipulations over him in turn, and finally led him around with them in the falseface dance (Ga-go-sa), with which their ceremonies concluded.
Página 95 - ... four wide, with an eye cut in one end and a piece of bark twine with a noose at the end of it, attached to the other. After the bark is secured upon the ground, a few kernels of corn are dropped through the eye upon the ground, and a noose adjusted around it. When a bird attempts to pick up the corn the ruffled plumage of the neck takes up the string, and brings Bird Trap.
Página 5 - SIR. — I have the honor to transmit the annual report of the Division of Vital Statistics for the year 1934.
Página 75 - ... further than this, it was the customary offering in condonation of murder, although the purple was sometimes employed. Six strings was the value of a life, or the quantity sent in condonation, for the wampum was rather sent as a regretful confession of the crime, with a petition for forgiveness, than as the actual price of blood."* We readily recognize the influence of the Christian missionary in a number of these symbolic uses of wampum.
Página 74 - In belt making, which is a simple process, eight strands or cords of bark thread are first twisted, from filaments of slippery elm, of the requisite length and size ; after which they are passed through a strip of deer-skin to separate them at equal distances from each other in parallel lines. A...

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