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Take 'im away! There's more from the

place 'e come. Take 'im away, with the limber an' the


For it's Three rounds blankan' follow me,
An' it's Thirteen rankan' follow me ;
Oh, passin' the love o' women,

Follow me-follow me 'ome!


'E was warned agin 'er

That's what made 'im look; She was warned agin 'im

That is why she took. 'Wouldn't 'ear no reason,

'Went an' done it blind; We know all about 'em,

They've got all to find!

Cheer for the Sergeant's weddin'

Give 'em one cheer more!
Gray gun-'orses in the lando,

An' a rogue is married to, etc.

What's the use o' tellin'

'Arf the lot she's been ? 'E's a bloomin' robber,

An''e keeps canteen. 'Ow did 'e get ’is buggy ?

Gawd, you needn't ask! Made 'is forty gallon

Out of every cask!

Watch 'im, with 'is 'air cut,

Count uş filin' by-
Won't the Colonel praise 'is

We 'ave scores to settle-

Scores for more than beer; She's the girl to pay 'em

That is why we're 'ere !

See the chaplain thinkin'?

See the women smile ? Twig the married winkin'

As they take the aisle ? Keep your side-arms quiet,

Dressin' by the Band. Ho! You ’oly beggars,

Cough be’ind your 'and!

Now it's done an' over,

'Ear the organ squeak, "Voice that breathed o'er Eden

Ain't she got the cheek! White an' laylock ribbons,

Think yourself so fine! I'd pray Gawd to take yer

'Fore I made yer mine!

Escort to the kerridge,

Wish 'im luck, the brute! Chuck the slippers after

[Pity 'taint a boot!] Bowin' like a lady,

Blushin' like a lad'Oo would say to see 'em

Both are rotten bad!

Cheer for the Sergeant's weddin'—

Give 'em one cheer more!
Gray gun-'orses in the lando,

An' a rogue is married to, etc.


THROUGH the Plagues of Egyp' we was chasin'

Arabi, Gettin' down an' shovin' in the sun; An' you might 'ave called us dirty, an' you might

ha' called us dry, An' you might ’ave 'eard us talkin' at the gun. But the Captain 'ad 'is jacket, an' the jacket it

was new('Orse-Gunners, listen to my song !) An' the wettin' of the jacket is the proper thing

to do, Nor we didn't keep 'im waiting very long !

One day they give us orders for to shell a sand re

doubt, Loadin' down the axle-arms with case; But the Captain knew 'is dooty, an' he took the

crackers out, An' he put some proper liquor in its place.

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